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No Francis? No Problem: Why Young Is A Better Option For The Mets Than Francis

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  LHP Jeff Francis has agreed to terms with the Kansas City Royals on a one-year deal, I say good riddance. The Mets are much better off going after Chris Young than Francis. Although both have had more than their share of injuries the past two seasons, there is much more upside to Young.   […]

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A Team Of Potential

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As we approach the 2011 season, it seems as though several teams in the NL East have significantly improved this offseason. The Phillies brought back Cliff Lee to set up one of the best pitching staffs, at least on paper, in recent history. The Braves added Dan Uggla to solidify the middle of their order. […]

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Fielding Metric – UZR

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Fielding Metric – UZR

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I spent the whole weekend with both sides of my family and had a great time. I went shopping on Friday and did some Albert Pujols-like damage to my holiday shopping list. But now back to the grind. I explored some of the more common offensive metrics […]

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Carlos Beltran Will Never Help The Mets Win

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I hope everyone didn’t forget where they placed their pitchforks, I’m back after a one week vacation. I know there are lot of fans who love Carlos Beltran and for some reason consider him the best player on the team.  Now I’ll agree his numbers are good and yes for those who favor statistics he […]

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Cora: They Stuck It Up Our ***!

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After tonight’s loss, David Lennon of Newsday provided us with an interesting moment that took place in the clubhouse when Alex Cora took exception to the jovial clubhouse environment after the loss. Another one of those intangibles that doesn’t show up in the stats, but could make a positive impact in a different way nonetheless. Hat […]

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Thank You Mets Fans… You Did It Again!

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Last night I took a look at my weekly stats report from the week of April 18-24 and was surprised to see that MMO had reached another milestone. It’s been a while since I shared some sire info, so I thought, hey why not… Monday April 19th, 2010 will forever go down as the day that […]

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Before you jump to post a comment about how you hate Sabermetrics, or how you find them useless. Please at least read this? For starters, I’m terrible at Math. It was my worst subject in school, and I literally had zero interest in it unless it revolved around baseball stats. I don’t read about Sabermetrics, […]

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And Leading Off For The Mets…?

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We have just one more week of Spring Training left and the good news out of Mets camp is that Jose Reyes may soon appear in a minor league game perhaps as soon as today. Also, Omar Minaya said this weekend that we should not rule Jose Reyes out for Opening Day. As soon as Reyes […]

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Who Is The The Beast Of The East?

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Last week, when Johan Santana was asked by a reporter who the best pitcher in the NL East was, without hesitation he replied, “Santana”. A couple of days later after the Phillies Jimmy Rollins caught wind of it, he disagreed and said the number one pitcher in the NL East is Roy Halladay. Take off […]

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Evaluating David Wright With Stats

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Yesterday, a heated yet spirited debate occurred on the MMO Chat between myself and two readers. The key points in the “debate,” were the fact that they believed two things to be true,  #1 David Wright had a bad season #2 People who use stats do not know baseball.  Now, I’ve heard both points from […]

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