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Morning Grind: Boras, What A Mets, GM Scavenger Hunt

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Met Nation, We have come to a place I never thought would ever be. Scott Boras, the Super Agent himself, and I might actually agree on something. He believes that the Mets can make a quick turnaround, provided they use their considerable funds. There are a few teams around the league that do this. Should […]

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Mets Running Out Of Time To Sign Top Draft Pick

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Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, reminds us that Mets 2010 first-round pick Matt Harvey has yet to agree to a contract and that time is running out. The Mets and first-round pick Matt Harvey, a right-hander from the University of North Carolina, have yet to reach agreement on a signing bonus. A team official […]

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Trading Beltran Is Not An Option, I’ll Tell You Why

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As Carlos Beltran continues to shake off the rust of a 2 1/2 month stint on the disabled list, the natives are getting restless. Mets fans, who are a very impatient group to begin with, are getting very antsy and desperation is starting to set in. Many of us including myself, expected the gifted center fielder to burst […]

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Mets Hype Machine Already Hard At Work

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It never ceases to amaze me how the Mets over-hype their prospects to no end. I’m not talking about your garden variety hype mind you, all teams are entitled and expected to hype their prospects. But with the Mets it’s completely over the top and it always leads to lofty unrealistic expectations for the prospects […]

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Drafting Harvey Was Easy, Dealing With Boras Won’t Be

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Now that the Mets have drafted UNC product Matt Harvey with the seventh overall pick in the draft, the task at hand now becomes signing him before the August 16th deadline. I was a little shocked by the Mets selection, not because he was reach or not as talented as those they passsed on, but I didn’t […]

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Mets Need To Part Ways With Oliver Perez

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The Oliver Perez experiment should be over!  Saturday’s putrid performance shows that this guy’s career with the Mets is over.  Pretty soon Perez will be lucky to throw batting practice for a single A team. I understand Perez is still owed more than 20 million dollars but he’s doing nothing at all for this team. […]

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Boras: Mets Knew, Doctor And Trainer Gave Consent

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According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, a person with knowledge of the situation said Beltran did not obtain advance written consent from the club to have the surgery, which was performed by his personal physician, Dr. Richard Steadman, in Colorado. However, Carlos Beltran’s agent Scott Boras, disputed that account last night. He said the […]

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Mets Up Offer To Bay and Plan Talks With Holliday

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According to Jon Heyman of SI.om, the Mets have upped their offer to free agent Jason Bay to include a fifth year option. Additionally, they are also planning to contact Scott Boras to discuss his client, outfielder Matt Holliday. Moving aggressively to try to secure a power-hitting left fielder, the Mets tweaked their offer to Jason Bay to give […]

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Beware Of The Blob!

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Is your head spinning yet? We live in the age of the 24 hour news cycle thanks to the internet, but somehow when it comes to the hot stove season, it’s more like a 24 minute news cycle. Case in point, the Matt Holliday rumors. Everyone who has an inkling, a feeling or a thought on […]

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Mets Meeting With Agent Scott Boras Tonight

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According to a tweet from Joel Sherman of the NY Post, Mets general manager Omar Minaya is meeting with Scott Boras tonight. I would assume this is simply just one of thirty such “meet and eats” Boras will be having this month as most teams attempt to get a handle on what they might expect […]

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