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Can We Now Say Livan is #2?

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My question is this, though…..for as dominating as Livan has been so far, does last night’s game cement him as our #2 starter behind Johan?

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Why Are The Mets So Bad At Handling Injuries?

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This team when it comes to handling injuries is just horrible.  We saw it last year with Ryan Church’s concussion in Atlanta.  The Mets gave him a game off, flew him to Colorado and had him playing while suffering a concussion.  It was a major setback to the season as Church was not the same […]

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Does Minaya Deserve Some Heat For The Delgado Situation?

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Injuries, poor performance, Jerry’s invisible dog house, and expectations that were way off, have shaped the current Mets into something nobody could have imagined on April 1st. Omar’s master plan had too many holes and much like last season, it’s success was hinging on a huge contribution from a soon to be 37-year old slugger in […]

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Omar Minaya: Murphy’s Our First Baseman, No DL For Reyes

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According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News, here are the main points covered during Omar Minaya’s conference call with the media. 1. As most of you already know, Carlos Delgado will be out an estimated ten weeks after surgery to repair his hip injury. The ten weeks is estimated based on the track record […]

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Addition By Subtraction: The Oliver Perez Dilemma

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What a difference a week and a half can make. Just ten days ago, we were all throwing stones, pointing fingers and placing blame. Omar should be fired. Wright should be traded. Delgado should be benched. Reyes should stop smiling so much. Things seemingly have changed almost overnight. The same team that was 10-13 and […]

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What’s Next For Ollie?…Part 2

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Last week I wrote about Oliver Perez and the decision of Omar Minaya and the Mets to send him into the bullpen.  The next day the Mets decided to put Ollie on the disabled list (DL).  The reason provided by the Mets was that after an MRI it was determined that Ollie was suffering patella […]

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Did Minaya Give the Mets an Edge?

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As our beloved Mets continue to pick up momentum after willing their way to a 1-0 defeat of the Phillies last night behind the golden arm of Johan Santana, the team must now sustain the new found toughness as they enter what could be described as a “weaker” part of their May schedule. The next […]

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What’s Next For Ollie?

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Yesterday the Mets finally did something about Oliver Perez.  They did not send him to the minors, nor did they put him on the disabled list after Ollie announced Sunday that his knee has been “injured” since the start of the season.  Instead Fred Wilpon and Omar Minaya flew down to Atlanta and decided along […]

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Meeting Of The Minds In Atlanta

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According to David Lennon at Newsday, GM Omar Minaya and COO Jeff Wilpon will both be in Atlanta holding a summit meeting to discuss among other things the team’s sluggish start and the immediate future of Oliver Perez. How I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that… Lennon writes, As much as […]

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Serious Problems With Mets Organization

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Curious? Yes I am bringing this up because I am tired of talking about the players too. Here it is so simply a child can understand it: People placed in power are afraid of their higher-ups. Did you catch that? No? I’ll say it again for you: People placed in power are afraid of their […]

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