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Feliciano Is A Type B Free Agent, Takahashi Extends Deadline

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Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano is has officially been classified as a Type B free agent. What that means to the Mets is that Feliciano just picked up a whole lotta leverage this offseason. If he had been classified as a Type A free agent, as many thought he would, Feliciano would have had a hard time […]

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Will Pedro Feliciano Be Back In 2011?

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Will Pedro Feliciano Be Back In 2011?

One of the first decisions the new Mets GM will have to make, is to decide whether he will simply let lefty specialist Pedro Feliciano walk and become a free agent, sign him to a multi year deal, or offer him arbitration. “Perpetual Pedro” is quite possibly one of the most reliable and durable relievers in the game […]

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I’d Rather Have Takahashi Over Feliciano In 2011

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In Wednesday’s 3-2 Mets win over the Nationals, Hisanori Takahashi worked the ninth inning for his fifth save in as many tries. We now know enough about Takahashi to understand that he is best suited to be a reliever as opposed to a starting pitcher. The problem is that Takahashi still prefers to start despite […]

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A Recurring Nightmare: What’s Changed In The Last 12 Months?

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I am getting so tired of this season that I wish it would end already. It’s not the games that bother me, I love Mets baseball so much that I can find enjoyment even in a loss, but this lack of direction is really wearing thin on me. In a few weeks we’ll head into another […]

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Parnell & Pedro Putrid, Mets Lose 7-5

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Another wasted pitching performance, this time by Jonathon Niese and the explosion of the Mets bullpen accounted for the most recent loss, 7-5 to the Phillies in the opening game of the series Game Notes Jonathon Niese was wildly effective today, giving up one run on four hits in seven innings, walking five but striking […]

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French Revolution Part Deux, Mets Win 3-2

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After a great pitching outing from R.A. Dickey, Jeff Francoeur hit a tie-breaking home-run in the ninth inning and the Mets broke a two game losing streak to win the game 3-2. Game Notes R.A. Dickey went out today, and was wildly effective. Dickey gave up two runs on five hits with four walks, two […]

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Feliciano Out Of Control, Mets lose 8-7 In Extras

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After coming back from a 7-3 deficit in the 8th inning, the Mets bullpen, specifically Pedro Feliciano gave up the winning run and the Mets lost in dramatic fashion in 13 innings, 8-7. Game Notes Johan Santana started the game today like nothing that has been seen recently from him – hittable and giving up […]

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Mets Shutout Again In Tough 1-0 Loss To Dodgers

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Mets lose game four of the series against the Dodgers, 1-0. This is the fourth time the Mets have been shutout in just the eleven game road series. Mets bats continue to be absent in Dickey’s great start, as the Mets have been scoreless for the past sixteen innings. With the loss the Mets are […]

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Why Mets Should Be Buyers AND Sellers at the Deadline

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Even when the Mets sputtered into the All-Star break, the most skeptical of fans had to admit that this team still had a chance at either a division crown or a wild-card spot. While the offense might have been inconsistent, the bullpen not always reliable, and the manager a strategic misfit, the Mets still boasted […]

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We Are Still Operating Without A Setup Man

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It’s now apparent that the Mets do have what it takes to make a run for the division. We find ourselves in this position because it turns out the Mets were not as bad as many of the experts had projected, and the NL East in general had a lot more parity at the top […]

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