Mets Merized Online » Orlando Hudson Tue, 21 Feb 2017 11:00:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Alderson Should Bring Hudson To The Mets Tue, 09 Nov 2010 12:00:38 +0000 As Sandy Alderson continues to hire his buddies and show no urgency in hiring a manager, he needs to consider bringing Orlando Hudson to the New York Mets.

Hopefully Alderson will finally cut loose the dead weight  that is Luis Castillo.  The Mets should have signed Hudson in 2009, but instead they let him go to the Dodgers.  Once again the Mets had another chance earlier this year to sign Hudson, but Omar didn’t.  Since things are supposed to be different now that the great and powerful Sandy Alderson is the General Manage,r hopefully this is the year Orlando Hudson will finally wear a Mets jersey.

Hudson is a 4 time gold glove winner.  Hudson is a career .280 hitter with a career on base percentage of .346.  Another great thing about Hudson is that he actually wants to be on the Mets. I can’t say that about too many players these days.

Hudson is a solid player who is also known to be a great clubhouse presence.

Hudson can still field which is something that cannot be said for our current second baseman Luis Castillo. Hudson can also hit and get on base which is something defensive-minded Ruben Tejada can’t do very well.  Hudson will also be a leader on a team that needs some real leadership.

Now I know Sandy Alderson doesn’t expect to be active in free agency, but this is a move that won’t cost much and needs to be made.  The lack of defense up the middle has really hurt the Mets the last several years.  I think Hudson will also be a great influence on Jose Reyes and I would love to see Hudson and Reyes turn some double plays next season.

Last season he played for the division winning Twins, and the season before that the first place Dodgers. His final season with the D’Backs saw them finish in second place in 2008, but they have finished last two straight  seasons since the O-Dog left.

Unfortunately, I’m sure Hudson will sign on with another team and have another good season while we’re left with Ruben Tejada, who really should spend more time seasoning in AAA , but maybe Alderson will prove me wrong.

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Minnesota Twins And Orlando Hudson Make It Official Fri, 05 Feb 2010 15:24:57 +0000

The Minnesota Twins announced today that they have agreed to terms with second baseman Orlando Hudson on a one-year contract worth $5 million dollars for the 2010 season.

Hudson, 32, batted .283 (156-for-551) with 35 doubles, six triples, nine home runs and 62 RBIs in 149 games with the Los Angeles Dodgers last season. He was named to his second career All-Star team (2007) and also won his fourth career Rawlings Gold Glove Award (2005, 2006 and 2007). Following the 2009 season, Hudson was named the Best Defensive Second Baseman by Baseball America in its annual tools issue.

Since making his Major League debut in 2002, Hudson has a career batting-average of .282 (1035-for-3670) with 214 doubles, 50 triples, 77 home runs and 434 RBIs in 1014 games with Toronto, Arizona and Los Angeles (NL). He has recorded 120-or-more hits in each of the last seven seasons. (via

Obviously, this will put the O-Dog to the Mets rumors to rest for yet another season.

Interestingly enough though, is the fact that Hudson takes over at second base for the Twins, ultimately replacing Castillo who they traded to the Mets in 2007. Since then, the Mets have spent two off-seasons trying to rid themselves of Castillo with the hopes of replacing him with O-Dog. It looks like the Twins succeeded where the Mets could not.

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I Want Hudson On The Team Tue, 26 Jan 2010 17:00:13 +0000 For the last 2 off seasons Met fans have been debating furiously with each other on whether or not the Mets should sign Orlando Hudson.  I believe the pro Hudson fans last season wanted him for the simple fact that Hudson is not Luis Castillo.  Whatever other skills Hudson possessed did not matter to Met fans who wanted to run Luis Castillo out of town after his horrible 2008 season which saw him become a double play machine, a liability on defense and he made many appearance on the disabled list that year as well.

2009 was a bounce back year for Castillo.  Castillo finished 2009 with a .302 batting average, a vast improvement from 2008’s .245 batting average.  Castillo had a slight spill down the steps of the dugout late into the season but he did avoid the disabled list something that most of the Mets can’t claim.  Of course Met fans won’t forget the dropped fly in that Yankee game but 2009 was a good season for Castillo.

I was pro Hudson last year and I’m still pro Hudson.  It’s not because Orlando Hudson is not Luis Castillo, it’s because Hudson is the better player.  Looking at their offensive stats some would argue that but here is where I see Hudson helping us:  He has more power than Castillo and he can hit a single to the outfield.  If you really watch Castillo’s at bats most of his singles are either infield singles or they are just out of reach of the infielders which results in outfielders playing a shallower outfield against Castillo which means runners on base can only advance one base.  With Orlando Hudson batting that will force both the infield to back up and the outfielders to play deeper in the outfield.  Hudson will most likely bat behind Jose Reyes who we all know has a lot speed and on a deep single Jose can run 1st-3rd or from 2nd-home, thus allowing more runs scored.

Another reason I’m so high on Hudson is his defense.  Castillo as he has gotten older has lost a bit of range each year in the infield.  This is really important now because of our 1st base situation.  Reports from the scouts in Puerto Rico on Carlos Delgado are that the very little range he had is gone.  Now those same scouts are reporting that Delgado has been seen limping after playing 1st in winter ball and that the Mets might pass on Delgado.  If that is true Daniel Murphy will be our first baseman with a possibility that Tatis will play 1st.  For those that don’t know that is Tatis’ worst position.  Now Murphy was good at 1st last year, he made some nice plays but he lacks the instincts of a 1st baseman since he hasn’t played the position that long.  The Mets are going to need a 2nd baseman to pick up the slack and Hudson is that guy.

I don’t think right now as of this writing the Mets will get Hudson.  First they have to trade Luis Castillo who makes a lot of money the next two years.  If I was a general manager I would be worried that last year was a bit of fluke and Castillo revert back to 2008.  Furthermore he is and will be an injury risk for the rest of his career.  The Mets would have to pay most if not all of his salary for the rest of his contract.  I think it will be financially irresponsible of the Mets to trade Castillo, pay most of his salary and have to pay Hudson for this year.

If the right trade was offered and if the money was not an issue I would hope the Mets pull the trigger on Castillo and then sign Hudson but that will not happen this year.  I think Castillo will not revert back to 2008 but I also think that hitting .300 will not happen again.  I would be ok with that if it wasn’t for the fear I have that his defense is going to hurt the Mets more than his skills at the plate.  Only time will tell, hopefully I’ll be proved wrong.

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Latest Mets Hot Stove: O-Dog, Molina, Delgado Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:23:58 +0000 According to Bill Ladson who covers the Washington Nationals for, second baseman Orlando Hudson is seeking a $9 million dollar contract for next season.

The market for second baseman is very soft and in my opinion, Hudson will end up taking a one year deal just as he did last season. The Mets would still like to add the O-Dog, but probably not for more than $6 million in guaranteed money.

Meanwhile, John Morosi of Fox Sports believes that free agent catcher Bengie Molina is now willing to accept a two year deal after holding firm on three years all off season.

Free agent catcher Bengie Molina has lowered his asking price, multiple sources said Tuesday, raising the likelihood of a long-expected union with the New York Mets. Molina had been asking for a three-year contract, but one source believes he is now willing to sign for two years.

All arrows continue to point toward the Mets signing Molina. If the second year is a vesting option or a team option, it should work out okay for the Mets. I’d have a big problem with two guaranteed years.

Ed Price of AOL, posted an update on Carlos Delgado via his Twitter. He says that Delgado is not moving well while playing first base and that the Mets have already seen Delgado play twice, but will take one more look before moving on or making a decision.

Price also speculates that the Blue Jays might be the final destination for Delgado who is batting .316 in Winter Ball.

I think this latest news should close the book on Carlos Delgado who is obviously a designated hitter posing as a first baseman.

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Luis Castillo For Mike Lowell? I’m Not Feeling It… Tue, 05 Jan 2010 14:46:11 +0000 Jerry Crasnick of ESPN reports that according to one of his sources, the Mets and Red Sox are considering a swap of Mike Lowell and Luis Castillo, but that it’s not known how far along the discussion has gone.

Mike Lowell is in the final year of a contract that will pay him $12 million next season, while Castillo is owed the same amount, but over two seasons, not one.

I like Lowell who batted .290 with a .811 OPS last season in 119 games. He also collected 29 doubles, 17 homeruns and 75 RBIs. He is a .300+ hitter with men on base, scoring position and scoring position with two outs.

On the down side is the fact he is right handed just like Jeff Francoeur, David Wright and the newly acquired Jason Bay. Additionally, he has been primarily a third baseman his entire career so there’s no telling how good or bad he would be defensively at first base.

Furthermore, the move would make Lowell the third highest paid hitter on the team and increase the teams payroll for 2010 by another $6 million dollars without necessarily filling a need.

Lowell, just had surgery on his thumb last week, and it is not yet known when he will be ready to swing a bat again.

It seems to me that we would be taking on a bigger risk than Castillo for double the price in 2010. If the Mets are so willing to throw $6 million away so easily, then why not just keep Castillo on the bench and sign Orlando Hudson for the same money?

That way we get two players for $12 million, fill a major need, and upgrade second base and the bench at the same time?

One thing that may push things along is the fact that the Red Sox have just agreed to a deal with third baseman Adrian Beltre this morning.

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Mets Top Priority Is To Trade Luis Castillo Fri, 04 Dec 2009 19:40:39 +0000 According to the New York Time’s Jack Curry via his Twitter,

The Mets hope the first thing they accomplish in Indy is unloading Luis Castillo so they can sign Orlando Hudson to play 2B.

Castillo, who just came off a solid season in which he batted .302 and posted a solid .387 OBP is officially on the outs. By this time next week he’ll be just a distant memory.

After all the hoopla regarding the Polanco deal, let’s see how Omar handles the Orlando Hudson situation.

There are already two other teams interested in Orlando Hudson, so it’s going be fun seeing how this develops.

The other thing to note is that if the Mets have to eat some salary to move Castillo, lets say $6 million dollars, remember to add that cost to whatever it takes to sign his replacement.

Then you can compare it to what the Phillies paid Placido Polanco.. After all, what’s fair is fair.

I’m thinking that this is just a prelude to another Mets debacle.

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Like It Or Not, Castillo Is As Good As Gone Thu, 12 Nov 2009 18:19:43 +0000 Deal with it Mets fans. They say where there’s smoke there’s fire, and right now there is an inferno raging where Luis Castillo is concerned.

Debating whether Luis Castillo should stay or go has been a fun and interesting exercise for Mets fans lately, but the fact of the matter is we have no say in determining Castillo’s home field next season. Those who do have a say have made it perfectly clear by their actions and the information they are intentionally leaking to the press.

Since last week, the buzz from the rumor mill has been that the Mets have their sights set on free agents Orlando Hudson and Chone Figgins.

Regarding Figgins, Joel Sherman of the NY Post wrote,

Though they are fixated on adding a power bat such as Matt Holliday or Jason Bay, the Mets are in the words of an involved party “absolutely in” on free agent Chone Figgins.

Jerry Manuel is a huge supporter of going after Figgins. He sees Figgins’ speed as a huge asset, specifically at big Citi Field. He thinks Figgins’ versatility would help the Mets if they had another spate of injuries. And he believes that Figgins could serve as a top-of-the-order influence on Reyes.

Today, Adam Rubin of the Daily News adds more clarity to the matter of trading Luis Castillo.

Trying to rid themselves of an ill-advised contract, the Mets shopped Luis Castillo during the GM Meetings that concluded Wednesday. Still, despite the veteran second baseman hitting .302 this season and staying healthy, GM Omar Minaya may have a difficult time moving Castillo.

The Chicago Tribune reported the Cubs are interested in Castillo and are attempting to rope in a third team such as Tampa Bay or Texas as a way of finding a landing spot for Milton Bradley. Moving Castillo would open second base to Hudson, who again is a free agent. The Mets also have expressed interest in Chone Figgins, who is represented by the same agents as Castillo and David Wright. Figgins would provide solid defense in left field, although he wouldn’t address the team’s power deficiency. The Mets reportedly may be interested in using Figgins at second base.

The talk about who the Mets should get to replace Luis Castillo is valid. Last off season, Omar Minaya on several occasions adamantly stated that Luis Castillo would not be traded. This offseason however, he has made no such assurances to his second baseman. The fact that Castillo was nearly close to becoming a Cub is now no surprise, and there’s still a chance that it may get done sooner rather than later.

The question now becomes who will play second base for the New York Mets in 2010?

We now know that Orlando Hudson and Chone Figgins are clearly in the mix, and yesterday fellow MMO writer Phil Hoops, mentioned the Reds’ Brandon Phillips who could be part of a major housecleaning and payroll trimming in Cincinnati. Another option could include Detroit’s Placido Polanco. Interestingly, both Polanco and Hudson won gold gloves for their stellar defense at second base.

What I find to be most curious about this entire situation is this,

With all the other areas of concern this team needs to address, isn’t it peculiar that they would begin the off season by focusing on the one area that was actually pretty good in 2009? In fact, another of our writers, Jessep, wrote an appropriately titled post, “Quit Focusing on 2B!” Unfortunately, Omar Minaya has never looked to a blog for advice, and he’ll go on doing whatever he and his trimmed down posse of advisers want to do.

All we can do is debate the merits of it.

If I had to rank the options in my order of preference, I would do so like this:

1. Chone Figgins  2. Brandon Phillips  3. Placido Polanco  4. Orlando Hudson

It’s not that I don’t like Orlando Hudson, it’s that I no longer see him as that much of an upgrade to Castillo. As for my first three choices, they would appear to be major weapons in their own right and significant upgrades to Castillo. Figgins plays a several different defensive positions and his offense is unquestioned. He led the league in walks last season, batted .298 with a .398 OBP, scored 114 runs, and stole 42 bases.

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Forget The O-Dog, Mets Should Pursue Brandon Phillips Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:52:33 +0000 With the Winter Meetings already underway, Mets GM Omar Minaya (or according to some, Jeff Wilpon in disguise) is faced with the daunting task of building a World Series contending team for 2010.

Aside from the obvious needs of a left fielder and a top-of-the-rotation starting pitcher, Minaya has made it clear that the team will be looking to upgrade at second base.

This past week there have already been rumblings about a potential deal that would send the incumbent, Luis Castillo, to the Chicago Cubs.

If Minaya is able to move Castillo, the talk is that the team will pursue the guy they let get away last season, Orlando Hudson.

Hudson seems to be a pretty good fit for the team. He is noted as being a good clubhouse guy, has produced consistently over the past five years or so, and according to numerous sources, wants to play in New York. However, what if the Mets could do even better than Hudson?

According to Ed Price and Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse [Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors for the link], the Cincinnati Reds are in cost cutting mode after a large drop off in fan attendance. As a result, in an effort to remain financially sound, the team is looking to unload some of their pricey veterans.

At the top of the list is All-Star second baseman, Brandon Phillips, who has two years and $17.75 million left on his contract along with a $12 million club option for 2012.

To a struggling small market team, like the Reds this contract looks horrendous. However, to the Mets the contract doesn’t nearly look so bad, especially when you consider that they owe Castillo $12 million for his two remaining years of service.

The question that still looms is that if the Mets can trade Castillo, which second baseman should they pursue?

To answer this let’s take a look at how both Phillips and Hudson performed last season.

Both players totaled roughly the same amount of at-bats last year. Both of their averages are similar, with Hudson having slightly better numbers.

However, the power numbers are where Phillips really shines. Last season alone, Phillips hit more than double the amount of homers that Hudson hit and drove in nearly one third more runners.

Phillips is also a speedster, which would compliment lead-off hitter, Jose Reyes nicely.

Acquiring Phillips, would give the Mets a legitimate power threat in the number two hole, which is something they haven’t had in quite some time.

It would also compensate the lack of power at first base, assuming that they stick with Daniel Murphy, as they are interested in doing.

The only downside to taking Phillips over Hudson is that a deal involving Phillips will require the Mets to give up prospects, whereas Hudson would only cost the team cash. However, you’d have to think that due to this potential trade being a salary dump that the return would not include any elite prospects if the Mets agreed to take on all of Phillips’s salary.

It should be interesting to see which direction the Mets go throughout the next few months, but if do, in fact, look for a new second baseman, Brandon Phillips should be their guy.

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Is Now The Time To Move Luis Castillo? Fri, 11 Sep 2009 17:02:07 +0000 Yesterday, Jon Heyman of wrote on his Twitter account,

Mets might try to trade Luis Castillo this winter and take a look at Orlando Hudson. When have we heard this before?

I was hoping to read a follow-up from him today before I weighed in, but haven’t come across anything as of yet. I will update this post later today if necessary. What I was curious in knowing was if he heard this through one of his sources on the Mets or just through the grapevine.

After the incredible season that Luis Castillo has had this year, believe it or not, I’m not as adamant about trading him as I was a just a few months ago.

Whereas the thought of paying him $6 million dollars a year simply repulsed me, now I find myself wondering if we got a bargain this year, especially when I look at the batting leaders and see him ranked in the top five with names like Pujols and Helton who make three times as much, albeit power hitters get paid the big bucks.

It seems to me that with all the other problems this team has, getting rid of the one constant we do have at second base would seem like an error in judgment. Before we even tackle the perceived but unverified problem at second base, shouldn’t we first address the situations at left field, first base, setup man, a number two starter, and possibly a number three starter as well?

The one good thing that has come out of this season is how well Castillo has performed at the top of the order in Reyes’ absence. A .401 OBP ranks right up their with the elite, and lets not forget that he is not only one of the toughest batters to strikeout in the game, but also one of the best two strike hitters as well. All qualities you would want from your number one or two hitter.

What are the odds that his replacement turns in a season as good as the one Castillo has delivered this year?

And even if we did trade him, to which team, and for what? And would the Mets have to eat some or most of his remaining $12 million dollar salary?

Back in December, when expectations and enthusiasm was much higher, the thought of trading Castillo was more of a tweak and adding an Orlando Hudson was merely a luxury item. Who knew what fate had waiting for us around the corner?

Now things have changed. The landscape is completely different… Instead of fixing a few things here and there on a championship caliber club, we are left wondering if this club is even capable of playing .500 baseball. The needs are more glaring and apparent. Is it wise to add to this dilemma by vacating our second base position, a position that most other teams would probably consider to be a plus? 

At 33-years old, Castillo is still capable of 2-3 more productive seasons on par with the one he just delivered. As his knees got stronger, so did his bat. After hitting a solid .285 in the first half, Castillo has turned it on and hit .348 in the second half. Only Albert Pujols has hit higher. He has hit .346 when he leads off an inning, and leads the team with a .429 batting average with the bases loaded.

What a costly blunder it could be if the Mets were to move Castillo, and his replacement failed to do as much…

We’ve already bitten off half of that $24 million dollar contract. If Castillo produces at this pace for the next two years, this hotly debated contract (a contract I opposed), may just turnout to be a boom instead of a bust.

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Did Mets Miss Opportunity Knocking? Wed, 15 Apr 2009 00:02:36 +0000 Joel Sherman of the NY Post, believes the Mets may have blundered when they decided against adding Orlando Hudson, especially after his price went down to one year, $4 million dollars.

Orlando Hudson hit for the cycle on Monday against the Giants. It is interesting that the two players Met fans pined for most this offseason – Hudson and Manny Ramirez – both have ended up with the Dodgers. Imagine, say, the Dodgers beating out the Mets for the wild card, in part, because of Ramirez and Hudson. You think there is fan angst now.

Maybe it was always too much of a pipedream to believe that the post-Madoff Mets were going to reach deep for the $20 million-plus necessary to lasso Ramirez. But once Hudson’s demands fell to the one-year range with a base at less than $4 million, the Mets knew they had some edge in that Hudson wanted to play in New York, in part, because he is such close pals with Carlos Delgado. The Mets obviously did not want to invest in another second baseman when they still had Luis Castillo signed for $18 million over three years.

But Hudson fit so many needs for the Mets, and not just as an excellent player on both sides of the ball. He is a positive person and clubhouse force. Dodger insiders already rave about how much Hudson loves the game and uplifts the group with his upbeat temperament. With so much negativity still swirling around the Mets – as those quick Monday night boos emphasized – Hudson could have helped.

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What If These Things Happened? Thu, 08 Jan 2009 03:57:37 +0000 Hypothetically speaking… let’s just imagine for a second that the players we hear on the HotStove are interested in the Mets. Now, let’s also imagine that Omar could sign most of them, be somewhat reasonable and not press “Force Trade” from a baseball video game like signing EVERYONE (we’re not the Yankees). Anyway, the players we hear
in the news are: Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez, Manny Ramirez, Orlando
Hudson, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland, and Ben Sheets. There’s more names out
there, but we don’t hear that at all, obviously.

Ok, there are a
few situations out there. We have a void spot for starting rotation.
However, in my opinion, it’s actually two. I love my boy Jonathon Niese
and all, but I think he still needs to tune a third pitch to be
successful. Enter Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland,
Ben Sheets, and Tim Redding. Who do we choose? Well, it looks like Omar
is picking Derek Lowe and staying with Niese. In my opinion, I’d either
sign Derek Lowe AND Oliver Perez or sign Ben Sheets AND Oliver Perez. I
really think Ollie should be a Met again. Why? He’s a Phillie killier
and he’s a lefty. The Mets only have Johan as their only lefty starter.
Ollie is still young and has a great upside. Derek Lowe is Mr.
Consistent and Ben Sheets is just scary, both good and bad. Yes, good
being he’s absolutely filthy when healthy, and bad being he’s almost as
bad as Carl Pavano, injury-wise.

–Signing two pitchers = reasonable and very do-able at this point.

#2, left field. We currently have Fernando t-t-t-t-TATIS and Daniel
Murphy. While that’s a good platoon, it could easily be insanely
upgraded with one player. Enter Manuel Aristides Ramírez Onelcida
(thanks Wiki). Sure, he’s a crazy act in the clubhouse; yet players,
coaches, and managers love him, or at least a good chunk of them do.
He’s deadly with the bat, but an absolute clown on the field. I don’t
care, but with him in this already punishing lineup, the Mets would
instantly be the team to beat around the NL.

–Costly + Scott Boras = not AS reasonable, but very managable if price drops.

I’m Luis Castillo. I make a very good amount of money, even though my
knees are about to break in pieces. I also can’t run anymore and I
can’t hit. I could bunt though! What do we do about this? I don’t think
we can do anything about this situation anymore. What an ideal
situation would be to ship Castillo somewhere, eat some of his
contract, and wish Orlando Hudson could drop his price just a tad bit.
Hudson brings that nitty-gritty attitude needed for this team, much
like Wally Backman was for the ’86 Amazins. Oh, and I love the double
flapped helmet. It looks much better on him that it does for that man
named the Flyin’ Hawaiin (still bitter about them winning).

–Big ass contract isn’t gonna help at all, but there’s still a small chance of him leaving and the O-Dog coming to Citi Field.

with all that being said, if all of the above move happen (chance is
probably 1%) the opening day lineup and rotation would look like this.

1. Jose Reyes (SS)
2. Carlos Beltran (CF)
3. David Wright (3B)
4. Manny Ramirez (LF)
5. Carlos Delgado (1B)
6. Ryan Church (RF)
7. Orlando Hudson (2B)
8. Brian Schneider (C)
9. Pitcher

1. Johan Santana (L)
2. Derek Lowe (R) / Ben Sheets (R) **
3. Oliver Perez (L)
4. Mike Pelfrey (R)
5. John Maine (R)

The lineup only looks like that because if I had Delgado, Church,
Schneider as 6,7,8, it would be too lefty heavy, thus me having Hudson
at the 7 hole to break up the lefties.

Now isn’t that just crazy folks? I wish it would happen, HEY, maybe it’ll happen. A Met fan can only dream right?


That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Your own Minor League Reporter for two years has started his own blog, entitled ‘Retire 31‘. I just started it a few days ago, but if you like what you read, please make sure to give it a look. Just click this link and read away! Thanks to everyone!

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Opinion: Luis Castillo Will Be Traded Sun, 28 Dec 2008 14:18:45 +0000  
This morning, on his blog at, Buster Olney writes,

The Mets also have quietly continued to gauge the market for Luis Castillo, and if they find a taker for at least some of his salary, that would leave them in position to pursue Orlando Hudson, who also is being courted by the Washington Nationals.

This is about the fourth or fifth time I’ve read a rumor like this in the past month or so. It has been mentioned by Jon Heyman and Rob Neyer as well.

As I mentioned numerous times before, I don’t see any chance that Luis Castillo begins the season with the New York Mets. It may not happen until Spring Training, but he will be traded.

All that talk from the Mets about giving him a chance to redeem himself is nothing more than a bunch of hot air.

Orlando Hudson may not necessarily be better than Castillo, but he would appease many of the fans, and most importantly, it would jettison another bad Omar Minaya contract from the media spotlight.

Omar hates bad press, and much like he made sure to get rid of the ill fated Guillermo Mota contract, he will do the same with Luis Castillo.

As for Orlando Hudson, he may not ultimately wait it out and play the game with the Mets, but he has made comments in the past that he prefers the Mets.

On November 24th, we wrote that according to, a source has said that second baseman Orlando Hudson’s first choice is to be a Met. The Mets would likely have to trade Luis Castillo before signing Hudson.

It may very well be that the reason Hudson is still hanging around is because he is hoping the Mets move Castillo and create an opening for him at second base.

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