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Rays Shed Burrell & His $9MM Salary, Would Mets Ever Be So Bold?

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According to this post on Twitter from the Tampa Tribune, the Tampa Bay Rays have designated outfielder Pat Burrell for assignment to make room for Hank Blalock. Burrell was hitting just .202/.292/.333 this year and had fallen out of favor with the organization and the fans. But what is most important to note is that the Rays, […]

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Four Way Trade Involving The Mets Fell Through

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ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark is reporting [hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors] that at the winter meetings earlier this month, the New York Mets were involved in a four team trade proposal with The Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Angels. Had the deal of went through here is how things would have panned […]

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File The Pat Burrell To Mets Report Under Bogus

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Update 11:45 AM I just confirmed that the Mets did not make any deal involving Pat Burrell, but they do have a passing interest. You can all exhale now. Original Post 11:15 AM According to a post on Philly Burbs, the Mets may have acquired Pat Burrell from the Cubs after they acquired him from the Rays. […]

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Pat Burrell For Luis Castillo? Terrible Idea!

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Luis Castillo for Pat Burrell? Says who? I don’t know who concocted this crazy rumor, but it’s about as nuts as the one that had us going after Milton Bradley. Actually, I’d rather have Bradley than Burrell, at least Bradley can field his position and he still has a potent bat. The only reason the Mets […]

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Random Stats and Thoughts

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We can beat a dead horse all day long about how bad and disappointing the 2009 Mets have become, and how we’re going to have to endure a few months of meaningless baseball now that all hope for the playoffs is basically lost.  So instead of beating the horse, I’m just going to point out […]

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