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Comedy and Tragedy For The Mets and Their Fans

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While it was no laughing matter for the Mets and their fans, even the Dodgers’ players themselves found some humor in the Mets horrific display last night. Redding gave us a quality start  and the Mets fought back to tie the game. And then … Two words - Third base. How does one miss it? I have […]

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Game Recap: Mets Lose 3-2 in 11 Innings

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The Mets began game one tonight against the NL leading Dodgers (26-13). The Dodgers came in winning 5 of their last 6 games. The Mets have Tim Redding play his first game of the season after only allowing 4 runs in 13 innings in the minor leagues. He’s also 1-3 with a 5.64 ERA in […]

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It’s Time To Consider Our Trade Options

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Last nights loss coupled with the loss of first baseman Carlos Delgado for an extended period of time, is enough for me to begin to consider some serious options in terms of a trade. First lets consider the whys… 1. The experiment in leftfield with Dan Murphy has been shelved because Jerry Manuel feels he […]

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Mets Notes – Delgado Out, Larry Too, Mets Are Really Good

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Eddie Coleman has just announced on WFAN, that first baseman Carlos Delgado will not only miss today’s game with a chronic sore hip, but that there is a chance he could end up going on the disabled list. The Mets will not make that decision until they evaluate him after 2 or 3 more days. […]

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Game Recap: Cardinals 12 – Mets 8

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Game Summary The Mets (6-9) flamed out and got swept by the Cardinals (11-5) despite the new look lineup. They did bang out 13 hits, but unfortunately for them the Cardinals hammered our pitching for 12 runs and 18 hits. Mets Pitching Livan Hernandez started and he was hit hard right from the start when Albert Pujols […]

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Why Are The Mets Making Life Miserable For Church?

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I think everyone understands what signing Gary Sheffield was going to mean for Ryan Church. Obviously based on how much Sheffield has accomplished in his career, we all knew it would lead to some complications in terms of finding playing time for everyone. That said, it was still tough to see one of our hottest […]

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Is Jerry Manuel Tripping?

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Update: Carlos Beltran will be starting and playing in centerfield today, as opposed to what was reported earlier. Thanks to Amazin86er for the tip. I’m not one to mess around with a real life Gangsta, but what exactly was Jerry Manuel on, when he wrote out his lineup card for todays game? Did he toast […]

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Mets Fans Are Not The Only Ones Worried

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Mets fans are always worried, thats what makes us Mets fans. Of course you have the overly optimistic Mets fans who will always tell you, “it’s only April” or “relax, we have a seven game lead.” Those fans are the most vocal, but still make up the minority. We are all a hopeful bunch, but […]

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Game Recap: Mets Lose Opener To Pads 6-5

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The Mets came within inches of a win when David Wright blasted the first Mets homer at Citi Field, a three run shot that tied the game at 5-5, but the Mets flamed out after that and lost 6-5 to the Padres. Mike Pelfrey started but it didn’t take long for him to get into […]

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Opening Day Highlight Reel

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The Mets bullpen is the talk of the town after yesterdays opening day performance. They were also the opening story on ESPN’s Baseball tonight and MLB Network’s MLB Tonight. I can definitely get used to more of this! Was it just me or did Ryan Church look extremely motivated yesterday? I mean extremely motivated! The […]

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