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Winter Meetings: Where We Were, Where We’re Going?

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The 2009 MLB Winter Meetings are now underway in Indianapolis, and will provide fans with either much joy or just as much angst. Last year’s Winter Meetings certainly fit that bill. In 2008, we suffered through another miserable bullpen, and it seemed like money would be no object to revamp it in the off season. GM Omar […]

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Mets Should Consider Signing Putz For 2010

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Last week the World Series finally ended, our nightmare season is finally over and the Hot Stove season has started.  There have been trades already, options picked up or bought out and players have filed for free agency.  Trade rumors are already out there, most of them so far unfounded this early and it’s only […]

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How About Brandon Lyon Setting Up K-Rod?

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Yesterday, Joe D posted a blog suggesting that picking up J.J. Putz’s option would be a waste of money.  I happen to agree with his position.  Putz’s option is way too much for a man who has been a shadow of himself due to various injuries.  There are other less expensive options the Mets could […]

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It’s Been All Down Hill For Frankie Rodriguez

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So much for revamping the bullpen last off season… J.J. Putz – 2 thumbs down… Sean Green – 1 1/2 thumbs down (I sliced half my thumb off on a slicing machine when I worked at the deli. Not!) Frankie Rodriguez – You tell me? According to Newsday, Francisco Rodriguez became the first pitcher since […]

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Is K-Rod Next? Some Scouts Think So…

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In his column Rumblings and Grumblings, Jayson Stark of ESPN raises the specter that Frankie Rodriguez might be concealing an injury. K-Rod not A-OK? Meanwhile, opposing scouts and executives have been buzzing that it wouldn’t shock them if Francisco Rodriguez added to the Mets’ DL total. Clearly, something is up with K-Rod. His first-pitch strike […]

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Mets Lose a Heartbreaker 12-7

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If Mets fans were given a nickle for every heart breaking loss we’ve suffered beginning with Yadier Molina’s home run 3 years ago, we’d have enough to buy the ball club from the Wilpons. The Cardinals rallied in the ninth inning and Frankie Rodriguez blew his fourth save of the year to give the Red Birds the […]

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K-Rod Was Also The Object Of Bernazard’s Ire

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According to a new entry on Bart Hubbuch’s Mets blog for the NY Post, Mets minor league players were not the only ones subjected to the mad ravings of Mets VP Tony Bernazard. Bart Hubbuch writes, It turns out that ripping his shirt off and challenging minor-league players to fight him isn’t even Tony Bernazard’s most recent […]

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Met Fans: Omar Has Failed Us

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I know it sounds like bad dialogue out of a comic book or a Michael Bay movie but it is unfortunately true.  Omar over the last couple of years seemed to be the “Teflon GM.”  The last 2 seasons we have witnessed the Mets collapse and miss going into the playoffs by one game.  Omar […]

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We’re “This Close” To Blowing The Whole Thing Up

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Sometimes desperate times make us think desperate thoughts.  Last night as I watched Johan Santana serve up a change-up to Ryan Braun that, frankly, I could have hit, and then watch the ball and a bunch of Brewers bounce all over the field and across the plate four times, my disbelief turned into realism.  I […]

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The Mets Should Learn From K-Rod Example!

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In 2006, the year the Mets ran away with the National League Eastern division they had a certain attitude.  There was a swagger that team had.  They were aggressive and teams hated facing them.  In 2007 the swagger and attitude disappeared.  Instead of team’s hating to face the Mets they were making fun of them.  […]

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Blood Match – K-Rod Confronts Brian Bruney!

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The Brian Bruney versus K-Rod situation escalated today when Frankie Rodriguez confronted Brian Bruney before the start of today’s game. Adam Rubin explains,  As the Mets were stretching in the outfield as the Yankees took batting practice Sunday, there was a little commotion. K-Rod was pointing and gesturing at Brian Bruney. The two had to […]

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