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Projected Mets Lineup, Mr. Met Has A Date With Lucie

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There is Mr. Met getting the last bag full of Mets gear loaded on the truck as it gets ready to hit the road for Mets Camp in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mets.com also posted their projected lineup, rotation and top bullpen roles. Projected batting order  1. SS Jose Reyes: .282 BA, .321 OBP, .428 SLG, […]

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Should the Mets Give John Maine Another Chance?

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Before i go on with the post, i want to apologize for not posting a lot this week.  I am currently recovering from a severe case of strep throat, so it hasn’t been a good week for me.  John Maine was one of the Mets top starters heading into 2010, behind Johan, and Mike Pelfrey.  […]

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Mike Pelfrey: The Opening Day Starter

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When he introduced Mike Pelfrey to the children at Citi Field Kids Day on Wednesday, Terry Collins said that Mike will be the Opening Day starter. Everyone was taken aback since I believe this was the first time Collins had said that. Like the other players, Pelfrey is eager to begin spring training and looks […]

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Collins Names Mike Pelfrey Opening Day Starter

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Updated 12:45 PM I’m here at Citi Field where Terry Collins officially tabbed Pelfrey as his Opening Day starter. The Mets open the season against the Marlins who have given Pelfrey problems over his career. I’ll have much more on this and other player news later today. Original Post 11:30 AM Freshly armed with a […]

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Mike Pelfrey Settles With Mets To Avoid Arbitration

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As I supposed in my original post, the Mets have indeed settled with Mike Pelfrey and thus avoiding arbitration. ESPN New York is reporting that arbitration-eligible Mike Pelfrey has settled with the Mets. An organization source said the deal will pay Pelfrey $3.925 million during the upcoming season. He can earn $50,000 extra in performance bonuses. […]

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What If Jose Reyes Really Does Have A Big Season?

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As we come to grips with the fact that hope will be the prevailing theme in 2011 and that basically we are playing the same hand we had last season minus Johan Santana, we will all have our patience tested. There’s a lot of things that need to go right where hope is concerned for […]

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Matt Garza Is A Better Top Of Rotation Pitcher Than Mike Pelfrey

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Whether you see the 2011 Mets as team that is in rebuild mode or one only a few changes away from a playoff contender, one thing remains absolutely certain and that is the need to bolster the rotation with an effective and reliable starting pitcher. With the odds of landing Cliff Lee or Zach Grienke […]

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Mets Need A New ACE And Not Cliff Lee

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Before I begin this week’s post I apologize for my post last week on Omar Minaya and Roy Halladay.  When writing my post last week I had no intention to hurt anyone or insult anyone’s nationality. I promise in the future to be more careful with my posts. This is not a post bashing Johan Santana. […]

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Tejada! Clutch! Mets Win 4-3

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Tejada! Clutch! Mets Win 4-3

Mike Pelfrey went seven and one third innings of quality baseball, and key offensive contributions from David Wright and clutch hitting from Ruben Tejada gave the Mets the win, 4-3 versus the Brewers. Game Notes Mike Pelfrey went seven and one third innings today, giving up three runs on five hits, walking four and striking […]

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The Worst Things The Mets Can Do (Part 1)

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You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out ways for the Mets to get out of this free-fall into oblivion and putting the organization back on the right track. The ideas and opinions are countless. I can’t really tell you what the Mets are gonna do, but I do have a list of things […]

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