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MLB 2010 Predictions from “Vegas Rich”

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The final countdown to the beginning of the MLB season has begun in earnest as we are now 6 days from opening night on ESPN where the Yankees face the Red Sox in what looks to me as it should be some of the closes races for all the divisions in recent years. CC Sabathia […]

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There’s No Crying Broke In Baseball

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Tom Hanks’ Jimmy Dugan character says, “There’s no crying in baseball”. But many today will also say, ”There’s no crying broke in baseball.” Fans, sports bloggers, and sports enthusiasts nationwide spend big money on season tickets, concessions, memorabilia, periodicals, books, and all kinds of financial trade-offs to show their appreciation for their team. WIth all the […]

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Mets Say Not Interested In Mike Lowell? (Lennon)

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Most of you who read this site are well aware of the competition for first base between Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis. Top prospect, Ike Davis is out-hitting and out-producing the competition and is miles ahead of the pack, but his youth and inexperience may have him ticketed for a one-way […]

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Can Mets Pelfrey Ever Make It Big In NYC?

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 Mike Pelfrey was at it again Wednesday, tantalizing Met teammates, management, fans and writers with his Grapefruit League performance against the Red Sox. ‘Big Pelf’ has seemingly been on the precipice of greatness since being drafted by the Mets in the 1st round, 9th overall, in 2005. But nearly five years later questions remain about […]

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Jenrry Mejia Is Creating Quite A Commotion

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I wonder if Mike Pelfrey and John Maine would create as much a stir as young Jenrry Mejia if they too simply decided to throw strikes whenever they got on a mound. I also wonder how long it will be before both of them realize it’s now or never if they intend to hang onto […]

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Floating Realignment Will Not Bring Competitive Balance

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Earlier this week, Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated revealed that Bud Selig has setup a task force of fourteen people whom he refers to as the “special committee for on-field matters”. The purpose of this committee is to review certain areas of concern within the game and make recommendations regarding the implementation of some changes. Among those issues that are […]

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Luis Castillo For Mike Lowell? I’m Not Feeling It…

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Jerry Crasnick of ESPN reports that according to one of his sources, the Mets and Red Sox are considering a swap of Mike Lowell and Luis Castillo, but that it’s not known how far along the discussion has gone. Mike Lowell is in the final year of a contract that will pay him $12 million […]

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Remembering Dave Magadan…

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I recently came across a comment from former Met Dave Magadan regarding the Mets’ recent acquisition of Jason Bay. In a nut shell he said the Mets got themselves the kind of player who will transform a locker room full of players focused on their individual performances, into a team with one focus; to win […]

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Bay May Be Heading Back To Boston After All

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According to a report by Rob Bradford of WEEI Radio in Boston, the Red Sox may be throwing their hat back into the ring regarding Jason Bay. According to a team source, the Red Sox have had internal discussions about extending their organizational budget to potentially allow for another offer for free agent outfielder Jason Bay. […]

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Conflicting Reports On Mets Offer To Jason Bay

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By now all of you are aware that the Mets have extended an offer to free agent OF Jason Bay in the amount of 4 years and $65 million dollars. That much is fact. However on Wednesday, several new reports came out which suggest something more may be in the works regarding the Mets original […]

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