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Terry Collins apologized to Jay Horwitz personally this afternoon, for what he referred to as “his unprofessional behavior.”

He then apologized a second time to the Mets VP in front of the beat writers in the media room where the incident took place on Wednesday.

Good deal, now let’s move on.

Joe D.

Original Report – June 22

The New York Mets came out victorious on Wednesday, and in the two-game abbreviated set against the defending World Champion Kansas City Royals. The two wins didn’t come easy though, as the Mets witnessed Yoenis Cespedes leaving Wednesday’s game in the sixth inning with left wrist discomfort, and then the bombshell news after the game that Noah Syndergaard left the afternoon game after six innings due to elbow discomfort.

But the story gets a bit more interesting from there. After the game, Terry Collins sat down with the media as he always does after games, and fielded questions from the group of reporters as he customarily does. As Collins was about to get up and leave the conference room, Jay Horwitz, the team’s vice president of media relations, asked Collins to expand on why Syndergaard had left after the sixth inning and only 91 pitches.

“What? There wasn’t any questions on it,” Collins shot back at Horwitz after he asked Collins to speak on Syndergaard. ““The puppy dog wants you guys to know that Noah Syndergaard’s seeing the doctor. His elbow flared up on him. That’s why I took him out of the game.”

As soon as the last word left Collins’ lips, he rushed out of the press conference, and that was that. The question is why did Collins feel the need to lash out at Horwitz, who was only doing his job?

Horwitz has been with the Mets organization for over 30 years, and deserves better than to be chastised in front of an entire room. Obviously it was not apparent to the media that Syndergaard had left the game due to soreness, otherwise Collins would’ve fielded questions for five minutes on that matter alone.

jay horwitz

By name calling and belittling Horwitz, Collins comes off as a school-yard bully, and now puts himself out there to be questioned on it Thursday, and more than likely issue an apology to Horwitz. Once again, Horwitz was simply doing his job, and relaying an important piece of news to the media.

The way Collins shot out of the post game presser, it seemed like he didn’t want to talk about Syndergaard’s elbow discomfort, and wanted to keep it private between the team. However, it would come off worse if the team were trying to cover up injuries, and not tell the press about it. Usually if there is an injury or a player left the game due to any type of scare, the press box would be alerted and told this information while the game is going on.

Syndergaard experienced similar issues with his elbow in early May, when he visited team orthopedist Dr. David Altchek, after his May 1 start. He was cleared to pitch for his next start, and missed no time following that scare.

On the day, Syndergaard pitched six innings of three run ball, giving up eight hits, while striking out four. He did not walk a batter, the sixth start he’s not issued a walk in. He’s now 8-2 on the season with a 2.08 earned run average.

WFAN radio personality Mike Francesa went on the radio late in the afternoon Wednesday, due to the early Yankee game, and offered similar criticism as I about the way Collins handled the matter, accusing Collins of “bullying Horwitz publicly.”

“Why would you then embarrass a PR guy — and Jay Horwitz, who’s one of the nicest guys and best guys in the business and has been there 40 years — why would you treat him like that?”

“All of a sudden because Terry Collins won some games last year and went to the World Series, now he’s a tough guy? I mean, that was obnoxious. He owes Jay a public apology.”

Stay tuned for more information, as this is likely going to be a continuing story heading into play against the Atlanta Braves tomorrow.

By the way, the news is good on Syndergaard.

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Source: Stephen Drew Wants One Year Plus An Option Year Thu, 13 Feb 2014 00:25:42 +0000 stephen-drew

February 12

Boston Herald sports reporter John Tomase says that free agent shortstop Stephen Drew has not received a contract offer from the Red Sox for more than one season as had been previously reported.

A source told Tomase that Drew is looking for at least a one-year deal with an option for a second year.

Yesterday, Sandy Alderson did say he could sign Drew, but only under the right circumstances, and that he would not sign any player for $15 million at this stage of the game.

Wow, this story just keeps getting wackier and wackier.

February 11

Sandy Alderson was a guest of Mike Francesa on Tuesday and was asked if he had the wherewithal to sign Stephen Drew.

Alderson responded by saying, “if you are asking me if we could sign another player for $15 million a season, the answer is no.”

He added that he could sign Drew on his terms, but the fact is that any deal would have to be on mutual terms.

I guess that was his way of saying that Drew is looking for at least a two-year, $30 million deal or a three-year, $45 million contract.

It certainly didn’t sound like the team was still counting on signing Drew and that Ruben Tejada will be the starting shortstop, but that’s just my read on the situation based on what I heard.

Funny thing, Francesa never bought up his breaking news that the Mets had agreed on dollars with Drew last week…

February 10

A Mets official said Sunday there was “nothing” indicating progress on the Drew front. Just like the Red Sox, the Mets are amenable to signing Drew for a short-term deal. Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, who possesses a rich history of extending his clients’ employment searches into spring training, naturally wants more years guaranteed.

There were a couple of other rumors on Friday and Saturday about the Mets being the best fit and how they were still negotiating and getting close, but those accounts predate this report from Puma and comes directly from a Mets source.

Also, this from Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington:

“Stephen did an excellent job for us last year. He was a really solid player. He was a big part of our team. And so out of respect to him, we’ve kept a dialogue going, But at this point, we’re really focused on the guys we have on the roster. … I wouldn’t expect anything major to happen between now and when we report, at this point.”

I would imagine every GM would probably say the same thing at this point in deference to their current players, many who have already showed up to camp early.

It’s like Sandy Alderson saying that “we are very happy with Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis and look forward to seeing them have a solid camp.”

You see what I did there?

February 8

Stephen Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, is seeking an opt-out clause after the first year of a deal, reports ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin.

Rubin says that though the Mets are willing to consider guaranteeing two or even three years to the free agent shortstop, they view the opt-out as a “deal-breaker.”

And the plot thickens.

Of course the opt-out clause would diminish his trade value should that eventuality present itself…

February 7

According to Sandy Alderson, the Mets are now willing to offer three years to free agent Stephen Drew.

It’s a departure from what we’ve been hearing from Alderson all Winter long and it may signal that the Mets might be willing to blink and give Drew what he wants.

On Tuesday, Mike Francesa said the Mets made an offer to Drew, but that was strongly refuted by the team.

“It’s the number of years. They’re fighting over the number of years. I know they have made him an offer … It’s not the money. It doesn’t matter if they did a refinance or not. They already offered him the money. It’s a questions of years. They already made him an offer.”

Maybe it is the years…

Drew clearly is on the Mets’ radar but team executives continued to say that it was a “long shot” as recently as 48 hours ago, so that makes Alderson’s comments quite surprising to say the least.

Of course he was addressing a group of season ticket holders and that may have something to do with it as well.

Boras is believed to be seeking a deal of at least three years for Drew and the Red Sox reportedly have extended a two-year offer to Drew, but with no guarantee he would be their starting shortstop.

Is that the opening the Mets need to jump in and grab him?

Presented By Diehards

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Alderson Doesn’t Expect 2014 Payroll To Be Lower Than $87 Million Wed, 20 Nov 2013 10:01:09 +0000 Sandy Alderson 2

Sandy Alderson spoke to beat writers today and his message was that the Mets 2014 payroll will be more than last year’s $87 million.

“I don’t think our payroll is going to be below what we saw last year,” Alderson said. “And as far as where it will finally land, let’s defer that question until all precincts have reported.”

Alderson also said nothing has changed with regard to his offseason strategy and that the Mets are still very unlikely to add a $100 million player.

“That statement still obtains,” Alderson said. “On the other hand, we are committed to improving the team and will explore whatever possibilities arise however remote the eventual outcome.”

However… Alderson also said that he and his staff are leaning toward waiting the market out and seeing what is still left late in the offseason like they did last year.

“I do think there will be a combination of more proactivity internally as well as a willingness in some instances to wait and see whether the market changes and what’s available to us later.”

“Inevitably there will be people available later. A couple of our best signings last year were players who were available later – Marlon Byrd and LaTroy Hawkins.”

We’ll see what happens, but there are some mixed messages here…

One thing is clear, if you were expecting something significant to happen in the next few weeks, you may be in for a letdown.

I’m thinking all of November and most of December comes and goes before we see something happen.

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Terry Collins Likely To Remain As Mets Manager Mon, 02 Sep 2013 01:08:41 +0000 collins_040913Adam Rubin of ESPN New York says that lame-duck Mets manager Terry Collins is not facing unemployment. That is not to say his return as Mets manager will be a slam dunk for 2014, but the odds are heavily in his favor.

A source familiar with the situation told Rubin, that while team officials do not intend to commit to re-signing Collins until after the season, there is internal respect for how he has navigated this season’s challenges and a “strong expectation” he will continue to manage the club in 2014.

The main reason Sandy Alderson will hold off on any announcement is to ensure the team doesn’t fade as badly as they have in the last two years.

Entering tonight’s game, Collins has the Mets ten games under .500 with a 62-72 record. Overall, the Mets are 213-245 under Collins as he wraps up his third season.

With a fifth straight losing season looming, Collins has continued to stay on the good side of the front office and mostly because he’s been a good soldier and follows their rules. Sandy Alderson repeatedly has said Collins will be judged by more than the Mets’ position in the standings.

“My role is to balance the short term with the long term. I have said before and would reiterate that how Terry is evaluated is beyond simply wins and losses,” said the Mets GM. “We’ve talked about that before. To the extent that it’s perceived that this will make it more difficult to win, and I don’t necessarily hold to that belief, obviously all the circumstances will be taken into account.”

I fully expect Terry Collins to sign a multi-year deal as soon as the season ends, in fact, the very next day…

The announcement be Sandy’s first order of business and immediately followed by his annual post-season ritual with Mike Francesa on WFAN, where together they will begin beating the drums of the 2014 Mets marketing campaign.

Do you have any 2014 Mets slogans you would like to submit for consideration?

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Featured Post: The Honeymoon Is Over, Sandy Is On The Clock Sat, 20 Jul 2013 02:23:17 +0000 Thoughts from Joe D.

sandy aldersonI didn’t get a chance to weigh in on this yesterday and just wanted to post a quick summary after his interview.

We’ve heard Fred and Jeff Wilpon say things like this for almost a year now. Ever since they avoided that billion dollar lawsuit and averted bankruptcy, I said at the time that the team was on the rebound financially…. And they apparently were…

They cut spending drastically, charged Alderson with reducing payroll to manageable levels, cut staff and even one of their minor league affiliates, and pretty much played everything exactly the way I thought they would.

At the end of the 2012 season, there was a light at the end of that dark tunnel for them. Real estate values were on the rise, their assets, including the Mets and SNY, were gaining value, and as I said at the time, the All Star Game and everything associated with it, would put them over the top.

Sandy Alderson has told us privately and has said publicly as well that he could spend since last season ended. You can choose to not believe him, or even the Wilpons for that matter, but it doesn’t change the facts.

The coffers are getting full again as I said they would. They navigated through the dangerous tidal waves and turbulent waters…

Sandy had by estimate an additional $15-20 million to spend that he opted not to last offseason. He has maintained that stance all along. If you believed he seriously wanted Justin Upton or Michael Bourn as he said, there’s your proof…

I thought when Wilpon said he felt that this was taking longer than he thought, it was very telling… There’s thousands of passionate Met fans who might agree.. And that number is growing everyday…

Here’s where I’m going with this…

The honeymoon is over.

Three years is a long time to rebuild for a New York Market team.

In three months, when this season ends, everything will all be on Sandy Alderson.

He will be held accountable for the results which he’s mostly managed to avoid any accountability for all this time and he knows it…

Marlon Byrd will be a big test for him. Will he trade him for more prospects? Or will he keep him and even retain him for another season?

2014 has always been the year when his rebuild was supposed to bear fruit and bring some results.

Not the speculative results that you hear all the time from overly enthusiastic fans drunk on prospects, but measurable results that are will become apparent on the major league roster and in the NL East standings.

A winning season is the price for continuing on this crusade of his… Otherwise, there will be talk of another purge in this town… His own…

The clock starts right now, and I’m waiting and watching for what his next move will be…

That could happen before the trade deadline… Buyer or sellers? Competing in 2014 or punting? If my hunch is right, we’re about to find out in the next two weeks…

I hope he makes the right moves… Good or bad, it’s the final countdown…

Original Post 7/15

Jeff Wilpon Says Sandy Alderson Has No Payroll Constraints

jeff wilponMets COO Jeff Wilpon was a guest of Mike Francesa on WFAN today and said that GM Sandy Alderson is under no constraints whatsoever to add payroll if he wanted to, and that and Sandy’s not being charged with reducing payroll.

Additionally, Wilpon said that he believes Sandy will trade players ONLY if they bring back someone who can help the team right now and and in future seasons.

Regarding Alderson’s progress since taking over the team in 2010, Jeff Wilpon feels that the team is a “little further behind” than he expected, but believes in Sandy and that the future looks bright.

He made one comment that seemed like more a direct message to Terry Collins when he said he wants to see the team continue the same style of play of recent weeks during the second half of the season.

One thing that stood out for me was that he felt it was time to show some of the team’s young players how to play winning baseball in the second half, citing that “it’s important to teach these kids how to win.”

He believes the future of the team rests with the bounty of young arms that are still to come and that we may see a few more of those arms before the end of this season.

He wants all fans to know that he and his father live and die with the team.

“It’s our life and our business.”

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Collins Back As Mets Manager In 2014? Fri, 21 Jun 2013 03:26:43 +0000 terry collins

John Harper of the Daily News, puts up a strong case for why the Mets should bring back Terry Collins as manager of the team after this season.

The thrust of his argument is that Collins was never given a true chance to show what he can do with a team that was at worst a .500 team and at best a legitimate contender.

Despite arguing about Collins’ in-game decision-making he writes, the criticism of Collins is getting louder because of the losing, which is more on the GM and the players than it is on him.

Meanwhile, Sandy Alderson continues to give Collins his full support and calls it a non-issue.

During an interview with Mike Francesa a week ago, Alderson told him that the performance of the team is on him, not Terry or the coaching staff.

Like it or not, it looks like Collins has a better than 50/50 chance of returning as manager next season. That would be a terrible move in my opinion, but it is what it is.

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Hard-Throwing Leathersich Promoted To Triple-A Thu, 13 Jun 2013 13:43:38 +0000 A few moments ago, left-handed reliever Jack Leathersich tweeted the following:

Unless he’s going out to Vegas to play the slots, one would assume he’s getting promoted from Double-A Binghamton to Triple-A Las Vegas. Earlier this week, Sandy Alderson said on WFAN with Mike Francesa he wouldn’t be opposed to promoting minor leaguers straight from Double-A to the major leagues. It looks like Leathersich will be making one last stop before heading to Flushing. This only makes sense because Josh Edgin was just recalled from Vegas after Sunday’s 8-4 loss to the Miami Marlins.

He’s definitely shown he’s ready to move on from the Eastern League; in 24 appearances (12 games finished) and 29.1 innings pitched, the southpaw is 2-0 with a 1.53 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, and 55 strikeouts against 16 walks. That 16.9 K/9IP rate seems pretty legit to me, and it would be awesome to see him throwing that mid-90s heat at Citi Field soon.

While an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, I’m going to go ahead and congratulate Jack on his apparent promotion! It’s well deserved, and hopefully this won’t be a long stop before he makes it to the next level.

Thoughts from Joe D.

This has been confirmed to me and he is right on target for his eventual promotion to Flushing later this season, which I speculated last fall when he was in A-Ball. Congrats Jack…

(photo courtesy of Gordon Donovan)

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Valdespin Won’t Let Criticism Lower His Self Esteem Tue, 14 May 2013 20:18:43 +0000 Updated at 4:00 PM

They criticize me to lower my self esteem but I’m going straight to the top. I was not born to lose.

Original Post 1:00 PM


“Valdespin knew that was coming. I don’t think it’s fair to say that since we didn’t hit one of the Pittsburgh hitters that he doesn’t have a friend. The notion that he was hung out to dry I think is a mistake. I’m not telling you he’s the most popular guy in the clubhouse, but I don’t think he was hung out to dry.”

That was the quote we heard from Mets GM Sandy Alderson when asked about the continuing Jordany Valdespin issue on Mike Francesa’s radio show yesterday.

Today, another new development has come to light according to Andy Martino of The Daily News.

Martino reported that Valdespin tried to “wiggle his way” out of pinch-hitting on Saturday against the Pirates. Valdespin allegedly sent word to trainer Ray Ramirez that he was “unavailable” to pinch-hit in Saturday’s blowout loss, according to Martino’s source who witnessed the dugout incident.

Much to the chagrin of Valdespin’s teammates, Ramirez sent word to Collins. Collins overruled the decision and sent Valdespin up anyway with body armor and an elbow protector.

Half of Alderson’s quote above now makes sense. Valdespin knew the inevitable plunking would occur if he stepped into the box so he tried to escape his fate. To say he wasn’t left out to dry seems like a stretch now with these new elements to the story.

This coverage is beginning to feel like the Casey Anthony trial, but the issue continues to be that Valdespin’s teammates and coaches decided to discipline him vicariously through the Pirates and not internally.

Valdespin has quirks, to put it mildly. He doesn’t play the game to the standards of conventional baseball in America, but this is clearly something he didn’t deserve given the circumstances.

We will be updating you with more information as it pertains to this story as it unfolds.

Thoughts from Joe D.

What have I been saying about this since day one?

Hung out to dry?

You betcha…

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Spinsanity! Collins Calls Valdespin A Changed Man, Says He’ll Bat Leadoff! Wed, 20 Mar 2013 22:00:01 +0000 valdespin

Mets manager Terry Collins was a guest on WFAN this afternoon and lets just say that his whole demeanor about outfielder Jordany Valdespin has done a complete 180. Collins said that Valdespin is the leading candidate to hit in the leadoff spot for the Mets on Opening Day and whenever the Mets are facing a righthanded pitcher.

“Right now, the way Valdespin has been swinging the bat in that spot, we’re leaning towards him,” Collins told Mike Francesa. “As of right now, that’s what we’re looking at.”

Valdespin has been scorching the ball and in 14 games he is hitting .341/.386/.634 with four home runs and eight RBIs. Spin has struck out just twice all spring.

“He’s really worked at the pitch selection,” Collins said. “He’s got a nice idea at the plate, he makes pitchers work. He can bunt for a hit and he can hit a homer. He’s not getting very many easy, first-pitch fastballs.”

Collins even went as far as saying that he has become a threat to take the starting left-field job from Lucas Duda if he continues to produce. Wow…

“His whole demeanor has been a great surprise,” Collins said.

“I just think that, probably, there was some place along the line — maybe at the end of last year — where I know David Wright had a conversation after the guys cut up his shirt and he got upset. I know David took him out and kind of settled him down, and maybe he’s grown up a bit, because he’s certainly been impressive down here.”

Sandy Alderson said adding a difference-maker or two would be his offseason goal for the 2013 season. While it seems he came up short in that department, maybe Omar Minaya left him one in Jordany Valdespin.

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A Few Final Observations On Zack Wheeler Fri, 15 Mar 2013 16:19:04 +0000 Wheeler has firmly set his sights on a spot in the Mets starting rotation.

Wheeler has firmly set his sights on a spot in the Mets starting rotation.

As Zack Wheeler heads to minor league camp and begins to focus on what he needs to do to ready himself for a potential major league debut later this season with the Mets, let’s consider some of what we did get to see and hear while he was in Mets camp.

Wheeler gave a concise self-assessment of his repertoire not too long ago during an interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa:

“I like to come at you with a fastball, not afraid to come inside. I am aggressive, I got a sharp slider, good curveball that I can strike you out with, or get over early for a strike. Changeup is a work in progress.“

Most scouts, and those who have seen him, all agree that Wheeler’s number one issue is gaining a better command of his primary pitches while continuing to develop his secondary offerings, particularly his curveball and changeup.

There’s no questioning Wheeler’s confidence and determination and in that regard, he is like fellow teammate Matt Harvey. They both seem to share that bulldog mentality.

I thought I’d ask our MMO minor league guru, Mitch Petanick, to share some thoughts on Wheeler and provide us with some additional analysis.

Thoughts From Mitch

What can be said about Wheeler that hasn’t been said before? His fastball is dynamite. His two-seamer has wicked movement which moves in on the right-handed hitters hands, and away from left-handed hitters. Wheeler states that he likes to pitch inside, and if the two seam is used effectively on the inside half to righties, opposing hitters will be going through a ton of lumber. In the video shown below it gives a great view of Wheeler’s pitches from behind the plate, and you can really see the filthy movement on all of his pitches.

Wheeler’s curveball is also very sharp and considered a biting curveball. His changeup is still a work in progress, as he states in the quote, but the changeup is not an easy pitch to master. If he’s throwing a circle change, the grip on the ball is awkward for pitchers to get used to. The thumb, which is usually there as a guide, is now on the side of the ball, instead of under it. The pitcher basically makes the O.K. sign with their fingers, and then grip the ball with the middle and ring finger placed on the two seams of the baseball. It is then thrown like a fastball, and due to the grip, the baseball does not generate as much velocity as the fastball.

The Circle Changeup Grip

The Circle Changeup Grip

The batter perceives the pitch to be a fastball because the arm speed of the pitcher does not change, but the velocity of the ball drops by about 10 mph due to the grip. The pitcher releases the ball and lets the ball come out of the hand off the middle, ring, and pinky in a fashion that the ball rotates and creates a motion, from a right-handed pitcher like Wheeler is, that will move in and down on right-handed hitters. Grip a ball making an O.K. sign with your hand and throw it as hard as you can and you will see how hard the pitch is to control and master.

Wheeler’s changeup may still need some work, but it will be effective. Anytime you throw in the upper 90s, the speed drop off from throwing a changeup will be enough to confuse hitters and keep them off-balance, as long as he can throw it for strikes. Wheeler is all but ready to embark on what hopes to be a long and exciting career in a Mets uniform. The fans are patiently awaiting his arrival.

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From Left Field: Francesa Should Lay Off The Mets Sat, 22 Sep 2012 14:52:55 +0000 Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa

Has anyone been listening to Mike Francesa absolutely kill the Mets on WFAN lately? Most likely many of you have, since Francesa garners a large audience, and rightfully so.

He is a knowledgeable sports personality that commands respect based on his reputation. But seriously, talk about something other than degrading the Mets.

This whole past week, Francesa has been tearing the Mets apart for their pathetic play. Yes, the Mets are pathetic right now, but why does Francesa feel the need to drive the stake deeper into Mets’ fans hearts?

I’ll admit that I do sometimes enjoy listening to Francesa. He can easily get on my nerves, but he does provide great insights into the sports world.

There are so many more important New York sports topics going on right now than the Mets. The Yankees are entrenched in an AL East pennant race, the New York Football Giants are looking to repeat a Super Bowl title and the New York Jets are an absolute circus, from the quarterback debate to Bart Scott threatening journalists.

The Mets are no longer relevant in this town, but it’s a shame that Francesa keeps on talking about how bad they are. His shows this week have been so repetitive when it comes to the Mets.

And also, have any of you been following along with Terry Collins’ weekly spot on the show? For the past four weeks, the interview by Francesca has been exactly the same. Mike asks, “Terry, have you ever seen anything like this out of a baseball club?” And Terry always responds, “No Mike, I’ve never seen an entire lineup all go cold at exactly the same time.”

OK, we get it, the Mets stink right now. But the misery is almost over. The last thing Mets fans need is for a die-hard Yankee fan to use his platform to continuously bash our team.

There’s plenty of other things to fill a 5.5-hour period. By talking about the Mets, Francesa is beating a dead horse.

It almost seems like he’s “asleep” to what else is going on in New York sports…

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It’s Nice To Have Fans As Announcers Sat, 16 Jun 2012 11:45:09 +0000 Yesterday, WFAN’s Mike Francesa discussed how Mets broadcasters Howie Rose and Gary Cohen were “out of line” during this past weekend’s Subway Series.

Francesa said that it’s great that the Mets have fans as announcers, but that they sometimes take it too far in rooting for their team, especially against the Yankees.

Frankly, I love that Rose and Cohen are as die-hard of Mets fans as I am. Yes, I agree that there should be unbiased announcing if the opposing team wins or hits a home run. However, I love the excitement when we hear “It’s Outta Here!” from Cohen or “Put It in the Books” from Rose.

Is it so bad for a fan of the team to be an announcer?

I could see how a Yankees fan would be upset after listening to the Mets broadcast from the weekend. Rose talked about Nick Swisher’s antics after the back-to-back-to-back home runs, and Cohen was not shy about saying that Russell Martin’s first home run was a cheap Yankee Stadium homer.

Gary Cohen and Kevin Burkhardt

Gary Cohen and Kevin Burkhardt

But here’s the thing: If Yankee fans are upset about it, go listen to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on 880. That’s their radio broadcast anyway. Rather than complain about the Mets broadcasters, Yankees fans should have enough to complain about with that interesting duo.

The whole point of radio is to attract an audience. Die-hard Mets fans enjoy Rose and

Cohen because they believe that the announcers are in the same boat. When a Met gets a clutch hit, it’s made that much more special when Rose or Cohen presents the call.Along the same lines, when the Mets blow a save or suffer a heartbreaking defeat—not too uncommon in our team’s history—Rose and Cohen are right their with the fanbase suffering.It’s not like they show up to work, call the game and say goodbye. These guys genuinely care about what they do, and it shows in their passion for the team.

While other teams or fanbases may have a problem with what Rose and Cohen are doing in the booth, they should simply be worried about what Mets fans think. Everyone I know loves them, and I’m sure the vast majority of Mets fans would agree.

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Alderson Has $10-15 Million To Spend On 17 Roster Spots Mon, 05 Dec 2011 21:48:46 +0000 This afternoon in Dallas, Sandy Alderson told reporters that the Mets have between $20 and $25 million to spend this off-season, but that range includes paying Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan who will likely earn roughly $10 million in arbitration.

That leaves approximately $10-15 million to spend on 17 other roster spots.

It also means, Alderson must have misspoke again when he said that payroll would be the same with or without Reyes. That’s happening a lot these days.

Yep, it’s as I’ve said all along, an $85 million payroll in 2012, $70 million in 2013.

How does Fred sleep at night?

Sandy will be with Mike Francesa at 5:45 PM.

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Mets Will Meet Reyes When He’s Done Shopping Tue, 08 Nov 2011 02:18:58 +0000

Updated 9:00 PM

* Jerry Crasnick of ESPN talked to a Marlins official who confirmed that his team has talked with free-agent SS Jose Reyes. According to Crasnick, the Marlins are also speaking to Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols.

It seems that they are intent on getting one of those big names to help showcase their new ballpark.

* Jon Heyman of says the Mets have asked Reyes’ agents what his “price” would be, to which they got no response; the Mets then told them to come back when “they’re done shopping.”

* The Miami Herald reports that the Marlins are so enamored with All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes that they were in contact with the player at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the moment the free agent signing period could begin. ”The Marlins love him,” according to one source with knowledge of the team’s interest.

* If the Marlins were able to sign the Mets shortstop, it would necessitate a position change for Hanley Ramirez, something he said in September that he would welcome and accept. “It would be nice to play next to him,” Ramirez said at the time. “He’s an energy guy.”

The Marlins will have plenty of excess revenue in 2012 and they are eager to spend it.

Original Post 2:10 PM

According to WFAN’s Mike Francesa, Jose Reyes has received an offer from the Miami Marlins, and he and his agent Peter Greenberg will visit with Marlins officials this week.

Breaking story…

I’ll have more info up as I get it, but here we go, it was only a matter of time until teams began wining and dining Reyes.

I expect the Washington Nationals, Milwaukee Brewers and Detroit Tigers to court Reyes very soon as well and wouldn’t besurprised if they’ve all reached out to him already.

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The Mets Lied To Us Tue, 28 Sep 2010 11:00:23 +0000

Thankfully there are only 6 more games left of this horrible season.  That also means only 6 more games left of some jerryball.  Last year after the season ended the Mets did a bit of a media blitz that concluded with Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya and Dave Howard going on WFAN with Mike Francesa.  They made a bunch of promises and some excuses that for some reason had Mets fans hopeful for 2010.  I posted a blog here on this site the day after, which you can read here.  I didn’t like what I heard on Francesa’s show and I got blasted in the comments section. Unfortunately I was right to be skeptical as they lied to us.

Jeff Wilpon said the Mets were committed to building a championship caliber team and that spending would not be limited.  Well, after signing the bust that is Jason Bay the Mets didn’t spend much.  Gary Matthews Jr., Mike Jacobs and Frank Catalanotto were in the starting lineup on opening day.  For some reason Fernando Tatis and Alex Cora were still on this team.  I’m sorry but those guys don’t belong on a championship caliber team.

Omar and little Jeff said that there would be no more mishandling of injuries. Unfortunately that was a big old lie as well.  Look at how Jose Reyes’ oblique injury was handled.  Reyes was put into the lineup while suffering with oblique injury, and only allowed to bat from one side of the plate.  I don’t see how that is improving on handling injuries.  Jason Bay after hitting his head off the outfield wall in Dodger Stadium not only stayed in that game, he played the next one and then flew on a plane to New York and hasn’t played since.  Johan Santana’s injury was misdiagnosed as a pectoral problem.  Now I’m no doctor but I think the training staff might have missed human anatomy 101.  Plus Santana before being diagnosed correctly was allowed to throw and not even given an MRI.  They also promised to communicate better with the fans and media about the injuries.  Once Santana was diagnosed correctly, the Mets had a press conference where they tried to play down the severity of this shoulder injury by citing position players who came back from the same surgery.  They of course didn’t mention that pitchers who have had the same surgery as Johan has have yet to come back and throw a pitch in the majors.

I’m sure once this season is over the Mets will do another media blitz.  They will say things that sound good but in reality it will only be more cheap talk and hollow promises.

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Mike Francesa Attacks Fellow Mets Blogger Fri, 28 May 2010 22:11:47 +0000 Apparently Mike Francesa doesn’t think very highly of us bloggers. Today on his radio program that’s simulcast on the YES network, he went on a rant against Matt Cerrone from MetsBlog. Cerrone wrote a piece today regarding the emergence of Mike Pelfrey, giving him credit for his turnaround. For some reason it irked Francesa so much that it prompted him to say this:

“Who cares what Matt Cerrone thinks…he looks like a 12 year old…who reads blogs anyway?”

Pretty harsh but pretty funny at the same time. He went on to continue his personal attack on Cerrone.  Just who does read blogs Mr. Francesa? Hmmm. Here’s to sticking up for our friends over at MetsBlog.  Bad form Francesa.

Note from Joe D: Give him hell Matt. If Francesa had any guts he would have you on as a guest and challenge you in person, but he knows that you will run circles around him where the Mets are concerned. It’s okay for him to mention how proud he is of Mickey Mantle every single day and speak of him like he’s a god, but it’s not okay for Mets bloggers to have some pride in their team or their players? Just because the Yankees are struggling and their $250 MM poster boy Teixeira is batting .210, there’s no need for Francesa to take it out on Mets fans!

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How Did Mike Francesa Do It? Sat, 02 Jan 2010 21:57:31 +0000 As most of you all know, pending a healthy physical, Jason Bay will soon be introduced to the masses in a press conference within the next few days. While I’m as excited as most of you about his addition to the team, one thing still puzzles me about the events that led to his agreement with the Mets. How did WFAN’s Mike Francesa get the scoop, and manage to keep it such a secret?

Like most of you, I search the web daily looking for breaking Met news. When I visited the message board, there were several threads saying Francesa would have a “major Mets announcement” on Tuesday’s show. After reading a few threads I decided to check out my usual sources; the Daily News, NY Post, Newsday,, CNN/SI,, The Seven Train To Shea and Mets Merized Online. But none of these fine websites had anything to report… yet.

As soon as Francesa broke the news at 2:07 PM, it wasn’t long before the Jason Bay signing went viral in the Mets blogosphere.

What strikes me as strange in this whole deal was how did Mike Francesa pull this off?

None of the beat writers had any advanced knowledge and even the normally reliable baseball insider, Jon Heyman, was seemingly left out of the loop. So who fed such a major scoop to Francesa, was it the Mets?

It would seem so, but why would the Mets bypass their own SNY cable network and give it to WFAN’s Francesa, someone who is known to be a huge Yankees supporter and a Mets hater who constantly takes shots at the Mets?

If they had their reasons to break this on WFAN, why not do it via two well known Mets supporters (and frequent guests on SNY) Joe and Evan?

Are the Mets grooming Francesa to take over for the revered, but aging public relations VP, Jay Horwitz?

Obviously not, but still it’s all very curious.

Maybe the Mets felt that by tossing the big man this scoop, he’d go easy on them in the upcoming season?

I wouldn’t bet on that.

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Whatever Happened To Having Fun In Flushing? Tue, 03 Nov 2009 13:00:57 +0000 Last week Danny Krieger posted a blog about Yankee pitcher A.J. Burnett and his habit of shaving cream pies after a big win, if you like you can read that post here.

Danny mentions how A.J. has brought fun back to the Bronx and how that fun translated into the Yankees winning season and perhaps winning a 27th World Series title.  It got me thinking to the 2006 Mets.  The 2006 team had a lot of fun while playing the game.  They were always smiling, always joking with each other.  Everyone remembers the handshakes that Jose Reyes would do whenever someone hit a homerun out of the park or the bubble gum hats we saw that year.

There was a lot of criticism towards the Mets, specifially the never ending smiling Jose Reyes.  Opposing teams hated the handshakes and dancing in the dugouts.  It made them want to beat us even more.  Teams would hate to play us knowing that you couldn’t erase that smile off of Jose Reyes’ face.  The opposing team knew whether Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, David Wright and any other Met hit a homer in 2005 that there was going to be a fun handshake and celebration in the dugout.  Reyes even had a different handshake and dance with every Met on the roster.

The press and the radio shows, especially that blowhard Mike Francesa seemed to always get on Reyes and the Mets for the celebrations.  That seemed to be the start of the end of the fun in Flushing.  We all know even if this year there were a lot of bad media moments the Mets front office don’t like any negative press about their players.  They expect their players to be smiling, polite gentleman.  There were reports going around that Willie Randolph told Jose Reyes to cut out the celebrations after the homers.  Management was said to see the reactions to Reyes’ behavior and decided that the press was right, the Mets needed to be more like the Yankees, not smiling, not having fun, showing up and being businessmen.

If you look at 2007 the fun stopped.  The fun disappeared long before the Mets collapsed that year.  They were no longer smiling or easy going like they were in 2006.  It looked like they wanted to have fun but were holding back and as 2007 was coming to an end that attitude took it’s toll.

2008 was no better.  Carlos Beltran tried to get Reyes to have fun, telling him to be himself but the entire team was on edge having to answer questions about Willie Randolph’s job security plus the press reminding them everyday about 2007 collapse.  They were even more on edge then the year before.  Unfortunately the same result happened.  The Mets failed to make the playoffs yet again on the last day of the regular season.  No fun was had during the season and no fun would have fun in October of 2008 either.

2009 seemed to be a little different as far the Mets demeanor heading into Spring Training.  While they were not dancing in the dugouts they looked like they were having fun again, trying to get passed the last 2 seasons.  We all saw opening day the 24 different handshakes Johan Santana had with his teammates.  The team looked to be having fun for the first few weeks until all the injuries took place.  Gone was the fun, in came the dread of another bad season.  We all know how 2009 ended up.

In conclusion teams that have fun seemed to win a little more.  Obviously you need talent and the Mets do have talent.  I hate to use the Phillies and Yankees as examples but both teams had fun playing the game this past season, they obviously have talented players and they are both in the World Series. It’s time to stop worrying about what writers and idiot radio guys like Francesa think, go and have fun.  If Jose Reyes wants to celebrate with a handshake and groove a little with his teammates let him.  Lets see the smiling Jose Reyes of 2006.  2006 was a great season for him and the Mets.  Lets see David Wright take the pressure off himself to hit more homers and just have fun.  The fans enjoyed watching the games and going to them in 2006.  Part of the fun was not just seeing the Mets win but seeing them enjoy the game, seeing what new handshakes and dance moves they would come up with.  2006 the Mets had fun and just missed going to the World Series.  In 2010 lets have some fun and get to the World Series!

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Mets Take Their Act On The Road… Tue, 06 Oct 2009 16:25:15 +0000 Everywhere you turned yesterday, the top story, as far as us Mets fans are concerned, was the Mets road show of Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya and Dave Howard. One or all of them appeared at Citi Field where they kicked off their tour, followed by some candid one on ones with various SNY personalities and celebrated New York sports writers. Finally, it was off to their last stop of the evening at WFAN studios in Queens with the king of New York sports talk, Mike Francesa. They were fashionably late.

I know Francesa isn’t the most liked personality within Mets circles, but you have to admit that he pulls no punches and never holds back when he does an interview. There was no shortage of “wow” moments during his one hour long interrogation of the Mets braintrust. He did a fine job of holding their feet to the fire, but easing up and giving them ample time to respond to the criticism. In my opinion, it was a heck of an interview.

I’ve already posted on the Mets potential spending and the Madoff implications, a few times in the last 48 hours so I’ll stay away from that. Suffice it to say that the Wilpons remain committed to spending with no restrictions and their goal is to win a championship in 2010. There were no new revelations during the WFAN interview.

I’m just going to stick to some of the “on the field” issues that I found most interesting. 

Daniel Murphy – I could not believe how much time was spent discussing the virtues of the Murph. The most shocking moment of the entire interview came from Omar Minaya who dared to compare Murphy to Kevin Youkilis. It immediately drew the shock and awe of Francesa who proclaimed, “Are you kidding me?!?!” Youkilis is a remarkable fielder, a .400 OBP guy, and proven run producer, how can you even make such a comparison?!?!” A befuddled Minaya than mumbled something before back-pedaling and admitting it was a bad analogy. What Minaya really wanted to say was that plenty of teams have won the World Series without a power guy at first.

I believe the Mets need a bona fide slugger at first base, and that Murphy would be better fit off the bench. Ideally, the Mets should trade him because it won’t be long until until Ike Davis takes over permanently and Murphy will then become a Met without a position which will wipe out any leverage the Mets may have in trading him later as opposed to now. Then of course there’s that old sophomore jinx theory.

First Base – Much of the discussion centered around first base in general where Francesa hammered Minaya on this one very valid point… If you’re not going to get a huge power bat at first base, where else can you possibly do it? Unless of course you have plans on trading one of your core players? Shockingly, Minaya admitted that trading a core player could be one possibility. To which Francesa replied, that would be crazy because all your core players have big question marks and you would only get fifty cents on a dollar. Minaya quickly retreated again. Francesa then blurted, “If you really want to make Mets fans happy, do whatever it takes to get Prince Fielder or that kid in San Diego, Gonzalez.”

Thanks for putting the bug in his ear Mike… Either of those guys would make such a wonderful stocking stuffer…

Power Bat – “You’re a couple of smart guys, right? You do know that this team is not going anywhere without a huge big time slugger in the lineup. Look at the Phillies… They have 45 homers at first base and another 30-something at second base, how can you possibly compete with that?” That line of questioning by Francesa got both Omar and Jeff to admit that finding a power hitter (or two) will be a top priority. Wilpon said that money will not be an issue and that he is leaving it up to Omar to fill that power void the best way that he can.

The only problem I have is my concern that Omar is being given the keys to the kingdom again… I have no doubt that Omar Minaya can spend the Wilpon’s millions, but my big concern is whether Omar can spend those millions wisely. He has yet to prove that he is capable of doing that.

Citi Field – “Why did you build a park that you knew would hurt your core players David Wright and Carlos Beltran. Didn’t you consider the fact you were going to hurt them offensively? Why did you do it?” Seeing Wilpon mumble his way through his answer was amusing, especially when he said that he only did what Omar and Manuel wanted. Omar’s eyes widened and Francesa turned to him. “Umm, umm, ummm, well, uhh, we wanted to build the team around pitching, speed and defense. We were one of the top running teams in the league.” That particular exchange led to this painful moment for Jeff Wilpon,

” I get calls all the time about Citi Field from Mets fans who felt like you slapped them in the face with all the Brooklyn Dodger stuff and lack of Mets stuff.”

(OUCH!) I actually felt sorry for Jeff who said he did not intend to make Mets fans feel like they were slapped. He also said it was a “proper criticism” and there would be some great new additions including a Mets museum that will be prominently located within the park. I’m looking forward to seeing that, but damn it, I still want statues of Tom Seaver and Gil Hodges erected!

Starting Pitching -  Shocking as it may seem, Omar Minaya defended his signing of Oliver Perez even when Francesa asked, ”If you had a mulligan would you take back the Oliver Perez deal?” Omar believes Ollie can still pitch like he did in 2007. (That’s scary!) Wilpon mentioned a starting pitcher when he was asked what was one of the Mets top needs, and Minaya agreed that they need to backup Santana, who by the way is doing great and feels fantastic. When Wilpon was asked what he felt the team needed most, without hesitation he said starting pitching. Omar quickly agreed.

Those are just a few of the many things that were discussed. I would urge you to go to WFAN and listen to the entire interview if you have an hour to kill. Eric Simon posted an excellent recap of the entire interview on Amazin Avenue, and Matt Cerrone did a fine job of live blogging the interview on MetsBlog.

I had a problem with something that Mike said. For some reason he seemed to whisk away K-Rod’s terrible second half performance at one point in the interview when discussing returning 2010 players.

“I’m not worried about how K-Rod finished because he wasn’t closing in meaningful games and he’s a competitive guy. He’ll be fine next year”

What the heck does that mean???

Come on Mike, the guy is one of the highest paid closers in baseball, is it too much to expect a big effort every time he gets the call?

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Francesa Says Mets Are More Ignorant Than He Thought Sat, 18 Apr 2009 15:12:52 +0000 During one of his legendary tirades, Mike Francesa lashed out at Omar Minaya and the Mets ownership during Friday’s show.

Regarding Omar Minaya and the Wilpons he said:

“Either they are a lot more ignorant than I thought, or they just don’t really care about winning. It can’t possibly be anything else. They just are plain ignorant or they just don’t give a damn.”

“If I, who am not even a baseball executive could plainly see that this offense had real problems playing in the pressure cooker of New York, what does it say about the Mets? I’ll tell you what it says, it says that they don’t care. They don’t care about their suffering fans, they don’t care about filling the stadium because they’ll have no problem doing that this season, and they sure as hell don’t care about winning.”

Omar had plenty of opportunities to upgrade this offense he went on to say, but he basically upgraded the bullpen and then sat on his hands. “Was he not watching this team last September” he said, ” basically he brought back the same exact lineup so what does that tell you about the Mets?”

He then spent the next 30 minutes taking calls from bent out of shape Mets fans, but in his usual classless style, he never let them get their points in, spoke over them, or just disconnected them.


I don’t mind picking on the Mets or criticizing them which is something I and most bloggers do often, but it just ticks me off hearing it from a Yankee fan.

However, I would never say that Omar or the Mets are ignorant or that they don’t care. That’s hitting below the belt, especially when he doesn’t have the guts to say it to their faces when they were all guests of his show during the home opener.

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Mike Francesa Can’t Cut Off Mets Fans Here! Mon, 23 Feb 2009 12:11:37 +0000 Right before the weekend while I was driving home from work, I heard an interesting exchange between some agitated Mets fans who were calling in to Mike Francesa on WFAN to complain about his obvious bias against the Mets.

The source of their rage stemmed from several comments Francesa made in which he stated that the Yankees pitching staff was vastly superior to the Mets, and that the Mets rotation after Santana had nobody capable of winning 15 games.

Wow… How I wish I could have pulled over, parked my car and laid to him myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an hour to wait on hold and his show was already winding down.

I got a chance to hear a few regular callers and huge Mets fans like Alex and Ira call in to give Mike an earful, but as usual “his excellency” spoke over them, denied he was biased, and then cut them off.

Luckily, his divine powers are useless on this site, so let me give him my two cents with added benefit of not being cutoff, and please… I hope you all weigh in and add your own points to my argument.

First of all, what really pisses me off the most is how he puts Joba Chamberlain above everyone on the Mets save Santana. Joba has a total of 12 starts in his career and only 4 career wins as a starter. Is Francesa on crack? Maine and Perez have already established themselves as 15 games winners in 2007 and with a a better bullpen, Perez could have won 15 games last season as well as would have Maine had he not gotten injured. 

He simply brushes John Maine off for the season because he is coming back from major surgery as he said. Maine did not have major surgery and there was nothing reconstructive about it. He simply had a bone spur shaved, that’s it. When Ira called to tell him this, his defense was “If you’re not a doctor don’t tell me it wasn’t major surgery.”

When another caller said that Wang was coming back from a much more serious injury, he said “Wang is Wang, and he’ll be a force this season.”

I just wanted to reach into my stereo and wrap my fingers around his neck and strangle the guy… He is such a freaking arrogant ass…

Right now, I would take Mike Pelfrey over Joba 99 times out of 100.

He gives all the Yankees starters the benefit of the doubt, but is so unwilling to do the same for the Mets.

I believe that there is so much more that can go wrong for the Yankees rotation this season, than for the Mets.

Who knows if Burnett won’t be the next Carl Pavano? Or if Sabathia’s extra pounds won’t start putting wear on his knees as was the case with Sid Fernandez. Joba will be nursed along all year long and may not pitch more than six innings at any time. Who knows what Wang will do and how effective he can be? Pettitte wouldn’t even crack the Mets rotation.

Why doesn’t he just shut his trap? Why can’t any of his callers get a word in edge wise whenever they have a different point of view?

As much as I hate the guy, he’s got his damn hooks into me, and I just keep tuning in even though I know fully well that he’ll just piss me off again.

I don’t know where I’m going with this post, I actually started writing it on Friday and never finished it. Maybe some of you can help me finish it…

I guess I’m just tired of hearing him incessantly knocking the Mets rotation while he glorifies the Yankees.  And no matter what he says, I just don’t see the Yankees rotation being any better than the Mets right now.

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