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From Left Field: Some Early Positives This Spring

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Spring Training is only about two weeks old, but already some players are starting to leave an impact on the new manager, Terry Collins. Regardless of a 2-3-1 record, the team seems to be coming together nicely, especially since the main focus of this offseason dealt with off-the-field issues. Stats really don’t mean too much […]

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Reyes Is Ready To Wreak Havoc In 2011

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In an article in today’s New York Post, Mike Puma writes about Jose Reyes and his desire to return to his pre-2009 self. Reyes, who made a public appearance in Harlem yesterday, declared himself healthy and ready to report a week early to Spring Training. With words that are sure to please even the most […]

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Lets Focus On Spring Training, People!

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Thankfully, spring training is around the corner.  Everyone is preparing for another season of Mets baseball.  This is the time of year that I love the most.  (Besides the Daytona 500, and E3 Expo).  There has been plenty this offseason to talk about (Chris Young, Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins, etc), but the main talk of the offseason […]

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Sherman’s Offseason Report Card

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Joel Sherman if the NY Post ranked each MLB team based on who he thought had the most successful offseason. He listed the Blue Jays as his best team and rounds out his top five with the Red Sox, Phillies, A’s and Rays. In the bottom he ranked the Angels as the worst which was […]

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Alderson Says Don’t Count Mets Out In 2011, Darling Disagrees

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Alderson Says Don’t Count Mets Out In 2011, Darling Disagrees

It looks like the Mets Hot Stove season has come to an official end. Yesterday during the press conference introducing Chin-Lung Hu to the media and fans, Sandy Alderson commented on the offseason moves and confirmed that the Mets were done making moves and they had accomplished all of their goals. “Actually, I feel pretty […]

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Mike Pelfrey: The Opening Day Starter

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When he introduced Mike Pelfrey to the children at Citi Field Kids Day on Wednesday, Terry Collins said that Mike will be the Opening Day starter. Everyone was taken aback since I believe this was the first time Collins had said that. Like the other players, Pelfrey is eager to begin spring training and looks […]

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Perez Has Better Chance To Stick Than Castillo, More Mets Non-News

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ESPN’s Buster Olney had some Mets information in his ESPN Insider column today, Heard this: Among the possible moves that the Mets have discussed internally is simply releasing Luis Castillo, the second baseman who they have tried and failed repeatedly to trade. Castillo is about to enter Year No. 4 of a four-year, $24 million […]

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All Quiet On The “Metstern” Front

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OK, so this title is a bit corny, but it certainly rings true as the Mets approach the half-way point of the offseason. Spring training is a little over 1.5 months away, and it appears the Mets still have much to do to gear up for the season. That is of course unless the organization […]

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Highlights From The Jason Bay Interview

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Talking with Jason Bay was one of the highlights of the day. He said he has felt good since the end of September and has no restrictions moving forward. I was ecstatic when the Mets signed Bay last offseason. I always thought that when he played for the Pirates that he would be a great […]

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The Patient Approach…

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Sandy Alderson, like myself has been patient this offseason. We both have picked our moments and found out where exactly to approach. After a few weeks of watching the market unfold and getting a feel for this front office, I only have one conclusion. Thank You. The days of trading for players without understanding the […]

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