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Mets Fans Are Loyal No Matter What The Polls Say

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The Mets were a mediocre team in 2010, finishing the season with a 79-83 record. That mark was the 20th best in baseball (or the 11th worst, if you’re standing on your head while looking at the standings). That was a nine-game improvement over the dismal 2009 season, when injuries turned the Mets into Johan […]

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Phillies Agree To Terms With Luis Castillo

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According to Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com, The Phillies have agreed to sign Luis Castillo to a minor league contract. That’s right, Castillo will be playing for the enemy after being under team control since 2007. Castillo would likely fill the currently vacant spot while the ailing Chase Utley recuperates from his knee injury that will sideline him for […]

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From Angel Pagan’s Mouth To God’s Ears

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Angel Pagan might have been heaven sent over the past two seasons, but now he seems to have his head up in the clouds. According to today’s Daily News, Anthony McCarron reports that the outfielder still believes the Mets can compete with the Phillies for the NL East division title, despite the fact that the […]

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The Winter Of Our Discontent

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Opening Day is 3 ½ months away and we all know what to expect in 2011. Not a damn thing. Sandy Alderson has stated that it will be a season to observe, to listen and learn, and rebuild for the future. Safe to say not many of us have hope for next season. It’s December 2010 […]

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Highlights From The Terry Collins Interview

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New Mets manager Terry Collins, dressed in his red holiday garb, was also kind enough to answer some questions at the Christmas party. As with Alderson, the bulk of the conversation focused on the Cliff Lee signing. “Certainly I was shocked, but I know better than to be shocked in our business,” said Collins. “They […]

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Did Cliff Lee’s Wife’s Brush-In With Fans Cost The Yankees?

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I just saw this on the latest Inside Edition and thought I would raise this particular question here. As we all know, the Yankees lost out on their prized offseason “possession” Cliff Lee to those damn Phillies, deciding to take $50 million dollars less than what the Yankees offered (which was a 6-year $140-160 million dollar deal).  Now, one […]

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Cliff Lee Spurns Yankees, Signs With Phillies

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In a late night stunner, Cliff Lee agreed to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies, as first reported by MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan. Early last night, there were reports that the Yankees had fears that Lee wasn’t landing in The Bronx and that proved correct. Before midnight they were told by Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker, that Lee […]

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An MMO Tribute To The Yankees and Phillies

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You didn’t for one minute think that I’d let his go without saying something did ya? They Lost, They Lost  (Sing to the music of “New York, New York”) Start spreading the news… We’re crying today. The Yanks wont be a part of it. They Lost, They Lost. These overpaid boobs… Won’t have their parade. […]

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It’s The End of Their World As They Know It (And We Feel Fine)

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled day of blog reading to give you breaking news that’s already been broken. Omar Minaya has been relieved of his GM duties and Jerry Manuel’s option for the 2011 season was not picked up. Of course, this wasn’t even breaking news before it became official.  It was a foregone conclusion […]

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From Left Field: 2010 At A Glance

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Well, Mets fans, we did it. We endured another long season of Mets baseball, only to see our boys play to an 79-83 record (fourth in the NL East) and miss the playoffs for the fourth straight year. Though we will now turn our attention to football, hockey, or basketball, let’s take a look at […]

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