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Beltran Acting Selfish Again, Pagan Feels Our Pain

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Carlos Beltran is at it again. He continues to go out of his way to say and do the wrong things, and this time he completely crossed the line and may have gone to far. Mike Sielski of the Wall Street Journal, explains this latest Beltran fiasco. Apparently, Terry Collins intended to give Beltran a day off […]

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Rant: Did Jason Bay Really Need A Scheduled Day Off Yesterday?

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I understand that Jason Bay had a scheduled day off yesterday. But with Reyes having to leave for a family emergency how does that not change the plans??? Can someone please explain this to me because I feel like that was a Jerry Manuel move yesterday!  That kind of stuff is a huge pet peeve of mine, and here’s why […]

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Is It Time To Move Pagan Back To Top Of The Order?

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Since coming off the disabled list, Angel Pagan has been a hitting machine. With his hot return, it begs the question of whether Terry Collins should re-insert Pagan into the No. 2 spot in the lineup. As Pagan regains his stroke, Justin Turner continues handling the bat well, which is ideal for a No. 2 […]

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From Left Field: Not The Injury Bug Again

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Shades of the 2009 Mets are already apparent here this season. Though that team was more talented on paper, it was ravaged by the injury bug which gave Jerry Manuel very little to work with on a day-to-day basis. Well, it seems that injuries already have played a role this season. Last year’s breakout player, […]

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Book Review: Moneyball – An Incredible, Revolutionary Masterpiece

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Book Review: Moneyball – An Incredible, Revolutionary Masterpiece

Moneyball tells the fascinating tale of Billy Beane’s ingenious use of statistical analysis in order to assemble a winning ballclub without the luxury of a large payroll. Through statistics such as OBP, SLG, and a slew of other stats, Beane was able to snatch ballplayers with “hidden virtues” up for a song, creating a team on a $35 […]

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Mets Notes: Bay Leaves 2010 Behind

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Don’t look now, but have you taken a look at Jason Bay’s numbers since he returned from the disabled list? The Mets are 5-0 since Bay was activated on April 21st, and he has strengthened and fortified what was once a meek lineup. Bay is hitting .368 (7-19) with two doubles, one home run, three RBI and […]

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What A Difference A Bay Can Make

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David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay and Ike Davis together at last in the middle of the order.  I know it is only one game, but inserting Bay into the middle of that lineup really solidifies the middle of the batting order.  Jason did not tear the cover off the ball in his first game back, but just his […]

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From Left Field: Why Harris over Hairston and Duda?

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According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Terry Collins prefers to use Willie Harris as the Mets’ Opening Day left fielder. Jason Bay will begin the year on the disabled list and won’t return until April 9 at the earliest. The Mets will carry young slugger Lucas Duda in Bay’s spot and will expect […]

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Hasta La Vista, Baby!

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As if going into a new season without Jeff Francoeur clogging up the lineup wasn’t improvement enough, Mets fans all over the world are absolutely rejoicing today as we bid farewell to Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo too. This is what addition by subtraction is all about! Usually we’d wish former players the best of luck, […]

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Daniel Murphy – The Functional Second Baseman

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The battle for second base rages on, but the real battle for the second base competition has been based in assumptions with unproven characters (Turner, Murphy, Emaus) and a character that every Mets fan wishes won’t prove himself (Luis Castillo). Though its only spring training, I am putting my backing into camp Murphy. Here are […]

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