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I Urge The Wilpons To Spare Us Anymore Frustration

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According to Matt Cerrone and Adam Rubin, Omar Minaya could be getting phased out in favor of John Ricco who is currently the Assistant GM of the Mets. They also speculate that there could be a swap of roles where Omar slips into a player development role, while Ricco becomes the front man. I’m no […]

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The Mets Were Bad Even Before The Injuries

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For Crying Out Loud, Stop Walking Everyone! Despite the fact that the Mets are playing half their games in one of the largest ballparks in the game, they lead the majors in walks allowed with 423 as of last night’s game. The Phillies in comparison have only allowed 344 walks. Can somebody please explain that to […]

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The Opening Night Cat Cursed The Mets!

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Blogger’s disclaimer:  I am not being serious in this post in any way, shape or form.  I’ve just had enough trying to figure out what went wrong with this year’s team.  While others blame Omar Minaya or the trainers, I’ve found something else to blame for this year’s misfortunes.  Read on… It was April 13, […]

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Should The Mets Sign Joel Piñeiro As A Free Agent?

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I’ll make this short and (hopefully) sweet, so please don’t shoot the blogger.  As you may already know, I am an optimist.  However, as much as I’d like to see the Mets have a miraculous finish to the 2009 season, every time they lose to second division teams like Arizona, the chances of them playing […]

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Has Omar Waved The White Flag?

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With the Mets making absolutely no moves at the trade deadline, it makes me wonder if Omar Minaya has given up on this years team. After winning 6 of 9, most Mets fans are believing, but apparently Minaya is not. Minaya has also not pushed very hard to get Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Maine, and Putz […]

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Omar Minaya Is A Dead Man Walking

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As the Mets lost the opener to Arizona 3-2, I couldn’t help but wonder what lies ahead for these Mets. We’re back to the same team that struggles to score runs, and the team that won five straight not so long ago, may have just been a blip on the radar. Omar Minaya says there was […]

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Dial M For Minaya

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Where is Omar Minaya? After triggering a stunning turn of events at a press conference that was intended to announce the firing of Tony Bernazard, Minaya has been invisible from the public eye. Omar Minaya made the firing of Bernazard a mere footnote after levying a sharp and unexpected attack on Adam Rubin’s integrity. He came off like a vindictive […]

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So Do We Buy or Sell?

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These last four games have been great for us Mets fans and for the Mets themselves, but they can’t be making Omar Minaya’s job any easier.  With the Mets sinking fast at 7 games under .500 and in fourth place in the NL East after Friday’s loss in Houston, Minaya had to be thinking about […]

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Mets Dishing Out Apologies, Wilpon Not Happy

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Mets COO Jeff Wilpon met with reporters shortly before the start of last night’s game and offered his apologies for what transpired during Omar Minaya’s press conference on Monday. “After some reflection, I thought it was important to come out and talk to everybody. We’re very sorry about what happened. It was the wrong forum. The […]

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Mets Create Conflict Of Interest, Than Use It As A Crutch

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In responding to a post I read earlier today, I left a comment that I thought was a good stand-alone for a blog post. If you listened to WFAN this morning, they spent a great deal of time ripping into Adam Rubin if in fact he inquired about a job with the Mets. I also […]

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