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Recap From Citi Field Kids Day

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Yesterday at Citi Field, the Mets hosted their first of six annual Citi Field Kids Days, where children from all over the New York area are treated to a private tour of the Mets clubhouse and a complimentary lunch. The kids and the media filed into the Mets clubhouse for a brief presentation and, to […]

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Shaping the Mets Bench

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With the acquisition of Chin-lung Hu, let’s take a look at some bench options this year for the Mets. Strong depth is always an important factor for success. Just look at the World Series champion San Francisco Giants. Usually, National League teams carry 12 pitchers so that leaves 13 spots for position players. Eight of […]

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All Quiet On The “Metstern” Front

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OK, so this title is a bit corny, but it certainly rings true as the Mets approach the half-way point of the offseason. Spring training is a little over 1.5 months away, and it appears the Mets still have much to do to gear up for the season. That is of course unless the organization […]

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From Left Field: Some Possible Bullpen Options

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While the Mets starting rotation will likely contain several question marks, the bullpen appears to be a revolving door at this point. Two vital pieces from 2010 are likely out, with Hisanori Takahashi heading out west and Pedro Feliciano testing the FA market. Following the non-tender deadline, many serviceable bullpen arms will become available. Some […]

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From Left Field: Life After The Selection Of The New Manager

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So it looks like the Mets will have a new manager sometime before Thanksgiving. The four candidates have completed the second round of interviews in an attempt to secure a position that will be heavily scrutinized over the next season. Once the manager is chosen, the Mets need to switch their focus to importing some […]

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Mets Must Change Their Image In The Public Eye

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The following clip from Family Guy last Sunday pretty much sums up the last few seasons for the Mets. While I don’t mind my favorite show poking fun at my favorite team, it makes me wonder what non-Mets fans think about our team. Here is another example of a a Family Guy Mets bashing. Even […]

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For Mets, Patience Is Key

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For Mets, Patience Is Key

Patience is a virtue, everything happens for a reason, good things come to those who wait, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you have to look before you leap. Cliches aside, the Mets (and us fans) will have to be patient in finding out who will be running the show next year and hopefully […]

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From Left Field: Can Finishing .500 Be Considered Somewhat Of A Success?

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The Mets are currently 76-79. Including tonight’s game (that is in progress), they have seven games remaining: four against the Brewers and three against the Nationals. If the Mets were in a heated pennant race, they would have lucked out considering their competition over this next week. However, since they were eliminated from playoff contention […]

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Players Doing Their Part, Time For Fans And Management To Do Theirs

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Today is June 15th and the NY Mets are currently 1 1/2 games out of first place in the division.  Pre-season analysts regarded the 2010 Mets as a cellar team, questioning Omar Minaya’s lack of motivation during free agency and through the countless “On Paper” comparisons of this 2010 Mets team with the 2008 World […]

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**NEW** NY Mets Chemistry Set (Available At A Mets Dugout Near You!)

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That’s right Mets fans, stop by the nearest Mets dugout and see the Mets Chemistry Set in action.  The “All New” New York Mets Chemistry Set is perfect for any Die Hard NY Mets, and it makes an excellent birthday or Christmas present for your children. Now let me tell you a little about this […]

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