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Five Reasons to Keep Watching in September

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The New York Mets have not given fans many reasons to watch them play this year. There have been moments where the team has looked great, but for the most part, the Mets have been a disappointment this season. As football season approaches, many fans may find no reasons to continue to follow the Mets. […]

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Video: Now How About That, For A Foul Ball!

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Now, here’s something you’ve probably never seen before. The day was September 15, 1986, and Mike Laga of the St. Louis Cardinals supposedly crushed a foul ball out of the old Busch Stadium. The story goes that there’s never been any video evidence of that happening – until now, Tim McCarver with the honors… Hat tip to […]

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The Mets Alumni Association And Habitat For Humanity

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The Mets Alumni Association And Habitat For Humanity

We live in interesting times where we tend to take so much for granted. We always seem to want what we don’t have whether we have a pressing need for it or not. Most of us are lucky enough to come home, kick off our shoes, hug the kids, put on one of our 1000 […]

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2 Champions – 2 Different Winning Seasons – 2 Opinions

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Spring training is going on as we speak. The New York Mets as well as every other MLB team are practicing and trying to perfect their skills so they can be the best they can be when the season begins. Right now the NY Mets are down in Port St. Lucie honing their skills while […]

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What Happened To The Mets This Year?

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In a candid interview with former Mets pitcher and current broadcaster Ron Darling, Stuart Miller of the NY Times asked him a couple of questions on the state of the Mets. Q. What happened to the Mets this year? In June they were 11 games up [over .500] and they were so good to watch. […]

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Ron Darling Calls Out Fernando Martinez

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One of the things that I love best about Gary, Keith and Ron, is that they can make their coverage of the Mets so entertaining and educating too, all while remaining objective at the same time. Their passion for the Mets is unquestioned and they do feel our pain. It’s their objectivity that puts them […]

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Playing Not To Lose

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Along with SNY analyst Bobby Ojeda. fellow former 1986-’er Darryl Strawberry is calling out the team for not only leadership issues (or lack thereof) but for not putting “fear” into their opponents.  “They laugh at these Mets,” says Strawberry.  While I agree with him to a certain extent, he has to understand, as well as […]

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Ron Darling: A Worthy Choice For A Noble Task

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My Baseball Wish… If Bud Selig ever leaves his job as Commissioner of Major League Baseball, I wish that the powers that are behind that throne would send out a contract to Ron Darling offering him the job. A bit of history about Ron – born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a French Canadian Father and […]

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Keith and Ron Know Their Elton

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I don’t know about you, but as a die-hard Elton John fan I was thrilled when during last night’s game against the Braves, Keith Hernandez mentioned the song “I’ve Seen That Movie Too,” an obscure number from Elton’s 1973 “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album. (I believe it was during that conference on the mound where […]

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Ex-Met Hernandez, No Longer Livan’ In The High Life

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2009 has been a year to forget for, former-Met, Livan Hernandez from a personal standpoint. I had reported back in August that Hernandez was being sued over damage done to a rental car. Unfortunately, now the pitcher’s troubles have hit closer to home…literally. Robert Snell at the Detroit News, who also broke the two IRS […]

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Could It Be The End Of An Era on SNY?

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Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News is reporting that there is some speculation going around that the SNY announce trio may not be back in full next season. Raissman, who always does a stellar job covering the network, reveals that there are some rumblings going around that Keith Hernandez may not be back […]

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