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Mets Should Retire # 17 In 2011

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Mets Should Retire # 17 In 2011

No I’m not talking about retiring number 17 for Fernando Tatis and the few weeks he produced for the Mets.  Before Tatis there was another player for the Mets who wore 17. From June 15, 1983 to October 1, 1989 he wore 17 proudly for the New York Mets. This player won 5 Gold Gloves […]

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Former Mets That Are Going To The World Series

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I’ve got plenty of reasons to root for the Texas Rangers in the World Series, but if you’re still looking for a few more reasons before you make up your own mind on who to root for, consider this… Hey, if you’re wondering if we have any Mets alumni on the Giants, we do… Guillermo […]

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Ex-Met Nolan Ryan Leads Rangers To The Series

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Long before he wore a suit and was President of the Texas Rangers, long before he was enshrined in Cooperstown, long before he tossed all those no-hitters and struck out about 5 million batters, Nolan Ryan was a skinny kid with the Mets who was unable to break into our starting rotation. Born on January […]

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Would You Let Your Child Root For This Team?

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Lets be honest. We all could have been Yankee fans. We could be wearing Derek Jeter jerseys, praying every night to our God Mickey Mantle and ending all debates with the robotic illogical response, “27 Championships.” But we’re not. We’re Mets fans. And like a marriage, we’re in this for better or worse. Lately, however, […]

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Nolan Ryan – A Mets Alum Who Is Still Pitching

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I’m a writer who is partial to pitchers – first was Sandy Koufax and the current is Johan Santana. I don’t have any reason for my choices or maybe it’s just that most of these guys strive for perfection from themselves – hoping that the rest of the team is paying attention. Some pitchers rule […]

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Are We Living On Borrowed Time With David Wright?

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It was a good day. We scored a run in the bottom of the 8th to defeat Montreal 5-4, reached .500 and now trailed the first place Phillies by just 3. Orber Moreno picked up the W in relief and Braden Looper collected his 20th save. Batting 7th that day was a rookie 3bman named […]

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J-Niese Got A Gun

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Born on the same day the Mets won their second World Series title, Jonathon Niese pitched like a champion last night against the San Diego Padres.  In shutting out the Padres, he allowed only one man to reach base all game, a double to centerfielder Chris Denorfia to lead off the third inning. Niese became […]

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Ron Darling: A Worthy Choice For A Noble Task

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My Baseball Wish… If Bud Selig ever leaves his job as Commissioner of Major League Baseball, I wish that the powers that are behind that throne would send out a contract to Ron Darling offering him the job. A bit of history about Ron – born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a French Canadian Father and […]

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Sunday’s Loss Needed To Be One Of Our ’62′ Wins

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No matter how good a team is they will still lose 50 games over the course of the season. On the flip side, the worst team in baseball, no matter how awful they may be, will still manage to win 50 games. It’s those other 62 games that separates pennant winners from last place. Tonight’s […]

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My All Time Mets Pitching Staff…Plus One

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I always tell my friends who are Yankee’s fans, it’s easy to be a Yankee fan. Everything is handed to you. To be a Met fan it takes a certain rare, albeit hopeful, yet borderline delusional personality. The Yankee’s are like the older brother that grew up a Hilton to the Mets kid who grew […]

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Johan Is Part Tug McGraw and Part Tom Seaver

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Rich Couthino of ESPN NY, had  solid piece on Johan Santana yesterday and I wanted to share some of Johan’s great quotes on the upcoming season and his thoughts on all the media naysayers who see the Mets floundering near the bottom of the standings. According to Couthino, the resident ace of the Met staff sees […]

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