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The Line Must Be Drawn Here!

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THIS IS ABOUT SAVING THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY! Well maybe not but this has to be right up there with landing a man on the moon before the damn Commies or finally putting a Wal-Mart in Staten Island or bringing the iPhone over to a carrier that doesn’t drop calls like Charlie Sheen drops Goddesses. […]

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Decision On Fate Of Ollie Perez Could Come Monday

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Updated 3/20 1:00 PM Oliver Perez left the Mets complex this morning and was not told what was next for him, according to Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal. Costa also says that we should expect a decision by Monday. Pitching coach Dan Warthen said this morning that no decision has been reached yet on Perez, but there […]

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Alderson Says 8-9 Players Will Be Cut By Weekend

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Alderson Says 8-9 Players Will Be Cut By Weekend

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told the New York Post that the team would cut eight or nine players during these next two days. That’s a lot of warm bodies, so this next round will leave plenty for us to discuss. Lets do some math… Currently there are 45 players in major league camp, including 12 […]

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The Song Remains The Same On Santana, Despite Mets Denials

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Update 3/14 10:00 AM Steve Popper of the Bergen Record stands by what his Mets source told him regarding the possibility of Johan Santana potentially being shutdown due to soreness and perhaps lost for the season. Regardless of what you believe I can respect him for sticking to his story which may not be as […]

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Johan Santana and Mets Deny Report In Bergen Record That He Suffered A Setback

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Updated 3/13 10:30 AM You see… I told you not to worry… Last night, the Bergen Record reported late last night that the Mets might shut down Johan Santana’s rehab because of a setback.  However, both Santana, Dan Warthen and Sandy Alderson are all denying the report. The Daily News adds some quotes: Santana: “ don’t […]

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Spring Update: Say Cheese, Murph Vs Emaus, Wrappers, Beltran Running

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  It’s Photo Day at Mets camp and you can check most of them out on the New York Mets Twitter.   Meanwhile, here’s the latest from Camp Collins… Dedicated readers of this site were among the first to learn that Francisco Rodriguez is technically not on the 40-man roster because he ended last season on […]

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From Left Field: Terry Collins And The Moneyball Theory

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On this date in 1934, the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Casey Stengel to a two-year deal to be their manager. Today, 77 years later, Terry Collins will look to the example set by Stengel in running a baseball team. Though they Mets were downright terrible during Stengel’s tenure, the fire and energy he brought as the […]

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same For Mets

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“The more things change, the more they stay the same” seems to apply for the Mets after the last few days.  On Friday I posted here that Terry Collins told reporters that it would be up to Carlos Beltran on whether or not he would move from center-field and start playing right-field.  Yesterday Brandon Butler posted that […]

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Was Ollie Guaranteed a Spot on the Roster?

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During the offseason, Sandy Alderson said that if Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez didn’t earn a spot on the roster, that both of them would be cut. Unfortunately Mets fans, Sandy Alderson is apparently changing his stance on him.  As Terry Collins talked to reporters on Friday, Collins revealed that both him and Sandy Alderson promised Oliver Perez that he will get a chance […]

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There’s No Telling What To Expect From The Mets In 2011

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Usually teams have a rough idea heading into spring training of what to expect for the season. Not so for the 2011 edition of the New York Mets. They could move dramatically in either direction. Sandy Alderson said he’s hoping for a competitive season, which means building up from .500 and laying the groundwork for […]

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