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Like It Or Not, Castillo Is As Good As Gone

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Deal with it Mets fans. They say where there’s smoke there’s fire, and right now there is an inferno raging where Luis Castillo is concerned. Debating whether Luis Castillo should stay or go has been a fun and interesting exercise for Mets fans lately, but the fact of the matter is we have no say […]

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“In Omar We Trust(ed)”

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Omar Minaya was hired prior to the 2005 season to turn around the floundering New York Mets.  The team and its management were in chaos.  The Mets had completed three consecutive losing seasons with 86, 95, and 91 losses.  The low point occurred in 2004 when the Mets traded top prospect Scott Kazmir for Victor […]

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Dear Omar: Oldies Aren’t Necessarily Goodies

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When Julio Franco was a Met, he vowed to play until he was 50. That didn’t happen, but the way Omar Minaya has put this team together, the Mets might have a few AARP members before too long. When the 2009 season began, more than half of the 25-man roster (13 players in all) was […]

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Mets Should Consider Signing Putz For 2010

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Last week the World Series finally ended, our nightmare season is finally over and the Hot Stove season has started.  There have been trades already, options picked up or bought out and players have filed for free agency.  Trade rumors are already out there, most of them so far unfounded this early and it’s only […]

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A Peek Into The Mets Offseason Plan

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On Friday, veteran sports writer Marty Noble wrote a great column which was featured on mets.com. Noble reveals some of the buzz surrounding the Mets front office, including some potential strategies and even some of the specific players that they may be targeting this offseason. The Mets have not said publicly which players most interest them, but people within the […]

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How Much I’ve Been Thinking About the Mets

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I guess writing for this awesome site has been good for something this off season–it’s forced me to think about the Mets at least once a week.  Because honestly, I haven’t been thinking about them much since their season ended a month ago.  In fact, since I’m being honest, I didn’t watch many games after […]

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Jeff Wilpon: The Real Mets General Manager?

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This is a story making the rounds on the web the last 2 days and it has really started to pick up steam.  According to ESPN.com’s Peter Gammons, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon is the real general manager for the New York Mets and Omar Minaya is just a puppet, designed to take the heat when […]

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More Mishandling Of Jose Reyes’ Injury

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The New York Times had an interesting article this past Sunday about the Mets handling of Jose Reyes’ injury.  October 5, 2009, the day after the last game of the 2009 season, a season in which for the third straight year the Mets failed to make the post season Jeff Wilpon and the Mets had […]

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Would Kevin Towers Be An Upgrade Over Minaya?

An article by posted on October 9, 2009 0 Comments

Thanks to Phil Hoops, we kicked off the Mets off season with a great live chat last night on Mets Merized Online. We covered a number of topics ranging from Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan as viable everyday players next season to a number of players the Mets could or should target this winter. At one […]

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Johan Santana + Roy Halladay = Championship

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You’ve heard it again and again and again… Great pitching wins championships. While the Mets spend the next few weeks pondering over what went wrong, I urge them not to waste too much time looking backward. Jeff Wilpon, Fred Wilpon and Omar Minaya have each already stated that they are committed to putting a championship team […]

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