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Mets Not Freaked Out, They Beat The Giants 8-6

An article by posted on May 16, 2009 0 Comments

Lincecum, Schmincecum… That’s all the Mets had to say as they completed their biggest comeback of the season and beat the Giants 8-6 on Friday night. It was a game that featured many layers of clutch hitting, clutch baserunning, clutch fielding and a little bit of luck on this very Freaky Friday. Livan Hernandez started and […]

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Wagner To Putz To K-Rod?

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Billy Wagner is scheduled to be back in the bullpen by August. If he’s even close to his old self, Jerry Manuel might have the luxury of having three closers — albeit three very high-priced closers, but three closers.

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Is It Time To Shea Goodbye To Omar?

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After last weeks four game losing streak I started to observe our own chat room as well as other Met chat rooms and MLB blogs and some are blaming Omar Minaya for the Mets miserable start this year.  He didn’t sign the big free agents that were available  this past off-season.  Last year he signed […]

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Mets Bullpen Serves Notice To NL

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When was the last time a Mets starter left the game in the middle of the sixth inning, handed the ball to the bullpen to protect a one run lead, and still come out out with a win? Are you drawing a blank? Let’s just agree that it’s been a long time. The Mets bullpen, masterfully […]

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Game Recap: Mets 2 – Reds 1

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The Mets opened a new season with a 2-1 win over the Cincinnati Reds today in a rain soaked Great American Ballpark. Johan Santana who started the game got in trouble a couple of times, but for the most part delivered a solid performance today.  He pitched 5.2 innings and allowed just a run on […]

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K-Rod 3 Years $37MM vs. Ollie 3 Years $36MM

An article by posted on February 4, 2009

Lost in the excitement of the Oliver Perez signing, is a very underreported yet very interesting fact. Most of us agree that the Mets overpaid to get the Oliver Perez deal done. It was a move I certainly won’t argue with. But, now that the dust has settled, it’s become apparent to me that we […]

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Interview: Jeff Pearlman On 1986, 2009, K-Rod, Strawberry

An article by posted on December 16, 2008

 I spoke with author and Sports Illustrated journalist Jeff Pearlman, who wrote the New York Times best selling book on the New York Mets, “The Bad Guys Won”.  The book is a must read, a great gift for any Mets fan, and is available at Amazon.com. In the title of your book, “The Bad Guys Won”, who […]

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Mets Are Thrilled To Have K-Rod

An article by posted on December 11, 2008

It was great to finally see K-Rod dressed in his Mets garb after passing his physical today. He had this to say afterward, “I’m thrilled to join the Mets,” Rodriguez said in a statement, released after he passed his physical. “Mets fans are very passionate, and playing in a new ballpark is going to be […]

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K-Rod Gets Caught Up In The Numbers Game

An article by posted on December 10, 2008

I read an interesting post this morning by Andrew Das of the NY Times. In it he wonders what uniform number Francisco Rodriguez will don as a member of the New York Mets. The one he wore with the Angels, No. 57, is out because it belongs to Johan Santana, a fellow Venezuelan. While acknowledging that […]

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