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Billy Beane, Moneyball and OBP

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This past weekend, we had quite a battle here on MMO over a post I wrote regarding the so-called Moneyball Mets era Sandy Alderson is expected to usher in. I never read the book, but several readers that I spoke with or chatted with via email, all told me that the book was based on […]

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Sandy Alderson Could Be the Right Man For the Job

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Sandy Alderson Could Be the Right Man For the Job

Updated 10/13 11:00 AM by Joe D. I just wanted to add some interesting info to Tom’s fine post. Alderson received a glowing endorsement from his protégé, Oakland GM Billy Beane, who worked for Alderson for more than half of Alderson’s tenure as GM of the Athletics. Beane spoke to the NY Post via telephone on […]

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The Minister Of Defense, Ruben Tejada

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Mark Simon who does an amazing job at ESPN New York, sent me an email this morning about his latest post entitled, “A Shout-out to Shutouts“. It’s a great fact-filled piece on the Mets 17 shutouts this season that I encourage all of you to read. One interesting piece of information he throws in at the end […]

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More Mets Flubs: Why F-Mart And Not Lucas Duda?

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I’m still a little bit confused by the snap decision by the Mets to promote Fernando Martinez on Saturday. It seemed as though it wasn’t very well thought out. Normally, I love to see a home-grown player promoted from the minor leagues, but the more I look at this particular case, the more it wreaks […]

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I’m Not Ready To Show Barajas or Blanco The Door Yet

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When the Mets signed catchers Henry Blanco and Rod Barajas in the offseason, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. They both had solid defensive reputations, and Barajas had some pop in his bat. Plus the price was right — together they are only costing the Mets $1.25 million dollars this season. […]

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Who Should Play 2B When Luis Castillo Returns?

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Last night, as the Mets were on the precipice of their tenth walkoff loss of the season, Ruben Tejada may have made his strongest case for remaining the Mets second baseman even after Luis Castillo returns from the disabled list. With defeat knocking on the door and the winning run at the plate in the […]

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Reyes And Pagan Are The Mets’ Dynamic Duo

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It may have taken Jerry Manuel ions to figure it out, but since his decision to bat Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan first and second at the top of the order, this team has been exciting to watch. Jose Reyes has lit it up and now their is no doubt that he is 100% recovered from […]

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Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose… Who Are You?

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So I sat down with the intention of writing an article about Jose Reyes.  I wanted to discuss how high my expectations where of him and how he never became the player everyone expected him too and probably never will. I looked at some statistical analysis and I have to say….I was a bit surprised.  Jose […]

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R.A. Dickey And Chris Carter Could Be Close To Joining Mets

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After another week of futility for Gary Matthews Jr, Frank Catalanotto and Oliver Perez, it occurs to me that with Memorial Day fast approaching, the time for the Mets to makes some significant changes to the complexion of their roster has arrived. With the Mets’ continuing reluctance to take on additional payroll, they find themselves in […]

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Jason Bay Has Been Solid In Citi Field

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Many were worried about Jason bay being able to hit at Citi Field after the Mets signed him. Some said that Citi Field wasn’t his type of park or that he wasn’t the kind of player who could succeed in Citi Field. Just over five weeks into the season, Bay is batting .239 this season with just […]

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