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Mets Lose Jose Reyes: Welcome to Last Place in the NL East

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Mets Lose Jose Reyes: Welcome to Last Place in the NL East

The New York Mets’ core has officially broken up with the news that Jose Reyes has gone to the Miami Marlins. Both Ken Rosenthal and Buster Olney have confirmed that the deal is done. It is a six-year deal worth $106 million. Seeing the final terms of the deal makes it much worse that the […]

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Here’s A Nice Start To Your Morning

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Who knows if we’ll ever get this chance again. I thought we should preserve it just in case, but here are our first place Mets atop the NL East. And if you missed the game, here’s a video recap courtesy of MetsBlog.

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Making Sense of the Tankersley Signing

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The signing of LHP Taylor Tankersley on the surface appears to be a mediocre move, but an in-depth look reveals a method to the madness. Tankersley has been with the Marlins for his entire major league career so he knows the division. It is not a huge factor but is a slight benefit knowing the premiere bats in the NL East in advance. […]

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Is Big Pelf A Big Game Pitcher?

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Tonight’s a big game for the Mets as they try to do something they haven’t done in a nearly a year; win a road series against a division rival. A win would also give the Mets some momentum as they head into a weekend series with the Phillies who they are hoping to leapfrog in […]

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No Panic

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I had thought before the all-star break that the Mets had a realistic shot at taking over first place in the division with a 3-game deficit against the first-place Braves.  Of course, that didn’t turn out as planned and we limped into the break 4 games back.  Now, with the Mets 1-5 on their western […]

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Mets Cannot Let The Braves And Phillies Pull Away From The Pack

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With last night’s 2-0 loss to the San Francisco Giants, the Mets now find themselves five games back of the front-running Atlanta Braves. It looks like a fight to the finish may be shaping up for the NL Wild Card this season. Three NL East teams currently occupy the top seven spots for the Wild Card; […]

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Looking Just a Few Days Ahead

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The Mets are going to be playing for first place this weekend.  Not against the Phillies, but against a resurgent Braves team that is making it feel like the early part of the decade when these two teams were battling for NL East dominance.  And if Jonathan Niese and the Mets can take the rubber […]

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These Marlins Have Become Our Nemesis

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Remember a few years back when the Braves were rolling to 14 straight division titles, and the Mets seemingly lost 80% of their games against Atlanta?  Thankfully time and Atlanta’s mediocrity for a few years has evened that back out, but now the Mets have a new regular nemesis–the Florida Marlins. The Mets, who lost […]

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I Hate To Bring This Up, But…..

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This is one of those posts that may incite a riot, but I’ll knock wood, and cross my fingers and toes when I say what I have to say…..that the Mets have had no serious injuries yet this season to key players.  We won’t count Carlos Beltran, who had surgery back in January, or Jose […]

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