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Will Perez Force Mets To Get A Starter At Deadline?

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I was just reading an interesting article by David Lennon of Newsday on his blog. Lennon seems all fired up about comments that were made by Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen who both said they were encouraged by Ollie’s last start. I was kind of surprised yesterday to hear both manager Jerry Manuel and pitching […]

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ollie

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It may be far easier to unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, than it would be to figure out Oliver Perez. Todays performance by Perez was like a perfect microcosm of his entire career. He starts out be teasing us with a tantalizing performance in the first two innings that invoked memories […]

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Act Two: Big Pelf Takes Center Stage

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The jubilation of the Mets Opening Day win becomes somewhat tempered tonight, when Mike Pelfrey takes the mound against Edinson Volquez and the Cincinnati Reds. The certainty and confidence we feel whenever it’s Johan Santana’s turn in the rotation is very comforting to say the least. Dayne Perry of ESPN, wrote today that Johan Santana needs to get […]

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Boo Birds Please Head South For The Season

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This past weekend we got a chance to see 2 exhibition games played at our brand new ballpark Citi Field and it didn’t dissapoint.  The park is beautiful and I look forward to attending many games there.  It’s totally different from Shea but it still felt welcoming.  The differences in fact at first was a […]

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Random Thoughts – Oliver Perez, Citi Field

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I don’t even know how to feel about that piss-poor performance by Oliver Perez yesterday. Only 24 hours from Opening Day, and he already has most of us worried including his own pitching coach who ripped him ten days ago for being out of shape, and his own manager who said he was very, very, very concerned. […]

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Mets Notes – Parnell, Evans, Ollie, Thole, Glavine

An article by posted on 21/03/2009

Depending on which newspaper you read this morning, Oliver Perez’s performance ranged from as bad as “discouraging” to as good as “a surprising success”. Oliver Perez is so unpredictable and erratic in terms of his performance, that even those who write about him can’t seem to agree how good or how bad he is on any given day. As for […]

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K-Rod 3 Years $37MM vs. Ollie 3 Years $36MM

An article by posted on 04/02/2009

Lost in the excitement of the Oliver Perez signing, is a very underreported yet very interesting fact. Most of us agree that the Mets overpaid to get the Oliver Perez deal done. It was a move I certainly won’t argue with. But, now that the dust has settled, it’s become apparent to me that we […]

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DONE DEAL – Mets Sign Oliver Perez

An article by posted on 02/02/2009

According to Steve Popper of the Bergen Record, the Mets have signed Oliver Perez to a three year deal worth $36 million dollars. According to a baseball official, the Mets have finally wrapped up the most pressing need and agreed on a three-year deal worth $36 million with Oliver Perez. The Mets have waited patiently for […]

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What If These Things Happened?

An article by posted on 07/01/2009
What If These Things Happened?

Hypothetically speaking… let’s just imagine for a second that the players we hear on the HotStove are interested in the Mets. Now, let’s also imagine that Omar could sign most of them, be somewhat reasonable and not press “Force Trade” from a baseball video game like signing EVERYONE (we’re not the Yankees). Anyway, the players […]

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Mets Meeting With Scott Boras Wednesday

An article by posted on 06/01/2009

According to 1050 ESPN the Mets will be meeting with Scott Boras who represents both Oliver Perez and Derek Lowe. The NY Post confirms that Omar Minaya and Scott Boras will have lunch together on Wednesday. Here is what ESPN originally posted on their blog: A source says while in New York, Scott Boras will […]

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