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Capuano Has Been A Tough Luck Pitcher

An article by posted on June 7, 2011 0 Comments

When looking at Chris Capuano’s stats, anyone unfamiliar with the Mets would think he’s having a pretty poor season. However, it’s been quite the opposite for the lefty. Capuano has actually pitched well for the Mets but has been the victim of some tough luck this season. He’s made 11 starts so far with a […]

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From Left Field: Time Is Ticking, But Is It A Concern?

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Yesterday, I heard that the Mets would not make any moves until sometime into January. Sandy Alderson and company have decided to wait out the market rather than throwing their money at uncertainty. Surprisingly, several good starting pitchers are still available, yet teams appear reluctant to pull the trigger. I figured that once Cliff Lee […]

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Highlights From The David Wright Interview

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Despite handing out gifts to 100 school children dressed in a hot Santa outfit, David Wright still talked for over 10 minutes with several bloggers at the Mets Holiday party on Tuesday. Wright played Santa for the second time, with the last time being back in 2006. It’s hard to believe, but Wright will now […]

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When Will Wright Learn That Actions Speak Louder Than Words?

An article by posted on September 21, 2010 0 Comments

David Wright was a guest on WFAN this morning, and Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog.com captured this quote from Wright, “I think there needs to be changes.  There needs to be a new look, some new life.  If that involves the coaching staff, that’s up to Mr. Wilpon and the Front Office. I think the players […]

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Will Mets Regret That Six Year Johan Deal?

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What was written then is coming to pass, the back end of Johan Santana’s contract appears to be choking the Mets. It was widely written, by me and others, that six years is too long a deal for a pitcher who had already accumulated a lot of innings. Santana’s velocity has been in decline, and […]

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The Mets 2011 PreDICKEYment

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In a year rife with moral victories and the subsequent heartbreak that comes along with it, R.A. Dickey has been one of the more pleasant surprises with the 2010 Mets.  I’m sure most Mets fans weren’t expecting much from a 35 year-old quasi-journeyman knuckleballer (I certainly wasn’t), we can now break bread that R.A. Dickey […]

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Mets Need Early Deadline Help For Pennant Chase…

An article by posted on June 14, 2010 0 Comments

So many times this season, the Mets have been in fitful starts and stops. The streakiness of this team would make a nudist blush. The many ‘in house’ adjustments to their roster has resulted in positive reviews from around the blogosphere and the print media, and had positive effects on the team and it’s production. The […]

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Even I’m Starting To Believe

An article by posted on June 9, 2010 0 Comments

Most of you who read my words on here each week know that I have a healthy dose of skepticism and cynicism when it comes to these Mets.  But while I’m not about to start sending “Ya gotta believe!” messages like one of my buddies does even when the Mets lose a bunch of games […]

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Mets Prove That Anything Can Happen In Baseball!

An article by posted on April 28, 2010 0 Comments

God, I love this sport. Regardless of the drama, the headlines (good and bad), and the storylines that are interwoven throughout the league. This is indeed my favorite sport. I’m one of the biggest NY Giants fan on the planet and still there is something about baseball that transcends color, gender, and culture. It can […]

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2010 Outlook: Phillies – Mets Phans Phear A Phour-peat

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Three straight NL East crowns and one World Series victory have catapulted the Philadelphia Phillies into Atlanta Braves territory as far as Mets rivalries go.  There is nothing worse than obnoxious Phillies fans coming up the Turnpike and invading Citi Field as the Phillies beat up on the Mets as they have done the past […]

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