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Photo Credit: Mike Stobe, Getty Images

The Mets (52-57) lost to the Giants (59-50) by a score of 5-1 on Friday night at Citi Field.

Jon Niese got the start for the Mets and was… strange. Niese went the first 6 innings without allowing an earned run, but trailed 2-0 for most of that time due to his own error. Niese ended up allowing 5 runs (3 earned) on 9 hits in 8+ innings, walking none and striking out 4. Jon threw just 87 pitches (68 for strikes) before being pulled with a man on 1st and no outs in the 9th.

San Francisco took an extremely aggressive against Niese in this game. Meanwhile, Ryan Vogelsong dominated New York’s hitters all night long. This all added up to a very, very quick game.

Niese allowed 2 unearned runs in the top of the 2nd, but the blame was his nonetheless. After Juan Perez doubled to lead off the inning, Gregor Blanco hit one back up the middle to Niese, who snatched it up and wheeled around towards 2nd, where Perez had wandered too far off the bag and was now a sitting duck on the basepaths. However, Niese’s throw hit the dirt before it got anywhere near Ruben Tejada‘s glove, and Ruben couldn’t recover the short-hop. Everybody was safe, and the Giants now had men on 1st and 2nd with nobody out. Vogelsong bunted both runners over, and Brandon Crawford drove Perez in with a single up the middle while moving Blanco over to 3rd. Blanco scored on an RBI groundout from Hunter Pence, before Niese retired Matt Duffy to limit the damage. All of this, by the way, took 10 pitches.

The Mets took awhile to get their first baserunner, and when Curtis Granderson finally reached with a walk to lead off the bottom of the 4th, he was immediately erased on a double-play. New York didn’t find the hit column until Juan Lagares singled up the middle to lead off the 6th. With Juan on 1st and nobody out, Ruben Tejada hit what seemed like a certain double-play ball out to Pablo Sandoval at 3rd. However, the Panda bobbled it, and lost the play at 2nd, where Lagares slid in safely. Sandoval recovered and whipped it to first to nail Tejada by a half-step for the 1st out. Jon Niese came up and hit a pretty hard liner to first, but it was right at Michael Morse, who snagged it and threw to 2nd to double up Lagares and end the inning.

Niese got Blanco to hit another ball back to the mound to lead off the 7th and, this time, made the throw to first for the out. However, things started to fall apart for Jon after that play. Niese allowed a triple to Crawford and plunked his opposite number, Vogelsong. Pence added a triple of his own to put the Giants up 4-0, and scored on Matt Duffy’s first Major-League hit, a single into left field. Niese retired Buster Posey and Sandoval to end the inning, but the Giants had opened up a 5-0 lead.

The Mets finally put up a tally in the bottom of the 8th when Lucas Duda parked one over the wall in left field for his 20th home run of the season.

Niese came out to pitch the top of the 9th, but after Crawford led off with a single, Terry Collins pulled the lefty and brought in Vic Black. Vic got a double-play out of a failed sacrifice bunt and got through the inning, but the Mets were unable to rally against Vogelsong in the bottom of the 9th, and San Francisco came away with a victory in the 1st game of the series.

Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II, AP

Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II, AP

Well, that was fast.

The Giants came out swinging against Niese and it worked pretty well for them. It will be interesting to see the approach taken by both Niese and the opposition in his next start.

Unofficial stat of the day: Duda hasn’t had a game without a home run since I was 5.

I don’t get why pitchers so often fail to make the throw to first base. It cost Niese dearly tonight, as those 2 unearned runs would be all Vogelsong needed.

Speaking of Vogelsong, he looked pretty hittable. We just didn’t hit him, much like Kyle Kendrick through the first few innings of our last game. I’m pretty sure we hit about 6 pop-ups in the first few innings. That won’t cut it.

This game was pretty bland, and for us at least, it was a bit depressing. Let’s hope the team bounces back tomorrow.

Up Next: The Mets will look to even up their series with the Giants on Saturday night at Citi Field. Jacob deGrom (5-5, 2.79 ERA) will face Jake Peavy (1-10, 4.71 ERA Total, 0-1, 4.50 ERA in 1 start with Giants) at 7:10 PM.

duda unleashed

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Opinion: Mets Should Extend Sandy Alderson Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:28:45 +0000 sandy alderson

Sandy Alderson is in the final season of his original four-year deal but the team has an option on Alderson’s contract for 2015. It was reported earlier in the season that the option was not picked up and that the owners will make a decision sometime near or after the season. Alderson has yet to produce a winning record, but that’s not entirely the best way to view his tenure with the Mets.

My fellow Mets fans, now before you put me in a straitjacket and lock me in a padded room, please hear me out.

Sandy Alderson needs to stay. And yes, I am completely serious.

So before I see pitchforks and torches outside my house, let me explain why.

1.  Sandy Alderson knows how to run a baseball team

After teaching A’s GM Billy Beane how to build a perennial contender, after serving as an assistant to commissioner Bud Selig himself, and after turning a dismal looking Padres team into consecutive division winners, Alderson took the Mets helm in 2010, where he was left with a hot, smoldering mess from the Omar Minaya regime. The roster was laden with all kinds of encumbrances. Alderson promptly cut Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, showing that he would not tolerate poor play at a high expense. He has continued on this principle ever since by shedding the painfully burdensome contract of Jason Bay as well. He has refrained from taking on more large unproductive contracts in their places.

Additionally, while many of you have been critical of Sandy’s inaction during offseason free agency, I praise it. Alderson is thrifty, and he won’t waste a dime on a player that he has any doubt about, unlike Minaya. While his doubts have kept the Mets from the likes of Cuban phenoms Yasiel Puig and Jose Abreu, they have also prevented the team from being pinned down by monstrous contracts from players like Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, who make upwards of 20 million annually while performing like Lucas Duda clones. So Mets fans, would you rather see fading ex-superstars, or an unburdened team on the cusp of something big?

2.  Sandy Alderson has established a model for continued success in New York

Since day one, Alderson has preached patience, building a winning baseball team from the ground up is not an overnight project. By revamping the farm system through savvy trades for prospects (i.e half season of Carlos Beltran for at least seven years of Zack Wheeler) and a wise draft strategy, Alderson has established a foundation for a winning team through a flourishing farm system. By cementing in a nucleus of young promising players, surrounding them with useful, but replaceable pieces, and by transforming the farm system into a pipeline for talent, Alderson has set the blueprint for the next Mets’ run of success and one that should run much longer than any previous runs.

3.  Keeping Sandy Alderson is just common sense

The logic is simple really. Why blow something up when it is so close to being finished? Bringing in a new GM to “clean up Alderson’s mess” would only setback the rebuilding process another 4-5 years. For a fan base in such a dire need of wins right now, why not have faith in the man who is currently so close to providing them? Clearly, Sandy Alderson has proven that he knows how to win. He did it in Oakland and he did it in San Diego. He has the track record, all he needs is the chance to do it in New York. Extending his contract should be the alpha priority. Regardless of any action or inaction at the trading deadline, Sandy should be our GM next year and beyond.

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Opinion: Syndergaard Should Be The One We Ultimately Deal Thu, 31 Jul 2014 18:53:43 +0000 noah syndergaard

Here are three names that Mets fans know all too well. Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen and Paul Wilson. Better known as Generation K, these three pitchers were supposed to usher in a new era of Mets baseball in the mid ’90s. The three pitchers would turn out to be busts of the highest caliber and outside of Isringhausen who developed into a solid closer, none would have a lengthy major league career. Pulsipher, Isringhausen and Wilson combined to win 31 games in New York and the lowest earned run average was by Isringhausen at 4.59.

Fast forward 20 years to Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard. Like Generation K, a name we dare not bestow upon them, these are three high profile arms with proven minor league track records. The comparisons are eerily similar.  All of these up and comers had stellar seasons in the minors before being promoted to the majors, posting 100+ strikeouts to go along with 9+ wins and ERA’s in the 3′s. In fact, Matt Harvey had the highest ERA before being promoted at 3.32 (Isringhausen had the lowest with a 1.97 ERA in 1995).

The lesson to be learned is in trusting minor league pitching. Prospects pan out at an alarmingly low rate. On the rare occasion that a young team grows up together, dynasties are born.

The Mets are in a slightly different position now. Unlike in 1995, Harvey has already distinguished himself as a front of the line starter and Wheeler is in the process of doing the same. While neither is a fortified ace yet, you can see the road laid out in front of both pitchers.

So that leaves Syndergaard. If you buy into the idea that Wheeler is developing into a co-ace or even a #2 or #3 starter, then the odds that Syndergaard develops at that same level seems low. What are the odds that the Mets hit with all three guys? Just like flipping a coin, the odds of any single pitching prospect panning out has nothing to do with the pitcher that came before. Still, you can see the risk involved with holding onto Syndergaard, instead of trading him for a high caliber offensive player.

If you believe the rumors, Syndergaard might already be the one that is on his way out the door. Sandy Alderson seemed to be ready to offer him up in a trade for the Rockies Troy Tulowitzki according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.  If you ask me, there are dozens of reasons to trade Syndergaard and they begin with how good Wheeler has looked this year and the anticipation of Harvey’s return in 2015. Throw in the recent emergence of Jacob deGrom as a force in the rotation and another top arm in Steven Matz along the way, Thor’s value to the Mets may be more in what he could bring us in a trade than what he can do in the rotation.

A Message For Our Readers

I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself to the MMO community. My name is Harris Decker and I have joined the team as the Managing Editor to assist Joe in bringing the best content to our amazing readers. Before joining MMO, I served as the Head Writer for The Knicks Blog and remain a contributor on that site in addition to running The Truth About Music, a pop culture blog that I launched when I was in college.

As with every single person at MMO, my goal is to bring the highest quality content to Mets fans all over the world. I have been a Mets fan since I was a little kid and witnessed some amazing moments both at Shea Stadium and to a lesser extent Citi Field. As we see better days ahead for the Mets I look forward to being a part of the team that shares in the glory, triumph and great joys of winning in New York, the greatest city in the world.

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Mets Prepared To Offer Syndergaard To Get Tulowitzki Mon, 28 Jul 2014 19:01:44 +0000 Carlos+Gonzalez+Troy+Tulowitzki+San+Francisco+rUY3TpSfSyel

In the latest Troy Tulowitzki rumors, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports says that the Mets have reached out to Colorado and are prepared to offer top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard in a deal for the All Star shortstop.

Of course they’d likely have to include Plawecki and probably Nimmo too, but there ya go…

Passan speculates that the Rockies front office would move him if that’s what Tulo wants. He angered some in the front office when he spent Sunday at Yankee Stadium to watch his favorite player Derek Jeter.

The plot thickens…

July 27

Team insiders told Adam Rubin of ESPN New York that the Mets are not engaged in any substantive trade talks at present. However that does not mean something won’t materialize in the coming days and before Thursday’s 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline.

A Mets source also “severely tempered” the recent buzz that the team inquired about Colorado superstars Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez. The team exec said the Mets worked hard over a few years to build up their young pitching and are “unlikely to part with multiple high-level pitching prospects in one deal” for a big-ticket item.

It was interesting to hear SNY’s Jim Duquette give his opinion on what it would take for the Mets to land Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez from the Rockies.

The former Mets GM said the cost for acquiring either player would be significant and speculated that any deal would begin with Zack WheelerRafael Montero, and Dominic Smith. Plus depending on if ot’s Tulo or CarGo at least one other player. Wow… That’s pretty steep…

Tulowitzki, 30, is owed $114 million through 2020 with a $15 million team option for 2021.

Gonzalez, 29, is owed $53 million through 2017 after which he becomes a free agent.

When word reached David Wright about the Tulo/CarGo rumor, it left the Mets captain wondering how that would even be possible. ”What are you willing to give to obtain that? And that is kind of an open-ended question.”

Despite embracing the opportunity to pay with someone like Tulowitzki who he’s befriended, Wright also downplayed the possibility of such a deal transpiring.

“Sandy Alderson has got a tough job because, yeah, I’m sure we’re interested, but I’m sure there’s 29 other teams that are interested, also. “What are you willing to give, because the Rockies are not going to be giving these guys away.”

“You’re talking about two of the better players in the game,” Wright said. “Ruben Tejada is starting to swing the bat better, so it’s no knock on any shortstop. It’s just that Tulowitzki hits like a corner infielder or corner outfielder and plays tremendous defense.”

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Dice-K Goes To DL With Elbow Inflamation, Carlyle Recalled Sat, 26 Jul 2014 18:11:49 +0000 matsuzaka

The Mets announced that pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka has been placed on the DL with inflammation in his right elbow.

Terry Collins said he will not throw for 7-10 days to let the inflammation subside. There has been no talk about surgery or any structural damage, for now, but he will be examined again after inflammation diminishes.

“I’m sure it’s just from all the innings,” Collins said. “Like we know, you count up all those innings and throw all those pitches, there’s going to be damage. Can’t help it. I’m sure that’s how it is and I hope it’s not that severe where the rest and rehab will be fine.”

The Mets recalled reliever Buddy Carlyle to replace Dice-K in the bullpen.

July 25

Right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka is in New York having his elbow examined according to manager Terry Collins. Dice-K felt pain in his elbow and will have an MRI.

Matsuzaka looked like he was in pain after pitching in the sixth inning of last night’s loss to the Brewers. His velocity was off and he was quickly tagged for three runs on a pair of homers off the bats of Khris Davis and Ryan Braun.

Dice-K could be seen shaking his arm and grabbing his elbow in the dugout afterward and looked to be in some sort of obvious distress.

However, when Terry Collins was asked about his pitcher after the game, he told reporters he wasn’t aware of any injury even though many in the dugout could be seen attending to Dice-K and trying to console him.

Matsuzaka, 33, has a 3.87 ERA in 28 appearances this season, which includes nine starts.

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MMO Game Recap: Mets 3, Mariners 1 Wed, 23 Jul 2014 05:36:34 +0000 Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.22.28 AM

Photo Credit: Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images


The Mets (47-53) beat the Mariners (53-47) by a score of 3-1 on Tuesday night in Seattle.

Jacob deGrom took the ball for New York and deGrominated the opposition once again, tossing 7 strong innings of 1-run ball, allowing just 5 hits and striking out 7 while walking only 1. The rookie threw 107 pitches, only 29 of which missed the zone. deGrom improved to 4-5 with the Win, lowering his ERA to 3.01.

deGrom looked like he might be in a bit of trouble in the bottom of the 1st inning when he allowed James Jones to get in scoring position with the heart of the Mariners’ order coming up, but Jacob struck out Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager to end the threat.

The Mets got on the board against Erasmo Ramirez in the top of the 2nd. After Bobby Abreu went the other way for a base hit to lead off the inning, Travis d’Arnaud hit a sinking liner to center field. After being robbed of a homer on Monday night, TDA apparently had the sports gods with him tonight. A diving Jones failed to reach the ball, which rolled all the way to the track, allowing Travis to pull into 3rd with his first career triple as Abreu came home. Kirk Nieuwenhuis whiffed for the first out, and after Juan Lagares fell behind 0-2, it looked like the Mets might end up squandering a great chance to put up a crooked number. However, Lagares somehow worked a walk, and Tejada singled d’Arnaud home to put New York up 2-0.

As deGrom and Ramirez settled in and cruised through the next few innings, the action stalled for a bit. However, Seattle broke through against Jacob in the bottom of the 5th when Willie Bloomquist singled and scored on a double by Dustin Ackley, who advanced to 3rd on an error by Daniel Murphy. deGrom was once again under duress with the tying run just 90 feet away, but he calmly retired both Mike Zunino and Endy Chavez (yes, that Endy Chavez) to get out of the jam.

The Mets missed a chance to tack on some insurance in the top of the 6th when Kirk and Juan struck out with 2 runners on base, but deGrom didn’t need any more support, as he rolled through the next couple frames and got through 7 without much trouble.

The Mets got themselves a bit of breathing room in the top of the 8th when Lucas Duda hit an absolute shot over the wall in right against Tom Wilhelmsen. Jeurys Familia came in to pitch the bottom of the 8th and was greeted with a deep drive from Endy. Lagares (aka “Endy 2.0″) calmly drifted back and made a terrific play on the ball, without ever making it seem like there was any cause for concern. Familia retired the side in order and turned the ball over to Jenrry Mejia, who locked up the save and sealed the win for deGrom.

GIF Credit: @MetsKevin11

GIF Credit: @MetsKevin11

I love Mejia’s energy. And he’s pitching well, too. I  heard somebody refer to him as “King Jenrry the 9th”. I say we go for the traditional Shakespeare formatting and make “Jenrry IX” our closer’s new official nickname. And how good has Familia been? I hadn’t really been looking at his stats much, but wow… he’s near the top of the league in appearances and he has his ERA under 2. Fantastic. I’ve always said the Mets needed power arms, electric arms, young, fiery arms, at the back of their bullpen.  It’s really nice to see Mejia, Familia, and the other guys doing their thing these days.

deGrom has just been amazing. He throws strikes, he keeps his composure, and he’s apparently pretty hard to hit. Just like I’m not willing to drop the “bust” label on top prospects who struggle for a few months, I’m not willing to declare middling prospects who get off to hot starts “stars”. Still, it looks like Jacob has what it takes, so let’s see if he can keep performing. He’s certainly making the Rookie of the Year race interesting.

Duda’s homer was the Mets’ first since the All-Star break. They had really been slugging during the final 2 weeks before the break, so hopefully they can get their power back. Also, have you guys ever heard Duda’s voice? He could definitely make the All-Star team for “Guys whose voices don’t match their appearances at all”. He sounds like a bookish schoolboy. But if he keeps hitting baseballs 440 feet, it doesn’t matter.

Lagares’ catch was great. But he acted like he was catching a pop fly. And the fact that it was Endy who had hit the ball added a nice bit of irony to the play. That was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

Kirk has slowed down. He can field, he can run, and he has a bit of pop, but I’m still not sold at all on his ability to make consistent contact. Murphy is also in a slump, but he knows how to hit, so I think he’ll pick it up soon.

I hope I never have to watch Bobby Abreu “sprint” from first to home on a triple ever again. It was painful. I wasn’t even sure he’d make it.

Nice win to earn a split. Let’s take the rubber game tomorrow.

Up Next: The Mets will look to secure a series win over the Mariners on Wednesday afternoon at SAFECO Field. Bartolo Colon (8-8, 4.12 ERA) will face Taijuan Walker (1-1, 3.60 ERA) at 3:40 PM.

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Breaking Down the Remaining July Schedule Fri, 18 Jul 2014 16:26:40 +0000 The All-Star Break is over and the hunt for the playoffs is just starting to get exciting. The Mets sit at 45-50, but their last ten games (8-2) going into the break has injected confidence into an often pessimistic fan base.

terry collinsIn these ten games, Mets pitching has recorded a 2.74 ERA, while in the Mets eight wins, the ERA has been 2.43. In addition to the terrific pitching efforts, the offense may just be the biggest part of the successful stretch. New York is averaging 5.5 runs and four extra-base hits per game over this period.

There is no reason this hot streak shouldn’t continue, especially given the upcoming opponents. Starting tonight, the Mets are facing off against the San Diego Padres, who are 41-54 and have lost seven of their last 10. These teams met once before this year and New York took two-out-of-three from San Diego. Now, New York is on the road, but this shouldn’t mean they can’t take advantage of a weak team.

Next up is a three-game series in an American League ballpark against the Seattle Mariners, a tough test. The challenge for the Mets will be scoring runs and utilizing the designated hitter. New York has done well with that, going 6-6 in interleague play, including 3-2 while using the DH. It will be easier to do this since the Mets lucked out and will not face Felix Hernandez in this series. However, maybe easier is not the correct word. The M’s are 51-44 and have a team ERA of 3.16.

Following that is another challenging series, this one a four-game set against the first-place Brewers. Despite a 53-43 record, the Brew Crew went into the break losers of eight of their last 10. Prior to the Mets, they play two 51-win teams in the Nationals and Reds. It’s a tough road for Milwaukee coming out of the gates and the Mets may be lucky enough to catch them at a low point. The only other time these teams played, the Brewers took two-out-of-three in Citi Field from the Mets.

That is the end of a 10 game road trip. A 5-5 record is realistic for the road trip, but the Mets are shooting for more. A sweep is possible in San Diego and a split in four games would be a positive result against the Brewers.

To close out July, the Mets finally return home to battle the Phillies. Philadelphia has struggled this year and the Mets have taken advantage. In nine games, the Mets are 6-3, are averaging 5.1 runs per game and are allowing 3.2 runs per game.

In the remaining 13 July games, the Mets play seven games against teams above .500, 10 games on the road and three games against a division rival. In order to play baseball in October, the Mets are going to have to get to work.

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Julio Franco Says Playing For Mets Was Worst Decision Of His Life Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:59:51 +0000 julio dfranco

Julio Franco had some harsh words about his time with the Mets in an exclusive interview with Vice Sports.

“When I think about New York, the biggest mistake in my life was playing for the Mets,” said Franco.

Bobby Cox knew how to use me. I went to New York and sometimes I’d spend a month on the bench without getting an at-bat.”

“At my age, you bring me in the ninth inning and think I’m going to drive in the winning run? And you were sitting me on the bench for 20 days, 15 days, 30 games without an at-bat? It’s not gonna happen.”

Franco struggled with the Mets in 2007, batting just .200 in 50 at-bats. He was eventually released in July after complaining about his lack of playing time.

At age 55, the former Met is attempting a return to baseball with the Fort Worth Cats of the independent United League as a player/manager.

The three-time All Star holds many major league records including being the oldest player (47) ever to hit a grand slam, the oldest position player in MLB history (48), the oldest player in Major League history to hit a home run (48), and he was the last major league player to wear a batting helmet with no ear flaps.

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MMO Game Recap: Braves 3, Mets 1 Fri, 11 Jul 2014 02:33:12 +0000 Freddie - Freeman  Travis - d'Arnaud

The Mets (42-50) lost to the Braves (50-42) by a score of 3-1 on Thursday night at Citi Field as Atlanta salvaged the final game of a four-game series.

Bartolo Colon got the start for the Mets and struggled out of the gate, but settled in before long and ended up turning in 8 innings of work, allowing 3 runs on 10 hits while striking out 7 and walking none.

The Braves got to Colon in the first inning, which has been the norm for teams facing Bartolo this season. After Andrelton Simmons singled, Freddie Freeman doubled him in and came in to score on a base hit by Jason Heyward.

Colon gave up 2 more hits to start the top of the 2nd, but was gifted a double-play thanks to a missed bunt and some overzealous baserunning.

The Mets snapped former Met Aaron Harang‘s streak of 8 2/3 hitless innings against New York in the top of the 2nd, when Juan Lagares doubled off the wall with 2 outs. Ruben Tejada came to the plate as the 7th hitter in the lineup, but with the pitcher Colon batting 8th tonight, Harang could afford to pitch around Tejada. Ruben walked, and Colon struck out to end the inning and strand Juan.

The Braves got another pair of hits to lead off the 3rd, and although Colon got Heyward to ground into a double-play, Simmons was able to score on the play and put Atlanta up 3-0.

The Mets got on the board in the bottom of the third. After Eric Young singled and stole 2nd, Daniel Murphy walked, and David Wright singled into left field to cut the Braves’ lead to 3-1 and put the tying runs on base. However, Lucas Duda and Travis d’Arnaud were unable to get the job done, and Harang escaped further trouble.

Colon surrendered 2 more hits in the top of the 4th, but got out of the jam and settled into a groove after that. The Mets made things difficult in the 5th, but d’Arnaud was unable to come through with the bases loaded. The next few innings went by without much action.

The Mets tried to rally in the bottom of the 8th, but with 2 on and 2 out, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez brought in closer Craig Kimbrel to go for a four-out save. Kimbrel fanned pinch-hitter Kirk Nieuwenhuis and retired the side in order in the 9th to wrap up the win for Atlanta.

eric young Jr

At one point in the game, Bartolo Colon outran Jason Heyward. In my humble opinion, the Braves should have been forced to forfeit the game when that happened. Alas, the umps decided to let the game play out…

Colon looked miserable at the start of the game, but found a way to turn in a very solid outing. There is a very good chance he will be traded at the end of the month, and games like this certainly won’t hurt his trade value.

The offense had been firing on all cylinders lately, but came out flat in this one. Hopefully the bats pick it back up tomorrow.

We all wanted the sweep, but you can’t complain about taking 3 of 4 from the Braves. Now we have to get a series win against Miami and maintain some positive momentum.

Up Next: The Mets will begin a 3-game set with the Marlins tomorrow night at Citi Field. Zack Wheeler (4-8, 4.07 ERA) will face Henderson Alvarez (6-3, 2.27 ERA) at 7:10 PM.

]]> 0 Should The Mets Move Daniel Murphy? Tue, 08 Jul 2014 18:09:52 +0000 daniel murphy

I have been listening to sports radio, reading Mets Twitter, and reading articles for the past couple days as the trade deadline gets closer and closer. I keep hearing the same notion expressed by Mets fans– if the Mets trade Murphy, it indicates an unwillingness to pay good players money to keep them in New York. ‘Cheap’, ‘small-market-team’ and ‘hopeless’ are some of the words and phrases I have heard to describe the Wilpons and their goals as an ownership.

I have thought a lot about what I would want the Mets to do with Murphy. My initial thought correlates to the strong opinion of Mets fans that seems to be that they should re-sign him. Murphy is a great pure hitter. He seems to hit around .300 every year and is a great clubhouse guy. His fielding leaves a bit to be desired, but he has improved some since his earlier days.

The Mets have a couple young players that are possibilities for filling the void at second if the Mets do trade Murphy. Dilson Herrera, a pure second basemen with some pop who came over in the Marlon Byrd trade, was just recently promoted to Double-A Binghamton where he is hitting .313 with two home runs in his brief stint there thus far. Herrera is strong defensively and has some pop at the plate to go along with his ability to hit for a high average so far in his minor league career. It is also important to note that Herrera is producing at such a high level in the Eastern League while being almost five-years younger than the league average. Sure, he has only played 15 games there so far, but it’s definitely worth noting.

The next guy who could fill the void is Matt Reynolds, a 2012 draft pick who was recently promoted to Triple-A Las Vegas. The 23-year old batted .355 in Double-A before his promotion, and is off to a .373/.415/.542 clip through 17 games in the PCL. Reynolds is another pure middle infielder who has split time since 2012 between shortstop and second base. Reynolds seems to project as a similar player to Murphy, someone who won’t hit for much power but can hit for a consistent average. I would imagine he is a better defender then Murphy at second base as well. Reynolds will probably earn a call-up this September and is a legitimate contender to be the Mets’ second basemen in 2015 and beyond.

The last guy I will mention is Wilmer Flores because I’m not convinced we’ve seen all that he can do. Flores has produced at every level of the minor leagues, hitting for average and power. He has been in the Mets organization since signing at the age of 16 out of Venezuela. Yeah, yeah I know about Flores’ defensive woes. From what I hear (not seen), Flores is lucky to be as good defensively as Murphy is right now. As I said, I haven’t seen this absolutely horrendous defense yet but people smarter than me have made that hypothesis. I believe that a player cannot develop fully (in most cases) unless they are given a steady role in the starting lineup.

I think everyone knows that Tejada is not the future and I agree. Tejada is what he is and I don’t dislike him at all. He has filled a void since Jose Reyes left for Miami. I believe Flores should have been given a steady and consistent role in the lineup. A player can’t concentrate on his offensive production when he is to busy worrying whether his name will make the lineup card each day. Flores is another candidate for playing second if Murphy is traded.

Although we haven’t seen it yet in the majors, Flores is definitely a talented hitter nonetheless. At just 22-years old, I am not writing him off offensively. Flores would be less of a liability defensively playing second as opposed to shortstop. I think he is a guy to consider handing the reigns to, especially if Murphy is traded this season before Reynolds or Herrera are truly ready for big-league duty.

After considering the homegrown replacements the Mets have for Murphy, I have concluded that I wouldn’t mind if Murphy is traded. I love the guy and everything he has done for the Mets, but I do believe that $11-$13 million a year could be better spent elsewhere and on someone who will plate more runs.

I’m sure there are plenty of people here that disagree with me, but that’s what makes the world turn.

Kirk’s thoughts:

I agree with you, Avery, on many of the points you’ve made. I think we have the internal talent to step in and hold down the fort at second base in what appears to be a lost season anyway. Flores could get the first crack, as I think he’s earned an extended look in the lineup without having to look over his shoulder. Further down the pike are players like Reynolds and Herrera who could prove to be at least solid-average regulars at the keystone spot.

I don’t think trading Murphy would be the organization’s way of indicating that they aren’t willing to spend, I think it would be a smart baseball move for the future. Murphy has arguably been our best offensive player over the past two seasons, and I think we need to capitalize on that by selling him off in the right deal. He’s nearing 30 and is about to command a long term deal. A team like the Orioles could really use his bat, and I think they make a good trading partner. Alderson could obviously shoot for the moon and ask for a Dylan Bundy or Hunter Harvey and see what kind of response he gets. He could also ask about Kevin Gausman– a guy I like who the Orioles don’t seem to value based on the way they’ve yo-yo’ed him between the majors and Triple-A this season. Obviously it has to be the right deal. I’m not looking to give Murph away. I’m simply trying to find a way to continue to stockpile assets that could eventually lead to trading for the big power bat(s) we really need.

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

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MMO Game Recap: Mets 4 , Braves 3 Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:24:04 +0000 david wright

The Mets (40-49) opened up a four game, weeknight series against the division leading Atlanta Braves (49-40) tonight at Citi Field with Daisuke Matsuzaka facing off against Mike Minor.

What you should know:

Matsuzaka wasn’t the prettiest for New York tonight, but he still managed to throw seven scoreless innings, while allowing six hits, walking two and striking out three.

The Mets jumped out to an early lead in the bottom of the second as Travis d’Arnaud kept up his hot hitting, driving in Eric Campbell on an RBI double.

They would add on to their lead in the bottom of the third with David Wright hitting a solo shot, his seventh of the season.

The score would remain 2-0 New York until the top of the eighth inning as Atlanta scored three runs. Josh Edgin came in with two outs and threw a wild pitch to Jason Heyward that scored Freddie Freeman. Heyward would single, and be driven in by a long double hit by Chris Johnson off of Jenrry Mejia who was brought in for a four out save. Christian Bethancourt then hit a soft single to right field. The ball was cutoff by first baseman Eric Campbell who threw to second instead of home, allowing the go ahead run to score.

The score wouldn’t stay 3-2 Atlanta for very long, as Curtis Granderson hit a solo homerun to right field to tie the game, his thirteenth of the season.

After Eric Campbell singled in the bottom of the ninth, Juan Lagares dropped down a sacrifice bunt. The ball was thrown to second, but Andrelton Simmons‘ foot came off the base. The play was reviewed and overturned, giving the Mets two on and no out as opposed to one on and one out. After loading the bases, nothing would come into fruition as the Mets failed to score a run.

After two quality innings pitched by Carlos Torres, the Mets would win the ballgame in walk-off fashion, with Ruben Tejada singling home Juan Lagares to win the game in the bottom of the eleventh inning.

Final score: Mets 4, Braves 3
Winning pitcher: Carlos Torres (4-4)
Losing pitcher: Anthony Varvaro (3-2)

Player of the Game:

The Player of the Game goes to Mets’ shortstop Ruben Tejada, who delivered the walk-off hit to win the game for New York in the bottom of the eleventh inning.


In a game where Matsuzaka didn’t have his best stuff, he still managed to hold the Braves scoreless over a span of seven innings. The Mets bullpen blew it in the eighth inning, and every Mets fan became bitter as it seemed that it was another night with the same result, and the Mets destined to lose. However, the Mets never lost hope as they battled back and secured the win! Ruben Tejada has been hot, which is a great sign, and we all hope he can keep it up. Also, good to see Granderson keep up the good work, and Travis d’Arnaud continue his hot streak. (d’Arnaud has hit safely in 10 of his last 11 games since being recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas)

On deck:

The Mets continue their series against Atlanta tomorrow night at Citi Field with Jacob deGrom (1-5, 3.77 ERA) squaring off against Julio Teheran (8-5, 2.29 ERA)

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Collins: “We Miss David’s Bat In The Lineup” Thu, 03 Jul 2014 11:04:15 +0000 david wright

Terry Collins acknowledged to reporters after the Mets 3-1 loss to the Braves on Wednesday night at Turner Field, that the team really wishes their Captain was available to play.

“Obviously we miss David [Wright],” Collins said. “We miss David’s bat in the lineup. There’s no doubt. It kind of spreads out things a little differently.”

David Wright hasn’t seen action since June 26th and in total has missed six straight games with a bruised left rotator cuff. He has not been placed on the disabled list and remains on the active roster, but during the Atlanta series, Wright stayed in New York to continue to receive treatment.

Since the Captains departure from the lineup, the Mets are 1-5, averaging just 2.4 runs per game in those five losses.

While I strongly agree that Wright’s bat is missed, in his absence Eric Campbell stepped up and hit in all six games while batting .400 (10 for 25) in that span.

Look, this team has struggled to come up with a timely hit with or without Wright all season long. The team’s on pace to break the all time franchise record for strikeouts in a season. They’re batting .164 with the bases loaded and are leaving record numbers of men on base this season overall. This offense has some major problems that are not going to be suddenly resolved on Friday when Wright returns to the lineup. Collins may not say it, but believe me he knows it.



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Collins: Possibility That Syndergaard Doesn’t Pitch For Mets This Season Tue, 01 Jul 2014 20:22:38 +0000 noah Syndergaard

Update by Joe D.

Speaking with reporters at Turner Field in Atlanta this afternoon, manager Terry Collins said that there’s a possibility that Noah Syndergaard will not be added to the team at any point this season.

When asked why, Collins replied: “Shit happens.”


Syndergaard is 6-4 record with a 5.35 ERA this season for Triple-A Las Vegas in 14 starts and has missed some time to the disabled list this year.

Last week a team official told Andy Martino that Syndergaard wasn’t even on their radar when asked when he would be promoted.

Collins also acknowledged that when Dillon Gee comes back, Sandy Alderson will play a large role on deciding who vacates the rotation.

I think the writing is on the wall for Collins, new extension or not…

June 27

Noah Syndergaard was back on the mound Thursday night, as the Las Vegas 51′s faced the Sacramento River Cats in Pacific Coast League action. Syndergaard recorded a win his last time out despite giving up five runs in the effort, and was looking to build on it as he continues his push to the majors.

Things didn’t quite work out the way he had planned.

Syndergaard lasted just four innings on Thursday. Things started out well for the big righty, but quickly fell apart after he got himself into a little bit of trouble in the third inning.

After setting down the first seven River Cats he faced in order, Colin Walsh singled into left for the first Sacramento hit of the game and it was all downhill from there.

The River Cats tagged Syndergaard for four runs in the inning on a walk and four hits. He would come out after completing the fourth inning with the 51′s trailing 5-0. In 14 starts this season he has a 5.35 ERA and 1.501 WHIP.

Syndergaard has had a rough go of things since his return from the disabled list. His pitching line over his last three starts looks like this:

14.2 IP, 18 H, 14 R, 14 ER, 4 BB, 14 K

After a very successful run in Double-A last season that included starting the Futures Game, it appeared as though Syndergaard was on the fast-track to the major leagues. His recent struggles are somewhat concerning, and I don’t see the Mets rushing him through his development.

There is still a chance he makes his debut this season, but at this time it doesn’t seem as likely as it did when the Mets broke camp this spring.

MMO Prospect Alert: Catching prospect Kevin Plawecki made his Triple-A debut on Thursday and blasted a game-tying solo home run with two outs in the top of the 9th inning.

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Wright To Avoid DL, But Mets Will Play Shorthanded Until Friday Mon, 30 Jun 2014 21:56:56 +0000 David Wright

Adam Rubin reports that the Mets will play shorthanded during their series against the Atlanta Braves while David Wright remains in New York getting treatment on his bruised left rotator cuff, according to what Terry Collins said on Monday afternoon.

Collins said there has been “zero” consideration to placing Wright on the disabled list and team doctors believe he will be healed by Friday.

“His exam went OK,” Collins said. “He’s not 100 percent. So we’re going to give him a few more days, where he’s going to meet us in New York on Friday and be ready to go then. I thought it was important for him to make sure when he comes back that we don’t have issues. The doctors have said, ‘Hey, look, he’s going to be great by Friday.’ So we’ll just get by until then.”

Strange move. If he’s going to be out that long put him on the DL, backdate it to June 27 and bring up a fresh body. The extra week of rest would only serve to help Wright and the team doesn’t have to play shorthanded for nearly a week.

June 28

Citing an anonymous source, third baseman David Wright has been prescribed rest and an anti-inflammatory drug for his sore left shoulder, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.

After the game, assistant GM John Ricco confirmed that Wright was diagnosed with a bruised rotator cuff and that he would be rested for now and reevaluated on Monday.

It looks like he will avoid the DL, and that no serious issue was discovered.

June 28

David Wright is hoping he’ll miss just a few days after revealing that he’s had a sore left shoulder for three weeks which became “fairly painful” on Friday night.

The Mets won’t know his status until he undergoes an MRI today in New York, but the hope is that a cortisone shot and some rest will do the trick and that there’s no significant damage.

Surprisingly, manager Terry Collins said he was not aware until Friday that Wright’s shoulder had been bothering him even though the third baseman was spending significant time with the trainers and was being treated with anti-inflammatory medication.

“I absolutely salute him for coming in and saying something today,” said Collins.

Two days ago, the Mets demoted infielder Wilmer Flores, who may be on his way back if Wright were to end up on the disabled list.

If Wright avoids the DL the Mets say they’ll continue playing with six outfielders and just one infielder on the bench.

June 27 

The Mets announced that David Wright has been scratched from tonight’s lineup with a sore left shoulder. He is travelling to New York for an MRI tomorrow morning.

Wright had been playing through discomfort for 3 weeks and was in actual pain yesterday. He says he originally injured his shoulder in a head-first slide on a steal attempt at Citi Field.

It flared up twice yesterday, once tagging Ike Davis and then going to get Pedro Alvarez’s ground ball in the hole while covering shortstop in the shift.

He doesn’t know the full extent of the injury, but hopes it’s nothing serious and that he’ll miss just a few days.

Eric Campbell will play third base tonight and bat sixth.

I wonder why the Mets demoted Wilmer Flores and kept six outfielders if they knew Wright has been hurting for three weeks?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for No. 5…

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Lagares Set For Return To Mets This Week Sun, 22 Jun 2014 14:16:25 +0000 juan lagares scores

June 22

Outfielder Juan Lagares was hitless in four at-bats, while playing his second rehab game in center field on Saturday with the Gulf Coast League Mets.

Lagares continues to make progress as he works his way back to the Mets and rejoin the team at some point this week.

Batting mostly in the lower half of the lineup, Lagares parlayed a solid start to the season into a part-time leadoff role.

He was hitting .295 with a .339 on-base in 42 games before landing on the disabled list with a right intercostal muscle strain.

He is expected to rejoin the Mets at some point next week.

June 18

According to Terry Collins, center fielder Juan Lagares will not be activated from the disabled list when he eligible to come off on June 16.

Lagares, who suffered a strained intercostal muscle, has not attempted any running drills while rehabbing at the Mets complex in Port St Lucie and has been limited to some light exercises.

The 25-year old Lagares was second on the team in batting, slugging percentage and OPS at the time he was injured and had assumed the leadoff duties.

The Mets have lost five of six games sine Lagares went on the DL.

June 2

Mets centerfielder Juan Lagares has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a right intercostal strain, the team announced today. In a corresponding move, Matt den Dekker has been recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas.

Lagares originally felt discomfort in his side Friday night and after a day off felt pain free in batting practice prior to Sunday’s game against the Phillies and was inserted into the starting lineup.

The 25-year old experienced tightness again while running the bases and was subsequently pulled from the game and sent back to New York for an MRI.

In 42 games this season, Lagares is batting .288 with 11 doubles and 18 RBIs.

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“Hardest Thing In Baseball Is To Play For The Mets” Mon, 16 Jun 2014 19:04:16 +0000 jose-reyes

Former Mets shortstop Jose Reyes said he feels sorry for his former teammate David Wright writes Anthony Rieber of Newsday.

“After a little while, you just want to win,” Reyes said. “It’s not about the money, because we are already set. We’ve got a contract and it’s now about winning. We’re not getting any younger, you know? What is he, 31? I’m 31. I want to win.”

Reyes, who has settled in with the first-place Toronto Blue Jays, says he was tired of the losing and waiting.

“At this point, we want to win. I’m tired of being in last place. I want to play meaningful games in September. The year that we went to the playoffs in 2006, oh, man, that was an unbelievable feeling. Just every game that we played, like wow, the intensity and stuff. I loved that. We’re in a good position this year to have a good year.”

Blue Jays catcher Josh Thole also chimed in, saying that the Mets are tough to play for.

“It was there from ’09 through ’12 and it was ‘wait till next year, wait till next year,” Thole said.

“The hardest thing in the baseball world, in my opinion, is to play in New York for the Mets. No. 1, you have a bunch of young kids coming up. Every day, there’s something. A story. Everything is a story there.”

“I would say it’s been the hardest for David,” Thole concluded. “He just signed that bangin’ deal. It’s just weird.”

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Ryan Reid Could Join Mets Overworked Bullpen On Monday Mon, 16 Jun 2014 01:42:28 +0000 Ryan Reid

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York speculates that righthanded reliever Ryan Reid could be an option when the Mets look to add a fresh arm to their fatigued bullpen on Monday when they begin a three game series with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Mets bullpen was leaned on for eight innings of relief on Sunday after starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka was forced to leave the game after one inning with a serious stomach ailment,.

The 29-year old Reid has had a remarkable stretch at Triple-A Las Vegas and improved his scoreless streak to 22.2 innings on Saturday.

If Reid does get the call, the Mets would have to add him to the 40-man roster.


June 12

Ryan Reid has emerged in Las Vegas as a potential major league ready reliever. Adam Rubin noted on Twitter that Reid has thrown 17.1 consecutive innings without allowing an earned run and has pitched to a 3.64 ERA over 29.2 innings during his 2014 campaign.

Reid’s only appearances in the majors came in 2013 with Pittsburgh, where he posted a 1.64 ERA over 11 innings, with seven strikeouts against three walks. On December 23, 2013, he was selected off waivers by the Mets from the Pirates.

The Mets bullpen has been solid recently. It seems that Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia have solidified the 8th and 9th innings, helping to give members of the bullpen an identity which was lacking during the early weeks of the season. Gonzalez Germen, the Mets most consistent arm out of the pen earlier in the year, was activated from DL the Tuesday.

Playoff caliber teams have strong bullpens and don’t blow games for their starting pitchers, simple as that. I believe the Mets could be on their way to having a very solid bullpen and strong arms in Triple-A give them some wiggle room in case of injuries.

mmo presented

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MMO Game Recap: Mets 6 , Padres 2 Sat, 14 Jun 2014 04:44:12 +0000 lucas duda

The Mets (30-37) got back in the win column Friday night, defeating the San Diego Padres (28-39) by the score of 6-2 tonight at Citi Field.

Bartolo Colon started the game for the Mets and earned the win. Colon got off to a shaky start in the first inning before escaping, but would surrender two runs in the second inning when he served up a two-run homer off the bat of Rene Rivera. The 41-year old Colon would settle down from there and pitch flat out brilliantly, retiring 18 straight Padres at one point.

The Mets would get one back in the second, when Taylor Teagarden plated Bobby Abreu on an RBI single off Padres starter Andrew Cashner.

New York would go ahead for good in the fourth inning after RBI doubles by Lucas Duda and Matt den Dekker.

Josh Edgin and Vic Black combined to escape the 8th inning after Colon allowed a leadoff double. Jeurys Familia would pitch a scoreless ninth.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 12.35.39 AM

Abreu, getting the start in right field had a huge day, going 4 for 4 with a double, two RBI and two runs scored.

David Wright‘s struggles continued, as he went 0 for 3 at the plate, but did manage a sacrifice fly. His average has now dropped to .267.

These two teams will face off again Saturday afternoon, with first pitch scheduled for 4:10 PM ET. Zack Wheeler (2-6, 4.19 ERA) will get the ball for the Mets, and he will square off against Jesse Hahn (0-1, 9.82 ERA)

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Relief Prospect Jeff Walters Suffers Torn UCL Tue, 10 Jun 2014 01:28:43 +0000 jeff walters

Mets RHP prospect Jeff Walters has sustained a torn ulnar colateral ligament (UCL) in his pitching elbow. The injury is likely to require Tommy John surgery, thus adding to this season’s epidemic of similar injuries.

Walters is on the 40-man roster and was considered to potentially be a late-season call-up to strengthen the bullpen.

In 23 relief appearances this season, Walters pitched to a 8.86 ERA in 21.1 innings with 14 strikeouts and eight walks. Last year for Binghamton, he had 38 saves and pitched to a 2.09 ERA.

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Eric Young Jr. Batted Today, Expected To Run Bases Tuesday Mon, 09 Jun 2014 16:34:18 +0000 eric young jr

Good news on the injury front for Eric Young Jr., who swung the bat and hit today during an extended spring training game at the Mets complex n Port St. Lucie. 

According to Florida reporter Jon Santucci, Young also said that he would try to run the bases on Tuesday.

Young suffered a slight setback when he tried to run this past weekend. But he felt tightness in his strained right hamstring causing the team to temporarily have him back off his rehab program.

While he’s not expected to return from the disabled when he’s eligible this week, this is a good sign for Young.

He’ll likely play 2-3 rehab games when the Mets trainers do clear him for full baseball activities, and hopefully that isn’t too far off.

June 6

Eric Young Jr. suffered a setback and will not be returning from the disabled list when he is eligible on Tuesday.

Young felt tightness in his strained right hamstring running at the Mets’ complex in Port St. Lucie and has been backed off his rehab program.

Young was hitting .220 with one home run, seven RBI and 17 stolen bases this season.

May 29

The Mets placed Eric Young Jr. on the disabled list with a right hamstring injury before Monday’s series opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates and officially activated Matt den Dekker from Triple-A Las Vegas to fill the roster spot.

Young had been dealing with a lingering hamstring issue and felt it grab while stealing a base on Saturday against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

He remembered third baseman David Wright trying to play through a hamstring injury last season and blowing out the muscle. So Young agreed that the DL was the right decision now to ensure he does have a prolonged absence.


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