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The 2009 Mets: Where Are They Now?

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The 2009 Mets: Where Are They Now?

Welcome to the second installment of Where Are They Now?, where we take a Mets roster and check in on what the players have done since last playing in Queens. Last week, we looked at the 2010 Mets, so this week we go back a year and look at the 2009 team, the first year […]

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For Sale: Vintage Hot Rod With Custom Paint

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For Sale: This vintage 1962 classic has a great paint job, but like any other used vehicle it needs a little work. You’ll want to get a new transmission (Johan Santana), V6 engine (Carlos Beltran), power steering (Carlos Delgado), a starter (John Maine), new brakes (J.J. Putz), shock absorbers (Jon Niese and Fernando Nieve), coil springs (Alex Cora, […]

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Who Are These Doctors Anyway?

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You know, I can accept the fact that the injury bug has bitten our Mets hard this season, and that freak accidents have hurt, as has being beaned in the head by opposing pitchers.  We’ve learned to accept that we have average to below-average replacements and that the season was basically over before the all-star […]

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Broken Finger Wipes Out Ramon Martinez

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Mets.com reports that Mets backup shortstop, Ramon Martinez was removed from the Mets’ 3-1 loss to the Pirates on Tuesday night at PNC Park after the fifth inning, when he suffered a dislocated left pinky on an awkward, but successful slide into the plate. Martinez’s scored on a sacrifice fly by Luis Castillo. His slide […]

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Reyes’ Humility

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One week ago: “I need to get better.  I need to get on base and score.” One week ago on May 22, the Mets were in the midst of a tough road trip, facing top shelf teams on their respective home turfs. The Mets were going into Boston with a 4-6 record over their last […]

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Can We Ditch Ramon Martinez Now?

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I have seen all I can stand of Ramon Martinez filling in at shortstop. He may go down in Mets history as the worst shortstop ever to field the position. Four errors in three games?  Even Fernando Tatis couldn’t possibly do any worse than Martinez, so why not have him fill in for Reyes so […]

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Mets Could Promote Top Prospect Fernando Martinez

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According to David Lennon of Newsday, the Mets may still opt to place Jose Reyes on the DL especially if he shows no signs of improvement today. If that happens, the Mets may very well call up their top prospect, outfielder Fernando Martinez. Lennon writes, The Mets could simply wait to put Reyes on the […]

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