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New York, New York: Rumble In The Bronx

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It’s that time again – I happen to love the Subway Series, but I know there are others who don’t.  Anyway we’ve reached the weekend and it’s the second act of the Subway Series for 2010. The Mets go to the Big City for the games at the new Yankee Stadium on Friday night, and […]

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A Spring Time Dilemma For The NY Mets

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This is the time during Spring Training that all Major League teams start to cut down their rosters, sending some players down to their Minor League affiliates, while others are sent on their way right out of the organization. The funny thing about this process is that there are very few surprises as to who stays […]

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The Crazies: There’s Something In The Water…

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There’s something weird going on in Port St. Lucie… I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s starting to spread like wild fire… It’s one thing when loony Jerry Manuel starts hallucinating about Jenrry “Wild Thing” Mejia being the next Mariano Rivera. After all, we’ve all become accustomed to way-out comments like that from Manuel who in […]

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Jerry Manuel’s Love Affair Gone Awry

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So apparently Jerry Manuel is having a major bromance with Jenrry Mejia. Apparently he’s gone on record that he wouldn’t object to having Mejia make the club this Spring perhaps as a setup man. Yeah well not so much. They were more like fantasies as he admitted in a press conference. According to John Harper […]

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Move Over Mariano, K-Rod Is The Best Now!

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Today, Mike Francesa of WFAN has spent hours whining and bemoaning the fall of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera today. He is learning how to come to grips with the fact that Mariano Rivera has hit the wall and is no longer the most dominant closer in baseball. In 11.1 innings, Rivera has allowed 15 hits […]

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