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Mets GM Sandy Alderson did an exclusive Q&A with the New York Post‘s Steve Serby recently, and talked about his expectations for the 2017 season, manager Terry Collins and the National League East (specifically the Nationals) among other things relevant to the state of the Mets.

Alderson said that he thinks the team will perform at a level similar to what we saw from the 2015 team because everyone will be healthy, despite not adding any fresh blood from last season.

“Over the last couple of years, the team has performed at a much higher level, and I think we can do that again,” Alderson said. “I think that while we haven’t seen a lot of new faces or won’t see a lot of new faces in spring training, other than some young players that we have coming through our system, we’re gonna have players coming back who weren’t able to perform, mostly for health reasons last season, and as a result I think we’ve got the potential to be better than we were last year and comparable to what we were in 2015.”

With a healthy roster, Alderson believes that manager Terry Collins is the right guy to lead the team because he was able to do so in the face of adversity last year and still make it to the playoffs.

“We had some success in 2015, and in spite of injuries last year we made a big run at the end of the season and ended up in a wild-card spot, so players continue to respond to him,” Alderson said. “So if that continues to happen, he continues to happen, he continues to be the right guy.”

Despite the fact that the Nationals haven’t made tremendous upgrades this offseason, the talent level they possess still make them a feared rival and one the Mets will have to compete with throughout the 2017 season.

Alderson said that the Nationals are a good team and should be “deemed favorably,” but he also talks about how the rest of the division stacks up as well.

“Philadelphia’s getting better, Atlanta’s getting better, the Nationals will still be very good, and Miami was very good last year, and suffered that terrible tragedy losing Jose Fernandez, and from their standpoint, hopefully that will not be a hangover from that loss,” Alderson said.

Lastly, Alderson said it would be gratifying to bring a championship home to New York, and that the sting of the loss in 2015 at the hands of the Royals still hasn’t gone away.

“It would be gratifying for all of us in the organization, especially to be able to do it here in New York City largely because I know how much it would mean to Mets fans here in New York, ’cause I know how much they cherish their memories of 1986, and in some cases 1969,” Alderson said. “It would be great to make that a trifecta.”

You can read the rest of this insightful and interesting interview conducted by Serby here.

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Are the Nationals Considerably Better Than the Mets Right Now? Mon, 12 Dec 2016 07:30:47 +0000 nationals murphy harper

Mark Simon of ESPN took a look at both the New York Mets and Washington Nationals as currently constructed to see who is currently the better team on paper. The results will not please Mets fans.

Simon goes on to explain that the items left on the Mets to-do list is going to help them little in the grand scheme of things for 2017. He lists the team’s likelihood of dumping an outfielder while just signing a reliever or two to make little difference in how they perform in the upcoming season.

Fangraphs currently projects the Metropolitans to finish six games behind the Nationals while only winning 83 games in the upcoming season. Simon believes that the reasoning for this is that the Nationals are a much more sure thing at this point and time than the Mets.

Citing issues with a young pitching staff coming back from injury, a catcher who can’t get healthy and has seen a recent dip in production when he is. Balky backs and knees to their first baseman, second baseman and shortstop as well as an aging and injury prone Jose Reyes.

Add-in a once thought to be superstar in the making of Michael Conforto who has become a big question mark to many, combined with a captain who has to manage through spinal stenosis on a daily basis and a bullpen that may lose it’s closer for an indefinite amount of time. It could be possible that Simon has a point.

Other than the health of Stephen Strasburg and their current need for a closer, the Nationals are a fairly steady team. The loss of Wilson Ramos of course could possibly hurt them as well but the addition of Adam Eaton is sure to lessen the gap of any offense missed.

Going into 2017 the two beasts of the East are sure to look pretty similar to the two teams we see on paper today. Do you believe Simon has a point in feeling this way, or is his thought process flawed?

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The Amazin’ Metscast: Michael Mayer, Trade Chips, and Mets Road Ahead Thu, 28 Jul 2016 13:00:29 +0000 MetscastMAYER

The Amazin’ Metscast – Episode Three

In this week’s episode we are joined by Michael Mayer. We discuss the current state of the Mets farm system as well as the trade chips they may have down in the minors to use in the upcoming August 1st trading deadline.

We also take a look at the current state of the team and the road ahead as the Mets look to a playoff birth for the second consecutive year.


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Mets Head West to Hunt for W’s Thu, 05 May 2016 15:00:50 +0000 lucas duda hr

Just Keep Winning….

A motto any team can get behind, the above mantra is especially pertinent for the 2016 New York Mets.  Every win counts the same, regardless of when it comes or who it comes against. Despite the surprising Phillies, it has been clear for some time now that the NL East is currently far from a gauntlet.

On the eve of their first of two west coast trips this season, the Mets need to look to accumulate wins.  Plain and Simple.  Going 9-6 vs the NL East thus far is a nice start.  The next eleven games, though, could prove to be quite pivotal.

Though the current team is considerably different than in 2015, let’s use last year as an example.

The Mets’ torrid April in 2015 (15-8) was quickly erased after the May/June swoon where they went 25-30. Most of the damage to their winning percentage came at the hands of non-division opponents.  In that two month stretch, the Mets went 16-20 vs foes not in the east.

Of the current Mets next 26 games, 20 of them are against such teams.

It all starts this Thursday with an 11 game stretch vs the NL West.  In 2015, the Mets were an impressive 21-12 vs the west coast opponents.  To accumulate the target goal of 92 wins to almost assure a playoff appearance, it is imperative that they do some damage this trip.

Conveniently, the Mets should miss Dodger’s ace Clayton Kershaw during their 4 game tilt as he is due to start their Sunday match-up in Toronto. If you think the Dodgers look soft at just one game over .500 entering play Wednesday, think again.  Remember,  it was only eight short months ago that the Mets bounced LA from the NLDS at Chavez Ravine in an exhilarating game five.

Seven games combined with the Rockies and Padres also headline this road trip.

I am not in the business of making predictions. Therefore, I will allow you to do it for me.

11-0:  This is the best team ever!

10-1: Mets take off from Laguardia and never come down

9-2:  At least one sweep

8-3: Winning/Splitting Every Series

7-4: Very Nice Trip

6-5: Over .500 on the Road is a Success

5-6: Bump in the Road, Can’t Wait to Come Home

4-7: I am So Glad I Didn’t Stay Up for These Late Starts

3-8: Uh-Oh

2-9: Did They Leave Half the Team Behind?

1-10: The Sky is Falling

0-11: Season is Over Trade EVERYONE

So how many wins will the Mets wrangle up during this west coast swing? Share your predictions in the comments.


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Sports On Earth: Mets Won’t Repeat As NL East Champs Tue, 23 Feb 2016 23:42:32 +0000 NL East Champions Flores Wilmer

Will Leitch of Sports On Earth writes that the New York Mets will be unable to defend their division crown this season and he has them finishing second in the NL East behind the Washington Nationals in their Season Preview.

“Two reasons. One, I think the Nationals are about to make a big step forward, which we’ll get into in a couple of paragraphs. And two, the Mets are basing their whole success on two theoretically strong but particularly flimsy legs. They’re counting on hitters in their 30s and pitchers in their early-to-mid-20s. If all lines up, the Mets could win 100 games. But what are they getting out of David Wright? Can Curtis Granderson keep up his late-career resurgence? What if Cespedes isn’t quite a superstar? And can all those pitchers remain healthy?”

“If the Mets get the best out of everybody and keep everyone on the field, they win the division. But after all the good fortune from last year … it feels like a minor turn could be in their future.”

Of course if everything breaks right the Mets could repeat as NL East champsand at least they killed the LOLMets meme, but he concludes that everything isn’t going to break right two years in a row. (Or can it?)

Leitch’s case for the Washington Nationals unseating the Mets atop the NL East is that last season they massively underachieved and they took a big step toward fixing that by replacing Matt Williams with a seasoned and unflappable manager in Dusty Baker.

On the player side he predicts that MVP Bryce Harper could be even better next season, a horrifying thought to say the least. He also says the Nationals are comprised of “a ton of bounce-back candidates and some help right around the corner on the farm.”

Essentially, he asserts that Washington will do this season, everything they were projected to do last season. He has the Nationals winning 94 games and the Mets 92.

Read their complete NL East Preview here.

I’ll give you Bryce Harper, but Dusty Baker? Really? Agree, disagree, let us know.


“Lord, save me from these tools and their keyboards.”

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Nationals GM Says It’s War Against The Mets Sun, 21 Feb 2016 14:03:48 +0000 harper strasburg

The Washington Nationals are taking aim against the New York Mets and general manager Mike Rizzo wants everyone to know it. “We’re trying to knock them off,’’ Rizzo told Kevin Kernan of the New York Post.

“They knocked us off the mountain. We were the champs two of the last four years, they’re the champs right now. We feel we match up with them very well. Since 2012 I think we are 49 and 26 against them, so we know we’ve done well against them.”

“I like where we are at. When healthy we can compete against anybody. We feel good about ourselves.’’

New manager Dusty Baker told Kernan he loves the Nationals’ new second baseman Daniel Murphy, calling him a “bat that could neutralize the pitching of the Mets.”

Baker also acknowledged the Mets have a great young staff, but said he wonders how long they’ll remain together as they become more expensive over the next few years.

“Sooner or later they are going to have to decide who they are going to pay and not pay, that’s where the dilemma comes in, unless they have some other great arms coming,’’ Baker said.

The Mets were a combined 11-27 against the Nationals during the 2013 and 2014 seasons before turning it around and going 11-8 against them last season.

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All The Pressure Is On Los Angeles Tue, 06 Oct 2015 15:45:35 +0000 mets thank fans 162

According to the so-called baseball experts and talking heads, before this season started, the Mets weren’t supposed to be here. They had no business even sniffing an NL East crown let alone winning it. Here we are though, mere days away from the first Metropolitan playoff game in nine years. The Mets are playing with house money.

We look across the coast to the opponent, the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team in blue from California comes in with a payroll north of $280 million dollars compared to the New York payroll of $110 million.

Each of the past two seasons the Dodgers have met a roadblock in the postseason known as the St. Louis Cardinals. The Mets, especially the 2006 team is no stranger to the NL Central powerhouse. Los Angeles has not reached a World Series since 1988, compared to the Mets who reached in 2000. The pressure is on.

“Plain and simple, we have to get over the hump.” Carl Crawford was quoted after game 162 this past Sunday.


Clayton Kershaw has lost his last four postseason starts. All of those starts did come against the Cardinals as well. In the 2014 MLB playoffs, Kershaw’s final numbers were 0-2 with a 7.82 ERA. The Dodgers ace has something to prove this postseason as he has not been the dominant pitcher we’ve seen in the regular season when he’s been baseball’s best.

Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly though believes things are different this time around for his team stating, “We’re a little different, mentality wise. We’re more professional, not much sense of craziness around us.”

The Mets send three postseason virgins to the mound in Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey. Sure, the pressure is there for these guys to perform, but not in the same gravity as the Dodgers. The Mets have nothing to lose in this series and everything to gain.

This organization is in a great spot right now. The Mets have every reason to be the “loose” team in this series. The pressure is all on Los Angeles. The Mets, if they execute as they should can really use that to their advantage in this series. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

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Nothing Else Matters… One Met Fan’s Pride… Sun, 04 Oct 2015 14:29:56 +0000 Nl east champions banner pennant

Goosebumps. I still get them when I think back to the thrills and excitement of the Mets clinching the NL East title in Cincinnati a week ago. And on Saturday, when you saw that NL East Championship banner flying over Citi Field, you need to get your fandom checked out by a professional if you didn’t get overcome with emotion at the sight of it.

I’m so proud of this team and I feel so blessed to have experienced the incredible journey that began in Port St. Lucie in February and culminated in an intense non-stop joyride with all the incredible highlights and exhilaration I could have ever asked for. And now here we are, just one regular season game away from the playoffs. Just one more Jacob deGrom start away from our appointment with destiny against the Los Angeles Dodgers next Friday.

NL East Champions Wright Syndergaard

As I watched Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey twirl their gems in yesterday’s doubleheader, I could hardly contain myself at the thought that both delivered their most dominant and electric performances of the season. And to hear them talk about the Dodgers with such swagger and bravado after the game was incredibly intoxicating.

I’ve been saying it since the day Syndergaard was promoted, but the Mets are packed with the most dangerous rotation in baseball headed by a lethal threesome of Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard. Nobody will want to face those three in the postseason – NOBODY.

And now it’s actually happening… It has all come to fruition just as I had always envisioned it… The Mets are going into the postseason and their three young guns are at their absolute peak performance levels dripping with swagger and thirsting for more than just a division title. They want it all… They are hungry for the ultimate prize and I pity the teams that are standing in their way right now, beginning with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

matt harvey

I laugh my ass off at all this talk about facing Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw in the shadows as if the Dodgers will have it any easier against Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard in those first two games, and then having to deal with Matt Harvey in game three at Citi Field where he is at his invincible best.

As for our offense, I haven’t got the slightest worry or concern. I’ve seen what our A-Team can do and since the clinching in Cincinnati, Terry Collins has kept the pressure off and is affording our key players sufficient rest so that they will all be recharged, refreshed and re-energized for the games that really matter – The Playoffs.

So unlike the many frightened and discouraged Mets fans I’ve seen the last few days, I’m not going to whimper like a scared wet puppy because our bench-warmers are getting their asses handed to them over the last five games.

That’s because I still believe… That’s because I know when the umpire screams “Play Ball” next Friday, the offensive juggernaut that led the league in home runs, batting average, runs scored and slugging percentage from August 1 to September 28, will take the field and then it’s Game On.

Max Scherzer, Bryce Harper and the rest of the Washington Nationals can only dream of being in the position that the Mets are in right now. We’re heading to the postseason and they’re not… Nothing else matters… Bring on the freaking Dodgers!

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Nationals Suspend Papelbon For Remainder Of Season Mon, 28 Sep 2015 19:25:24 +0000 harper papelbon

Updating this report to include the following:

The Washington Nationals have suspended Jonathan Papelbon for four games or essentially the remainder of the season.

Papelbon dropped the appeal of his three-game suspension for hitting Baltimore’s Manny Machado, so he’ll be out for the seven remaining games of Washington’s season.

“The behavior exhibited by Papelbon yesterday is not acceptable,” Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said in a statement. “That is not at all in line with the way our players are expected to conduct themselves and the Nationals organization will not tolerate it in any way.”

* * * * * * * * * *

After the Washington Nationals were eliminated from the postseason on Saturday when the New York Mets clinched the NL East title, things have deteriorated rapidly in DC culminating in an all-out brawl between MVP candidate Bryce Harper and Nats closer Jonathan Papelbon.

After Harper hit a soft pop up and jogged to first, he was greeted by Papelbon who was barking at him about not running harder. Not one to back down, Harper went off on Papelbon who the responded by grabbing his throat and trying to punch him in the face as teammates rushed to pull the two players apart.

Wow, that was ugly…

There were rumblings that Harper was not happy about Papelbon twice throwing to Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles last week and he was letting everyone on the team know about it. This could have fueled Papelbon’s fire today, who appealed his suspension.

Harper was immediately removed from the game, while Papelbon pitched the ninth and blew the save after getting tagged for a game tying two-run homer.

This morning, Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post reported that Nationals manager Matt Williams has completely lost his clubhouse, which is why he believes they lost the division lead in the NL East to the Mets.

“Now, several Nationals players believe Williams won’t be able to grow even if the club brings him back for 2016. And this isn’t just one or two malcontents. These opinions span positions and experience. “It’s a terrible environment,” one player said. “And the amazing part is everybody feels that way.”

Thing have devolved into total chaos over there…

Good for us!

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An Emotional Wright Realizes His Dream To Return To Post Season Sun, 27 Sep 2015 12:00:21 +0000 nl east champions david wright

It was a long road back to the playoffs for Mets captain David Wright. Since 2006, Wright has gone through two heartbreaking collapses in 2007 and 2008, years of watching the team struggle through financial constraints, and suffering through numerous injuries including a most daunting diagnosis of spinal stenosis. All the while, Wright maintained his positive outlook while remaining the heart and soul of this team.

After the Mets clinched the NL East division on Saturday, a elated and sometimes teary-eyed Wright had some heartfelt things to say about what it all meant to him.

“When I was laying on my back rehabbing for a few months this summer this is what you dream of. This is what motivates you. This what pushes you. This is what drives you. Again, not just for what we do on the baseball field, for how close this team has come and how we play for one another.” (NY Post)

The emotion poured through Wright in his post-game interview. With each word you could feel everything that he had gone through these past nine years. You could tell that it all came full circle for him and that he’s now back where he’s longed to be, with the New York Mets chasing a World Series title.

“You just can’t help but to smile. I don’t think that there’s jubilation, excitement. Get a chance to take a sigh of relief because this has been a long time coming and it’s been too long. So to be able to come back now and celebrate this, you almost have to pinch yourself because this is what you dream about.”


“It doesn’t get any better than that, to hit a home run in the clinching game and celebrate with the guys in the clubhouse, celebrate with the fans who made the trip here to Cincinnati,” Wright said. “We deserve this, the fans deserve this, the city of New York deserves it. I’m glad we could deliver for them.”

David Wright is the New York Mets. His heart, his emotion, his determination, it screams New York. Wasn’t it fitting that Mr. Wright parked that home run in the top of the ninth to solidify the NL East Title? What a game. What a day. What a season.


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Offense Explodes, Syndergaard Stymies Reds, Mets Magic Number At One! Sat, 26 Sep 2015 02:49:04 +0000 Syndergaard Noah

The New York Mets (87-67) defeated the Cincinnati Reds (63-90) by a score of 12-5 on Friday night at Great American Ball Park, taking the second game of the four game set and reducing their magic number to the lonely number one to clinch the NL East.


All hail the mighty Thor. What a performance from rookie Noah Syndergaard. Thor pitched one of the most dominating and powerful performances of his short career. Syndergaard’s final line on the night was 7.2 innings pitched while giving up five hits, two runs, no walks and striking out 11. Thor laid down the hammer as he gets ready to pitch into the post-season.

Syndergaard, who has struggled on the road this year has now won two of his last three road starts. He threw 104 pitches on the night, 74 of which were strikes, and has improved his overall record on the year to 9-7 with tonight’s win.

Eric O’Flaherty and Bobby Parnell came in for relief of Syndergaard in the eighth and did not fair too well. The two combined to give up four hits and one run a piece to retire the third out in the inning. Tim Stauffer came on in the ninth and didn’t fair too much better giving up a lead off home-run to Adam Duvall and was relieved by Hansel Robles with two outs in the ninth. Robles made quick work of Brandon Phillips to end the game.

Lucas  Duda


Well hello Lucas Duda, the hot streak is on and coming at a great time. Duda connected for two bombs tonight, both times with two men on base for a total of six RBI’s. Maybe the “monster is out of the cage,” and just at the right time we head into the playoffs.

Duda though wasn’t the only Met tonight to jack a three run homer, as Curtis Granderson got in on the fun as well with his own in the eighth inning. The “Grandy-Man” was in a home-run drought of his own as he had not hit one out since August 31st against Philadelphia. Curtis’ first RBI of the game came in the seventh on a double that scored Ruben Tejada.

David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Yoenis Cespedes, and Noah Syndergaard all collected two hits for themselves as well for the night. The Metropolitans combined for a total 14 hits on the night while scoring 12 runs. The team was an extremely impressive 8-11 with runners in scoring position on this night.


What an offensive explosion and pitching performance for this team. Any lethargy that was shown as of late has seemed to have gone away over these last two nights in Cincinnati. At a time where the team really needed to come out and take care of business to punch their ticket into the playoffs, they are doing just exactly that.

With the Philadelphia Phillies beating up on the Washington Nationals tonight, the magic number for the Mets is now at one. It is a very good possibility that this team will clinch this division by the end of the weekend, and for the first time since 2006 make a run at a World Series championship.

On Deck:

The Mets look to clinch the NL East tomorrow and take the series against the Reds as they send “The Dark Knight”, Matt Harvey (12-7, 2.80 ERA) to take on John Lamb (1-3, 4.60 ERA)

It will be interesting to see how Harvey is handled tomorrow with everyone being mum on how long he may go tomorrow, but for once that should be the least of our problems as this team looks to clinch the division tomorrow evening.

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Great Expectations: The Yo Show Returns Tue, 22 Sep 2015 12:00:55 +0000 yoenis cespedes

Yoenis Cespedes looks to be getting back on track with a very nice night at the plate against the Atlanta Braves on Monday. The Yo Show returned with a 3-for-4 performance that included two doubles and a single.

Yoenis was mired in an 0-for-19 slump before doubling on Sunday off CC Sabathia.

His double on Monday night in the fifth was an absolute screamer off the wall that was measured by StatCast with a speed off the bat of 113 MPH, the hardest contact he’s made this season.

Of his 17 home runs with the Mets, they’ve averaged a distance of 408.2 feet with an average speed off of his bat of 105 miles per hour.

yo knows shirts barstool sportsCespedes now has 41 doubles and 81 extra-base hits this year. He had entered the day tied for fourth in the major leagues in doubles and was second in extra-base hits.

In case you missed it, Cespedes made it completely clear on Sunday that he was never worried about this slump.

And everyone got a good chuckle when he told reporters, “The only thing I’m scared of is death.”

How’s that for fearless? You have got to love a guy who can state things as concisely as that. All kidding aside “Yo” is clearly the biggest bat in this offense when he’s hot.

Cespedes, 29, will be seeking a contract of at least six years this winter, he told ESPN Deportes’ Marly Rivera last Friday.

“I’m not thinking about a contract, but I do know that I will be looking for a contract that is six years or more, has to be six years or more. We’ll see what happens.”

For now, I hope last night was the beginning of another torrid hot streak for Yo, as the Mets continue their march towards an NL East pennant.

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Mets Take Subway Series Opener With 5-1 Defeat Of Yankees Sat, 19 Sep 2015 02:26:19 +0000 Matz Steven

The New York Mets (84-63) defeated the New York Yankees (80-66) by a score of 5-1 on Friday night at Citi Field, taking the opener of the Subway Series and reducing their magic number to clinch the NL East to eight.


Steven Matz started the game just a bit amped up to say the least, but settled down to put together a great effort and improve to 4-0, in what was the biggest game of his short career. Matz pitching six innings while giving up 7 hits, but only allowed one run, which came in the first inning. Matz struck out 4 while allowing 1 walk. A great effort from the Long Island born pitcher.

The Mets bullpen came in to close out the final three innings of the game and provided three scoreless innings. Hansel Robles and Addison Reed  came in to pitch a scoreless seventh and eighth inning, both with two strikeouts each.

Jeurys Familia came into the game in a non-save situation and struggled a bit in the ninth. The Yankees loaded the bases with one out, but Familia was able to get Brett Gardner to pop out to Yoenis Cespedes, and put Chase Headley down on strikes to end the ballgame.

Duda Lucas


It was home runs that powered the Mets offense tonight. Big blasts off the bats of Lucas Duda and Daniel Murphy off of Yankees starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka  gave the Mets a 2-1 lead. In the seventh Juan Uribe hit a pinch hit two-run bomb of his own off of Yankee reliever Chasen Shreve.

Lucas Duda had a great night at the plate and hopefully it’s something to build on for the first baseman. With two extra-base hits on the night,  The homer broke a 66 at-bat homerless streak for Duda dating to August 2, which matched his longest of the season.

David Wright finished the game 2-for-3 and recorded his 10th multi-hit game since coming off the Disabled List (19 total games). He Is hitting .313 (61-195) in his career versus the Yankees and is batting .304 (24-79) since coming off the DL.


A lot of adrenaline in this series for both teams and rightfully so as both clubs are playing to punch their ticket into October. A fun game to watch, and its great to see the energy at Citi Field from the fans and in the dugout for serious September baseball. The announced attendance was the second largest in Citi Field history and the place was electric.

The Mets have hit 29 home runs in their last 17 games with their three home runs tonight. It is the 21st three-homer game by the Mets this season, which is tied for third-most in a single season in team history…The Mets are 19-2 this season when they hit three or more home runs in a game.

The Mets shed another game off their magic number, as now any combination of wins or Nationals losses that add up to 8 will clinch the NL East. The Nationals were tied 4-4 as of this writing.

Terry Collins said Tyler Clippard‘s back tightened up on him while throwing ball during batting practice. He is having is back examined by team doctors tonight.

On Deck:

The Mets look to go for the series win tomorrow as the god of thunder, Noah Syndergaard (8-6, 3.20 ERA) is opposed by Yankees pitcher, Michael Pineda (10-8, 4.25 ERA). Let’s Go Mets!

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Captain Wright Ready To “Take Back New York” Fri, 18 Sep 2015 12:30:52 +0000 david wright

Mets Captain David Wright sat down with Newsday to discuss the current state of New York baseball, and the craving for the Metropolitans to take back the city.

“That’s ultimately what New York wants,” Wright said. “They love gritty, younger-type teams, homegrown. And I think that’s what we can provide. We play exciting baseball. You get those fans behind you, you get that city behind you, you can definitely get some momentum for sure.”

New York Mets fans have been waiting for a team they can get behind now for almost a decade. This team has not seen post-season baseball since 2006.

Wright’s comeback this year, along with a solid young pitching foundation and key acquisitions of Yoenis Cespedes, Tyler Clippard, Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe have sprung this team forward from pretenders to contenders.

“Yeah, I think you have to go out there and earn the respect of the fans,” Wright said. “It’s not something that I think is given. I’d like to think we’ve done a pretty solid job thus far of trying to earn the fans’ backing and kind of the fans’ approval.”

Now with the Mets and New York Yankees both fighting for a playoff spot, this is their most high profile match-up, arguably since the 2000 World Series. Citi will be electric and both teams will be ready to go in front of more than likely three sell-out crowds.

The “subway series” has always been somewhat of a side-show but this one has more meaning than most, with games that matter for both teams and just a few games left in the season.

“It’s very similar to a college football rivalry, where you obviously want to beat the in-town rival in this case,” Wright said.

“But ultimately, you’re judged on let’s make it to the postseason. It’s a bonus if you can win this series. But in this situation, we’re not talking about May or June. We’re talking about September.”

This is sure to be a great series with it also getting national attention on Sunday during the 8:05 PM ESPN game. You have the Mets trying to clinch their division and trying to lower their magic number, while the Yankees are still chasing the Toronto Blue Jays while trying to hold onto a wild card spot. This is going to be fun.

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Mets Magic Number At 12 After 6-4 Win Over Atlanta Sun, 13 Sep 2015 02:37:40 +0000 noah syndergaard

The New York Mets (81-61) defeated the Atlanta Braves (56-87) by a score of 6-4 this evening for their sixth victory in a row.

Noah Syndergaard had the best road start of his rookie season, tossing seven dominating innings of one run baseball. Syndergaard only surrendered two hits and one walk while striking out eight Atlanta Braves. He left the game with the Mets leading 4-1.

However Tyler Clippard who came in for the eighth inning, could not hold that lead for Thor. Clippard, who has been solid all year let up a three-run homer to pinch hitter Adonis Garcia, his eighth of the year, to tie the game at four.

But these are the 2015 New York Mets and they don’t go down easy, ever. So in the top of the ninth the Braves sent reliever Arodys Vizcaino to the mound, one of the bright spots in a rough Atlanta season, and Travis d’Arnaud greeted him with a ground rule double.

Kelly Johnson then stepped to the plate and lined a scorcher down the right field line  to score pinch runner Eric Young Jr, giving the Mets a 5-4 lead. The Mets would score an insurance run when Yoenis Cespedes drove home Johnson on a fielders choice with the bases loaded.

Jeurys Familia entered the ninth looking for save number 40 on the season. And in true La Familia fashion he disposed of the Braves with great ease to preserve the win.

Cespedes Murphy

Let’s also not forget the continuation of the “Yo” show. Yoenis Cespedes blasted another home run tonight in the eighth inning to give the Mets at the time what was a 4-1 lead.  David Wright and Travis d’Arnaud both had RBI’s in the game

With the Washington Nationals losing to the Miami Marlins tonight, the Mets open up a 9 1/2 game lead in the NL East and cut their magic number to 12. They could clinch next week.

The Mets go for the series sweep tomorrow with Jon Niese (8-10, 4.36 ERA) on the mound and opposed by Braves rookie, Ryan Weber (0-1, 3.00 ERA) in a 1:35 PM series finale. If they pull it off, it will be the Mets first four-game sweep in Atlanta since July 4-7, 1985.

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Mets Bullpen Woes No More? Sat, 12 Sep 2015 15:55:00 +0000 familia d'Arnaud

In case you missed it, the New York Mets bullpen has done an incredibly stellar job as of late. After what seemed like one seventh inning let down after another for weeks on end, things have certainly changed.

Last night the Mets bullpen tossed four scoreless frames to support Steven Matz, who did not have his best stuff against the Braves in Turner Field. Eric Goeddel and Addison Reed combined for two scoreless and hitless innings picking up the sixth and seventh.

The dynamic duo of Tyler Clippard and Jeurys Familia locked up the eighth and ninth with scoreless innings of their own, closing the door on Atlanta for the Mets’ fifth straight win.

Let’s go back to Addison Reed for a second. Reed has really been the shot in the arm this bullpen needed. Getting by that seventh inning had been quite an adventure game in and game out for the Mets before Reed’s arrival.

Since joining the Mets, Reed has appeared in seven games with a 0.00 ERA and allowed just six hits and two walks while striking out nine in seven innings. He’s been a solid last minute addition by Sandy Alderson for a team that really needed help in this area.

This bullpen has been on a roll ever since taking on the Washington Nationals in DC. From the first game of that series sweep until now, the Mets bullpen has allowed one run over its last 17.2 innings (0.33 ERA) with 25 strikeouts dating back to September 7. Overall, the Mets pen now ranks eighth in the majors with a 3.19 ERA.

It’s been quite a turnaround for Mets relievers and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Things now seem to be on the right track for the one glaring aspect of the Mets that needed improvement. They have become unstoppable.


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Mets Matters: The Importance Of Not Letting Up Fri, 11 Sep 2015 17:58:41 +0000 Granderson

Coming off an emotionally charged series with the Washington Nationals to fortify themselves as the leaders of the National League East, it would be understandable for the team to come in a little sluggish when going against a team like the Atlanta Braves the following day. Especially after having to wait out a two hour rain delay and playing in less than suitable field conditions. It speaks volumes on this team.

“Guys have been at the ballpark for seven hours trying to eat up time, and to walk out and still realize they’ve got to take care of business … I was very proud of them,” Collins said regarding his Mets.

These guys continue to show up with fight every night and don’t seem to be looking back. As us as fans look to exercise the demons of season’s past, this is a great sign. There’s an energy about this team that has been non-existent for years and it seems to be contagious with all looks of the team excited.

Even Dillon Gee (@dillongee35) is supporting this team still, tweeting “WOW, I don’t know what else to say. This is the best team on earth!!! Something special happening there. Awesome pickups! #mets”

It’s great to see this team continue to play to their best of their abilities and its very important down the stretch to keep it up. The magic number is down to 16, and with their next six games against the Braves and the thorn in our side, Miami Marlins, it’s time to beef up and close it out.

The sooner we clinch, the more time we have to rest our players, get recharged, line up our starting pitchers the way we want, and hit the ground running in the postseason.

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Warthen: Matt Harvey Has Not Been Abused Thu, 10 Sep 2015 15:27:39 +0000 matt harvey

Just wanted to update this earlier post by alerting you to a fantastic article by Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal who writes:

“Even after allowing seven runs in 5 1/3 innings to the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night, Harvey has thrown the ninth-fewest pitches per inning of any pitcher in baseball with at least 26 starts. He tossed 15.1 pitches an inning in 2013, suggesting he has exerted less effort this year than ever. Shouldn’t that count for something?”

“We’ve been very, very protective of Matt, and there should be a correlation in there that we’re not drawing,” Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen said. “We’re just going to innings. I’m fighting the same battle you guys are. He feels great. His arm feels great. He hasn’t been abused.”

This is one of the best takes I’ve read on the matter of Matt Harvey and his innings limit. I would  urge you to read the full article here.  Great insights by Diamond and packed with some fantastic quotes from Warthen and Sandy. — Joe D.

* * * * * * * *

According to Mets GM Sandy Alderson, the Mets plan to use Matt Harvey two more times in the regular season. One vs the Yankees next weekend and the other vs the Nationals again on the final weekend of the regular season.

The plan remains subject to change though, based on the Mets position in the NL East standings as well as consultation and agreement with Dr. James Andrews and agent Scott Boras.

Andrews performed Harvey’s Tommy John surgery back in October 2013. The doctor advised the Mets that he does not want Matt to go too long of a stretch of not pitching in a competitive game. Harvey’s next start on Monday will be skipped in favor of Logan Verrett, which makes his next start against the Yankees in the Subway Series games at Citi Field.

“Everything is tentative right now. It’s not tentative on the basis of, ‘Jeez, he’s only got X number of innings left.’ It’s tentative based on what’s in his best interest with a view toward pitching in the playoffs, and what’s in our best interest with a view toward actually getting to the playoffs as well.”

Harvey’s next and last start could come against the Nats in the final regular season series.However if the Mets clinch the NL East prior to that, it could only be an abbreviated outing for Matt, and either way he is still expected to pitch in the playoffs.

The Mets would also like to skip one of Jacob deGrom‘s starts down the stretch if the Mets reach a wide margin in the standings. Also rookie Noah Syndergaard, whose last start was skipped, is being watched carefully as well in terms of his innings limit.

“It’s a constantly changing set of circumstances,” Alderson told reporters on Wednesday. “So you have to have a broad plan in mind, but you have to be prepared to make corrections as well. That’s seeing how guys are pitching, are they ineffective, are they fatigued, are they not fatigued?”

“Obviously we’ve got a bigger picture in mind, but we have to get there first,” Alderson said. “We don’t have the luxury of planning for the playoffs at a time when we haven’t won anything.”

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Amazin’ Again: This Was Never Supposed To Happen Wed, 09 Sep 2015 14:30:03 +0000

This was never supposed to happen.

The 2015 Washington Nationals are one year removed from a 96-win season and an NL East crown by 17.0 games. The Mets, meanwhile, could not muster 80 wins and tied for second place. The Nationals were the new kings of the NL East — and the Mets? Irrelevant for years, save for jokes that allowed a dead horse to be reincarnated and beaten to death again. The Mets could barely muster four wins in 19 games against the Nationals in 2014.

Fresh off a playoff appearance, the Nationals wanted to assert their dominance. They let go of Rafael Soriano, Adam LaRoche, and some guy named Tyler Clippard. How could that hurt? They signed Casey Janssen, acquired Yunel Escobar and Trea Turner and then exercised their option on Denard Span. Pretty basic stuff, once you overlook the fact that they dropped a $200 million investment on Max Scherzer. Scherzer, Jordan Zimmermann, Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, and Doug Fister — with Joe Ross waiting in the wings and a loaded offense? The Nationals were ready.

Meanwhile, what did those Mutts put together over in Queens? Michael Cuddyer and the loss of a first-round draft pick. Oh sure, it did not seem like much, but it looks a little better when you supplement the list with… John Mayberry Jr. and a handful of minor league contracts. Sean Gilmartin and Jerry Blevins were smart moves, for sure, but could they really turn the Mets into the Beast in the East? Let’s make it a little more interesting and remove Zack Wheeler, Vic Black, and Bobby Parnell while we suspend Jenrry Mejia. Matt Harvey would be back — but obviously, the Mets would fall short.

No, the Nationals saw no reason to be worried. This was never supposed to happen.

Even after an unlikely win streak, the Mets stood merely floating above .500 and in second place in July. The Nationals had no reason to worry — they had potentially the best hitter in the NL anchoring their lineup and a lead in the division. The Mets had kept it close and showed promise with their new young arms in Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz, sure. But it was not enough — not yet, at least.

July 24th swung around, and our Mets acquired Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson for two pitching prospects. (If you’re still a fan Rob Whalen, best of luck, kiddo.) The best offensive prospect the Mets have had since David Wright hits the roster in Michael Conforto. The Nationals, however, acquire Jonathan Papelbon from the Phillies to shore up their bullpen, which seems to help bolster a potential position of weakness. The Nationals were in control folks…this was never supposed to happen.

yoenis Cespedes

In a twist of fate, the Mets shore up their bullpen with that same Tyler Clippard guy. After days of drama surrounding an emotional Wilmer Flores and a suddenly revitalized fan base, the Mets acquire Yoenis Cespedes.

This was never supposed to happen.

Yet, the Mets took sole possession of first place on August 3rd. It was the first time they were alone at the top since June 19th. The Mets received ominous offensive production from Cespedes and Conforto that perhaps foreshadowed a narrative that some optimists could see on that night already — or maybe it could be found in the fact that the ageless Colon tossed eight dominant innings. Either way, this was never supposed to happen.

The morning of August 4th saw over a 30% improvement in the Mets chances of winning the NL East from where they stood less than a week ago.

Mets Odds

The Mets, at that point, were shown to statistically have the easiest schedule remaining — with a combined opposing win percentage of just .455. Consider the fact that a chunk of those remaining games were against teams like Phillies and Rockies that had further decimated their ranks, and there was cautious hope in Flushing. The Nationals, however, had the second easiest schedule remaining — so there was reason for fear too.

After all, we have been around. We know the Mets. It never really comes easy for us, does it? So why would this year be any different than the others? So even through a dominant month of August, we heard all the regular phrases.

“The Mets are the perennial chokers.”

“The Mets are only winning against bad teams — wait until they face some real competition. This is merely a phase.”

“It’s officially September, the Mets are in first place, and I’m nervous. The nightmare of 2007 and 2008 is baked in to my experience as a Mets fan. The Ghost of September Past.”

It becomes unbearable to think even fellow fans of the team you would bleed for were so quick to be downers.

Could you really blame them, though? This narrative seems all too familiar — and a little too hopeful for a team that has not sniffed the playoffs since 2006. This new culture would take some getting used to. The rest of August brought acquistions of a left-handed pitcher I would rather not discuss and ex-closer Addison Reed to further improve the Mets bullpen.

Cue September 7th, and the Mets roll into Washington with a four game lead.

This is where it happens, Satish. This is where the breakdown begins right in front of your eyes.

And then, it happened.

The breakdown? No.

The solidification of a bonafide contender? Damn right…

With all the drama surrounding the Mets in the past week or so, the last two days showed a little spark many have not seen in years. Some younger fans have never seen it at all — but they can recognize it from a mile away.

This is not a team you look forward to facing anymore. The swagger, the success, the pride… somehow, it all found its way back. The name on the front matters more than the name on the back again. It did not matter whether it was Wright, Flores, Nieuwenhuis, or Cespedes driving in runs — the important thing was that a Met player was doing the damage. Hell, it just mattered that the Mets were doing damage.

familia d'Arnaud

And that question mark of a bullpen? The one that has not allowed a run to the Nationals in their biggest series of 2015?

None of this makes sense. This was never supposed to happen.

Bryce Harper was supposed to lead the Nationals to an NL East crown in 2015 and an NL MVP for himself.

Max Scherzer was supposed to make their rotation the deepest and best in the NL.

Sandy Alderson was never supposed to make the MLB team better — I have even said it myself.

Jeurys Familia was supposed to falter as a closer and was definitely never supposed to debut a new pitch.

Michael Conforto was supposed to be a bust like Fernando Martinez.

David Wright was supposed to be a shell of the player he once was.

Yoenis Cespedes was supposed to fail under the big time spotlight of meaningful September baseball in New York.

The New York media and drama involving Matt Harvey were supposed to rip this team from the inside out.

On the morning of September 9th, 2015 — the Mets are in first place with a 6.0 game lead over the Washington Nationals and a magic number of 19, but it might already be over.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land, the sun is setting now;
the band has quieted down, and Nationals fans wonder how?

Somewhere, there is hope, but not in that 8-7 score;
For there is no joy in Natsville — the mighty Mets won one more.

Like a child filled with awe and inspiration at the presence of a master storyteller, I am honored to have been able to watch this story unfold. I am not sure of how it ends yet — but the ride has been promising and thrilling.

This was never supposed to happen, but it did, and I could not be any happier.

Please enjoy a 2015 Mets Tribute Video created over the weekend by our own Avery Decker.

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What Happened To The Dark Knight? Sun, 06 Sep 2015 11:00:25 +0000 harvey dent two face

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” – Harvey Dent

Matt Harvey – Our hero, the protector of Gotham has seemingly started to turn his back on his fans, teammates and the New York Mets.

The timing could not be worse. For the first time in seven years the Mets are in a pennant race with a great chance to win the NL East.  And now, after being quoted numerous times that he will be in it for the long haul this season and his goal is to play October baseball, Harvey has done an “about-face” now stating “he’s always considered 180 innings pitched a hard limit.”

Where was this in Spring Training? Or in April when he griped at a potential two week shutdown at the All Star break? Or in June when he balked at pitching on five days rest in a six-man rotation?

With his team battling in a pennant race and playing the best baseball ever in Citi Field, now he decided to drop this bombshell on his teammates and fans?

Yes, it was Scott Boras who lit the fire 48 hours ago by “suggesting” the Mets not pitch Harvey past his 180 IP limit as provided by Dr. James Andrews.

But nobody could have expected that Harvey would suddenly side against his team and not confirm that he would be pitching beyond his next start against the Nationals on Tuesday.

matt harvey

The Metropolitans are lucky to have great pitching depth where maybe the loss of Harvey may not be as bad as we all currently think it is. But this still smarts.

It is hard to believe that something like this and the timing of it won’t do irreparable damage to the relationship between Harvey and the Mets and sadly Harvey and the fans.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. How will Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins respond to this when they have their face-to-face meetings on Sunday and Monday?

How will teammates react to the arguable anchor of the pitching staff letting them down as they try to obtain their first NL East crown since 2006?

How will the fans greet Matt Harvey in his next start at Citi Field, assuming there is a next start? 

It is easy to understand where he is coming from. Matt Harvey wants to make sure he is healthy enough to obtain the $200 million contract we believe he covets. Which is understandable given his injury and workload in his first year back, but it’s all about timing and he couldn’t have chosen a worse time to drop this on the team’s lap.

Where this goes from here now has all the suspense of a real Dark Knight episode. Only this is nowhere near enjoyable or entertaining.

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Nationals Adjust Rotation To Prepare For Mets Matchup Wed, 26 Aug 2015 11:05:23 +0000 strasburg

In an effort to align their best pitchers against their division rivals, the Washington Nationals will skip Max Scherzer‘s scheduled start tomorrow and instead pitch Saturday as reported by James Wagner of the Washington Post. Doing this will align Scherzer, Jordan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg to face the mets twice in the final month of the season. Gio Gonzalez will star tomorrow in Scherzer’s place.

The first of the final two series against the Mets will take place in Washington, September 7-9 and the second series will take place at Citi Field to close-out the season.

Scherzer and Strasburg missed the Nationals past two series vs the Metropolitans including the crucial July 31-August 2 series where the Mets pulled ahead in the division, a lead they have not relinquished. Scherzer was missed by chance while Strasburg missed both series due to injury.

As of today, the Mets sit 5.5 games ahead in the NL East.

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