Mets Thoughts

Why Isn’t deGrom on the DL?

April 11, 2016 John Sheridan

There’s no blaming the Mets for Jacob deGrom‘s right lat injury. Injuries happen. However, we yet again have to question how the Mets handle injuries and their roster. At […]

Mets Thoughts

David Wright Is Not Done Yet

April 5, 2016 John Sheridan

Sunday night I came away with the same impression of David Wright as everyone else did. He looked done. He couldn’t catch up to the fastball. He couldn’t get anything […]

Mets News

Does Spring Training Matter?

March 31, 2016 Former Writer

After the Nationals dropped the Mets spring training record to 7-16-5, it got me thinking. Do spring training records have any correlation to regular season and postseason success? […]