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Capuano Has Been A Tough Luck Pitcher

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When looking at Chris Capuano’s stats, anyone unfamiliar with the Mets would think he’s having a pretty poor season. However, it’s been quite the opposite for the lefty. Capuano has actually pitched well for the Mets but has been the victim of some tough luck this season. He’s made 11 starts so far with a […]

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Collins Says Reyes Isn’t Moving Anywhere

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I piqued your curiosity didn’t I? Collins actually did say that, but he wasn’t referring to the trade deadline – he was responding to a question about moving Jose Reyes from the leadoff spot to batting third in the lineup. As ESPN pointed out last night, there are plenty of reasons why some people look […]

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Jose Reyes May Be Changing Alderson’s Mind

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John Harper of the Daily News, spoke to a scout who says that while Reyes has seemed more likely to go, as he heads toward free agency, there is a sense among some baseball people that the shortstop may be changing Alderson’s mind. As an example, Harper shares a discussion he had yesterday with a major league scout […]

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MMO Flashback: 25 Years Later: Gary Carter Debuts In Style

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Originally posted on April 9, 2010, here is a wonderful post by Ed that will evoke some great memories of Gary while we keep him in our prayers. In 1984, the Mets surprised the baseball world by winning 90 games and finishing in second place in the National League East.  After seven consecutive losing seasons, […]

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Who Is Better To Retain, Wright Or Reyes?

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Jose Reyes, along with the up and coming Ike Davis, who now is on the DL, have been the best offensive production on the Mets ballclub. Reyes has also become arguably the best player to be the subject of trade rumors this season. While it becomes increasingly likely that Reyes will be dealt do to an inability or lack of interest to […]

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Is F-Mart Still A Viable Prospect?

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Fernando Martinez is 22, still young enough in the sport where he’s graded most on potential. However, the past few years have been rough on his body and he’s lost more games due to injury than anybody his age should have the right to. At one time Martinez was part of a group of three […]

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“Don’t Trade Jose Reyes” Day!

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“Don’t Trade Jose Reyes” Day!

Donna Bauer who is a tremendous Mets fan with a BIG following on Facebook, sent me an invitation to a great event she has started up called: DON’T TRADE JOSE REYES DAY! FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM CITI FIELD, FLUSHING, NEW YORK BUY METS TICKETS! Donna calls her event a day to celebrate Jose […]

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Sandy Has More Moves Than You Think

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With the recent rumors about a potential trade for Jose Reyes swirling, it got me to thinking about who else we could trade.  When I started to think about it, surprisingly, a lot more players seemed potentially intriguing to other teams depending on their circumstances. Teams are not desperate yet, but some inevitably will be as […]

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Should The Mets Trade Santana?

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It appears like such a shocking question to ask, but should the Mets deal their ace Johan Santana?  The Mets have a great deal of money invested in the ailing ace who has failed to complete 30 starts since the 2008 season, his first year with the Mets. With Santana’s health in question and no clear return date, would […]

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Should The Mets Trade Reyes To The Angels For Trout?

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Now this is complete speculation on my part but with all the trade rumors buzzing, especially after the Mets slow start, it hit me, why not trade Reyes to the Angels for speedster prospect Mike Trout? He would be absolutely perfect for Citi Field. He covers a lot of ground in the outfield, blazing speed […]

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