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Beltran & Bay Slam Tigers In 14-3 Mauling

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Beltran & Bay Slam Tigers In 14-3 Mauling

Jason Bay & Carlos Beltran had grand slams in consecutive innings, and R.A. Dickey had another quality outing in the 14-3 blowout of the Detroit Tigers Game Notes R.A. Dickey came out today and seems had the luck on his side and was blessed with run support. Outside of that, R.A. went seven innings, allowing […]

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Collins Decides That Beltran Will Not DH Today Against Tigers

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It may seem like we follow the Carlos Beltran situation very closely on MMO, but that’s only because our success in 2011 is tied to his health and critical to him having a productive season. That said, here’s the latest… Although he was expected to play in this afternoon’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Terry […]

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Doug’s Dugout: Wilpon Could Give Green Light On Lee

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In Doug’s Dugout today I talk about interleague play and the tab for Cliff Lee: For anyone who thinks interleague play is for the birds, they never had the Birds of Baltimore on their schedule….or the Indians and Tigers.  If the Mets can win the series against the Twins this weekend, after splitting six games with the […]

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Instant Replay Now Needed More Than Ever In MLB

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While there’s no need to reiterate the botched call by first base umpire Jim Joyce in yesterday’s should-have-been perfect game by Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga, I will.  One out away from a pitcher’s ultimate personal feat, Galarraga allowed an infield hit to Indians short stop Jason Donald.  A scene that will run through the minds […]

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Remember When… Mets Deal Hurler Terrell For 3B Johnson

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December 7th 1984 -  Poking hot coals from Hot Stove History The guy pitched well, but there were so many arms “on the come” throughout the Mets minor leagues and majors that Frank Cashen dealt away a good young arm in Walt Terrell on December 7th 1984. Walt Terrell had arrived via a trade from […]

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Crawford or Granderson?

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This weekend, some of the Mets blogosphere were busy opining the Mets potential pursuit of either Carl Crawford or Curt Granderson, both of whom were rumored to be candidates for trades. Both rumors have since been shot down, but that’s how the rumor mill works sometimes. News can turn on a dime. On this slow Mets […]

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Fantasy GM: What Would I Do If I Were Running The Mets?

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It’s easy to sit and write an article saying that the Mets should sign Jason Bay, trade for Adrian Gonzalez and Roy Halladay and who knows what else. To examine the Mets offseason like they are working without the constrictions of a budget would be a mistake. They aren’t the Yankees. Given the number of […]

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How About Brandon Lyon Setting Up K-Rod?

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Yesterday, Joe D posted a blog suggesting that picking up J.J. Putz’s option would be a waste of money.  I happen to agree with his position.  Putz’s option is way too much for a man who has been a shadow of himself due to various injuries.  There are other less expensive options the Mets could […]

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Is Dan Warthen Worth It?

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Dan Warthen was named the pitching coach of the Mets last season on June 17 after the team handed out its now-infamous 3 AM pinkslips to manager Willie Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson and first base coach Tom Nieto in Anaheim during the West Coast version of the Midnight Massacre.  Prior to his promotion to […]

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Mets Are Becoming The Butt Of ESPN’s Jokes

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Has anyone been watching SportsCenter recently?  I happened to be watching this morning and noticed another Not Top 10 list.  Immediately, I remembered the recent Not Top 10 where they focused on the Mets.  Apparently, the Mets’ follies had become fodder for jokes in Bristol.  The SportsCenter crew couldn’t contain themselves as they were running […]

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