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Three Strikes And Your Out? Great Idea!

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Michael Baron of MetsBlog had an interesting quote from Jerry Manuel in a post this morning regarding the starting rotation. The Mets have setup their rotation for after the break and it will go as follows beginning with the four games against the Atlanta Braves. Oliver Perez on Thursday (Braves) Mike Pelfrey on Friday (Braves) Johan Santana on […]

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Will 2009 Be Omar Minaya’s Waterloo?

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The Los Angeles Dodgers made themselves right at home last night; lounging out at the Ebbet’s Club, sharing stories of their glory days at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, and then taking the field and bitch-slapping the Mets. The only thing missing were the Dodger Dogs, but they made do with a Nathan’s hot dog instead. Manny was being Manny, […]

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: The Jason Marquis Story

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Before the injuries started mounting, before the fielding and mental errors began to grow, the Mets’ front office made another error.  This error happened in the offseason and it was made by Omar Minaya.  The Mets could have acquired Jason Marquis from the Cubs for practically nothing and didn’t pull the trigger. First, as reported […]

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Met Fans: Omar Has Failed Us

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I know it sounds like bad dialogue out of a comic book or a Michael Bay movie but it is unfortunately true.  Omar over the last couple of years seemed to be the “Teflon GM.”  The last 2 seasons we have witnessed the Mets collapse and miss going into the playoffs by one game.  Omar […]

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Midseason Recap: Does The Future Look Bright?

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Including today’s game with the Phillies, the Mets have now played 81 games.  They’ve reached the midway point of the season battered and bruised, but still breathing.  Their record stands at 39-42, leaving them four games behind first place Philadelphia.  Somehow, they’ve managed to stay competitive in the standings while occasionally looking pathetic on the […]

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2009 Season: Omar’s Plan Went Bust

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When we look back at the 2009 Met season, we will remember it as the year of injuries. The amount of injuries to hit this ballclub before the All Star Break is simply incredible. Met fans, the press, and Gary Cohen are all imploring G.M. Omar Minaya to make some sort of deal. I am […]

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Is The Mets Organization Falling Apart?

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It seems to me that the Mets are in a lot of trouble.  I’m not talking about the fact that the Mets are now in 3rd place and are now under .500.  I’m talking about the 9 baseball players that are currently on the disabled list or that their salaries equal almost 70 million dollars.  […]

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Where Are The Mets Priorities At?

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These days the Mets are a bit of mess as an organization.  There is almost 70 million dollars sitting on the disabled list, the roster is made up of guys who should be in the minor leagues or at best they are back up guys, the farm system has suffered some blows this past week […]

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Mets Find Themselves In A Real Trade Dilemma

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Today I want to take a not so in-depth look at where the Mets stand in terms of making a deal. I keep reading and hearing all these different trade rumors that are making less and less sense as we move closer to the trade deadline. All I hear is that we need to get Matt […]

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John Maine Placed on the DL

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SNY reports that Omar Minaya announced tonight that John Maine has been placed on the disabled list. Maine was diagnosed with fatigue and weakness in his shoulder. He was originally scheduled to pitch tomorrow and was pushed back to Saturday to give him an extra day of rest. Maine was coming off his worst start of the […]

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