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Morning Grind: Why Is Hu Here Instead Of Luis Hernandez?

An article by posted on May 10, 2011 0 Comments

Hello MMO! Here’s your Morning Grind: Why Is Chin-Lung Hu Here? Mets backup middle infielder Chin-Lung Hu has just been absolutely dreadful to start this season. I see no reason why the 27-year old Taiwanese native is on the major league staff except to crack the cheap “Hu’s on first?” joke on the rare occasion […]

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Morning Grind: Why Is Gee Only Considered A Darkhorse For The Rotation?

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Hey everyone!  Here is the Morning Grind! While the back end of the rotation is somewhat up in the air the leading contenders appear to be newly acquired arms Chris Young and Chris Capuano. Chris Young seems to be a lock for the fourth spot but why is Capuano considered the leading man for the fifth? With a year  of […]

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Morning Grind: Fans Need To Know More, Sandy Flubs On Fossum

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Hey everyone! Here is this week’s Morning Grind: Mets Sign Casey Fossum Normally when I see that Alderson signed an under-the-radar type player, I look at almost every stat I can find. Alderson is about finding a cheap, one-tool player than a type-A free agent, four or five tool players for many more years and tens of millions more. But […]

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Morning Grind: Santana, Harris, Hairston, Young

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Hope everyone is having a good week…  Here are the recent Mets headlines: Mets Sign Willie Harris, Scott Hairston Adding depth to the outfield, the Mets have inked outfielders Willie Harris and Scott Hairston to one-year deals. Willie Harris has been a thorn in the Mets side for years, not necessarily with the bat, but with the glove. Harris has […]

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Morning Grind: Capuano, Buchholz, Alomar, Alderson

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Hey Everybody, Here are a few newsworthy stories from last week for today’s Morning Grind: Mets Ink Capuano and Buchholz Sandy Alderson has continued his genius signings and has inked RHP Taylor Buchholz and LHP Chris Capuano, both to one year, incentive laden deals. Capuano will receive a base salary of $1.5 million and Buchholz $600,000. I love the signing of […]

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Morning Grind: Hiring Practices, Daniels, Frenchy, 3 Amigos

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Met Nation, We are a bit closer to locking down our GM, the first chip in the succession of moves that are supposed to take the Mets back to the promise land. A bit much? Well, that’s the way we should view these moves. Really. Nothing less than this should be expected by any of […]

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Morning Grind: Boras, What A Mets, GM Scavenger Hunt

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Met Nation, We have come to a place I never thought would ever be. Scott Boras, the Super Agent himself, and I might actually agree on something. He believes that the Mets can make a quick turnaround, provided they use their considerable funds. There are a few teams around the league that do this. Should […]

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Morning Grind: The Season Finale of “Flushing Falls”

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Met Nation, I think this picture says it best, huh? I am certain we are firmly entrenched in hopes for 2011. We are not bound by magic numbers, wild card chases, and playoff rosters. We don’t have such burdens as our Amazins’ fate was sealed long before now. So what’s next? The Mets are getting […]

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Morning Grind: Put Up Your Elijah Dukes!

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On Wednesday, the Washington Nationals finally washed their hands of outfielder Elijah Dukes and released him. Can you imagine that… The worst team in the National League cutting bait with the promissing, but troubled, young outfielder not because of any off the field incident or behavioral issue, but simply because he simply wasn’t that good… […]

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Morning Grind: Reyes Aftermath Shows Depth Is Still A Problem

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It seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. After coming off a miserable season that was marred by injury in 2009, what made that season worse than it should have been was the apparent lack of depth. Carlos Delgado goes down and is replaced by untested leftfielder Daniel Murphy… Jose […]

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Morning Grind: Another Rumor, Competition Is Good, Carter Not So Much

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Okay so it’s almost afternoon, but Afternoon Grind doesn’t have that same ring to it… Making The Grade According to Adam Rubin, Bobby Parnell and/or Sean Green could be in at least a little trouble in making the club. Or at least in a competition. If Jenrry Mejia and/or Hisanori Takahashi sneaks into the bullpen, […]

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