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K-Rod Trade A Salary Dump To Keep Reyes, Phenomenal Move!

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Now that Francisco Rodriguez is off to Milwaukee, Sandy Alderson and the Mets have an extra $17.5 million off the books for next year. This trade is a great move by Alderson for just that very reason because now they can use that money for a more significant player, namely Jose Reyes. With Reyes’ impending […]

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Mets Have Some Risky Rental Players

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With the trade deadline fast approaching, the Mets still appear uncertain about whether they’ll be buyers or sellers. Eventually, they’ll have to make a decision, and if they wind up being sellers, they possess several risky trade targets—possibly too risky to be thought of as rental players. The first of course is Jose Reyes. Though […]

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Mets Farm Report: June 27th, 2011

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Buffalo Bisons 4 – Norfolk Tides 3 Baby steps for Mark Cohoon. While today wasn’t a great start, it was his best start so far in Triple-A and a quality start to say the least. After giving up five earned runs and six earned runs twice in his first three starts he has only given […]

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The Invisible Top Prospect Wilmer Flores

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Amidst this crazy season, it’s easy to forget about a guy who most of upper management is hoping will be apart of the team’s future within the next few years. Flores, 19, is the prototypical Mets prospect in that he’s young and raw with unlimited amounts of potential. They signed him as an undrafted free […]

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Doug’s Dugout: Wright Out, Father Time, Strike Now

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In Doug’s Dugout today we discuss: Striking while the iron is hot, Father Time, and other insipid thoughts. In around ten weeks Carlos Beltran will be an ex-Met. That is a foregone conclusion. His comeback is one of the only positive stories the Mets have written this year. But why wait? The iron is hot […]

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Is F-Mart Still A Viable Prospect?

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Fernando Martinez is 22, still young enough in the sport where he’s graded most on potential. However, the past few years have been rough on his body and he’s lost more games due to injury than anybody his age should have the right to. At one time Martinez was part of a group of three […]

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The Cory Vaughn Story

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Cory Vaughn is rated as the the Mets 7th overall prospect in the farm system. He is the son of former big league slugger Greg Vaughn, and has followed in his fathers footsteps on the fast track to the major leagues. The 22 year old outfielder was the Mets 4th round pick out of San […]

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Sandy Has More Moves Than You Think

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With the recent rumors about a potential trade for Jose Reyes swirling, it got me to thinking about who else we could trade.  When I started to think about it, surprisingly, a lot more players seemed potentially intriguing to other teams depending on their circumstances. Teams are not desperate yet, but some inevitably will be as […]

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One Time Top Prospect Fernando Martinez Is Back On The DL

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Fernando Martinez, who was once the Mets number one prospect for several years until 2010, was placed on the disabled list today with a strained hamstring. F-Mart is no stranger to the DL and he has spent the better part of his six year professional career on the shelf instead of on the filed. This will be the 10th trip to […]

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Five Reasons To Look Forward To The 2011 Mets Season

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Amidst all this spring training uncertainty, the Castillo/Perez drama and numerous articles predicting the Mets to be a mediocre team, I felt it was time to look forward to a few things, and these are five reasons to look forward to the 2011 Mets. 1.) The Growth Of Players 2011 will mark the next major […]

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