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Make Room For One More At The All-Star Table

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According to mlb.com, Major League Baseball will be expanding the rosters for this year’s All-Star Game from 32 to 33 players.  The extra player added will be a pitcher, allowing for each league to have 13 pitchers at its disposal.  This move was deemed necessary because last year’s Midsummer Classic lasted 15 innings, prompting both […]

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Please, No More WBC for the Mets

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Going into the WBC, everyone knew that this tournament would end up hurting a teams chances to winning the world series. That team is the Mets.   The Mets led all major league teams by sending 15 players to the WBC.  Almost half of them have landed on the DL this season.  Coincidence? I don’t […]

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…And Then There Was One

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Please do not be alarmed.  That’s not a picture of David Wright getting injured.  But the way things have been going for the Mets lately, would you be surprised if it was?  The rash of injuries to hit the Mets continued this week with the news that Carlos Beltran would have to be placed on […]

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09′ Mets Motto – We’re Not Gonna Lay Down And Die!

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There are two things a ballclub that has been decimated by injuries can do: Slide their gloves back on their handlebars and peddle home dejectedly, or adopt an “us against the world” mentality. Last night, the Mets showed the latter. And, why not? What do they have to lose now that all is lost? The […]

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Mike Carp – The One That Got Away?

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When the Mets made the trade for J.J. Putz this past off season, one of the many players they gave up included minor league first baseman Mike Carp who was jettisoned along with Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith, Endy Chavez, Jason Vargas, outfielder Ezequiel Carrera and righty pitcher Maikel Cleto. Carp, who turns 23 on June […]

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So What’s The Deal With Johan Santana?

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It’s been a steady decline in performance for Johan Santana recently. It’s a decline that began on May 16th and culminated in an all time low point in his career on Sunday against the Yankees. Santana’s velocity has now dropped to 89 MPH on his fastball, which makes his usual lethal changeup a lot less […]

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WARNING! WARNING! Johan Santana Raising Concerns

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After a dominating start to the season which saw Johan Santana leading the league in several different pitching categories including ERA and strikeouts, it’s been a tremendous struggle since mid May and it may be time to start worrying. Johan Santana isn’t just struggling, his velocity has been decreasing and he barely got over 90 MPH […]

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Mets Should Consider Dealing For Brad Penny

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With the news that John Maine has been placed on the disabled list with what Omar Minaya calls “weakness and fatigue”, can we now seriously consider the need for another starting pitcher? Who knows when John Maine will come back. If we were to go by what he said last night it would leave us once […]

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Fernando Martinez Will Stay With Mets When Church Is Activated

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Although the decision to bring up Fernando Martinez was met with 50/50 support on this site when we were lobbying heavily for his callup, I bet that at least some of those opposing Mets fans agree that F-Mart has been a fine addition and has held his own. When talking to reporters after last nights […]

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Morning Grind – Braves Are Making Noise, Another Reyes Setback

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The Morning Grind is the place for Mets fans to sound off on anything and everything! An open thread for ranting and raving about the Mets, completely raw and uncensored! What’s On Our Minds 1. What’s the deal with the Braves? The Atlanta Braves have been very busy in the last 24 hours… First they released 305 […]

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