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Beltran, Pelfrey Come Up Big In 5-2 Win Over Giants

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Mike Pelfrey went a strong seven and two-thirds innings, and the offense hit when it mattered and the Mets won the last game of the series, 5-2. Game Notes Mike Pelfrey had his second strong outing of the season, going seven and two-third innings, allowing two runs, one unearned on four hits, walking two and […]

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Let Pelfrey Benefit From Some Time In Triple-A

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Everyone knows how terribly Mike Pelfrey has performed at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies have teed off on him and have produced at a 1.10 OPS clip against him. Pelfrey has a 9.55 ERA at CBP and a 2.15 WHIP. As Bob Klapisch of The Record wrote, “this is where Pelfrey’s sinkers have historically met their doom”. Pelfrey […]

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Could Mike Pelfrey be the First Met on the Move?

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The trade winds have been swirling around New York recently. Rumors that both Jose Reyes and David Wright may be traded have been discussed ad nauseam. However, these two may not be the first Mets that would be traded this year. There is a possibility that the Mets could look to trade Mike Pelfrey. Yes, […]

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Ike Strikes Again, Pelf Goes 7, Mets Win 4-1

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Mike Pelfrey went seven strong innings and Ike Davis had the help of some video replay to grant him a home run and the Mets won their series opener versus the Diamondbacks, 4-1 Game Notes Mike Pelfrey looked good today, going seven innings allowing one run on five hits while walking two and striking out […]

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When Will Dan Warthen And The Mets Part Ways?

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When Will Dan Warthen And The Mets Part Ways?

I know it’s only April, we’re less than 20 games into a very long 2011 season, but so far the pitching has been bad. Actually bad is an understatement, the pitching from the entire staff has been downright awful! There is no way to sugarcoat it, the team as of this writing is currently 5-13, […]

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Shake It Up

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At Aerys Sports, there is a fine conglomerate of baseball bloggers, headed up and written by women.  Their resident Mets blogger, Kelly Lake who is the author of “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch,” raised an interesting question about the Mets a few days ago.  She asked: When will the players be held accountable? It’s […]

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Are Mets/White Sox Destined For Each Other?

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Let’s all be honest, we knew what this team was before the season even started. Not losing all faith yet, but the Mets may in fact be sellers at the deadline. Recently I was asked if the Mets would be sellers or buyers at the deadline, to which I responded buyers. However that was the […]

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We May Have a Problem: New York Mets Early Concerns

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The Mets have played just 10 games this year, but it is not too early to start to be concerned about some of the team’s issues. I am giving the disclaimer in advance that we are dealing with small sample sizes at this point of the year. It is early, but the team is currently […]

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The Mets Are In Trouble

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The New York Mets are in serious trouble. Any fan watching the early games could have told you that, though. However, they are in worse shape than I ever thought they’d be in. Through the first ten games, their pitching as a whole has been absolutely horrendous. I’m not going to lie and say I […]

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For Mike Pelfrey, The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

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Mike Pelfrey is entering his sixth season with the Mets, compiling a 43-41 record over his first five seasons in New York (43-42 after his Opening Day loss to the Florida Marlins). Although Pelfrey is just 27 years old, there have been only 17 pitchers in franchise history who have won more games than Big […]

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