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Niese Rumors Are Gaining Steam

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According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the trade buzz surrounding starting pitcher Jon Niese is getting louder and that at least 3 or 4 teams are currently interested in acquiring the young southpaw from the Mets. “If the package is right, the Mets will deal him,” writes Heyman. The Mets are believed to be looking for a […]

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Would Mark Buehrle Be A Good Option For The Mets?

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Would Mark Buehrle Be A Good Option For The Mets?

Update: According to Scott Merkin of MLB.com, if the White Sox cut payroll as expected, it’s likely that either John Danks or Mark Buehrle will not return in 2012. Looking at the free agent market for starting pitchers can be quite depressing. As of this writing it’s not known whether C.C. Sabathia will be a free agent. The next best […]

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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Jon Niese

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What is Jon Niese? Is he our promising young lefty that will emerge as a very solid pitcher for us?  Is he a guy who is very good at times, but somewhat inconsistent?  Is he a guy who will pitch to a 4.00 ERA every year, or will he start to put it together and solidify the […]

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Tulowitzki Leads Colorado’s Win Over Mets, 5-4

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Game Summary Niese started off well but fell off the wagon near the fifth and sixth innings. Bullpen was great with three innings of relief. Belran, Pagan, and Murphy led the offense. Despite some positives, the Mets lose 5-4 to the Rockies. Game Notes Jon Niese started out with a great outing until he hit […]

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How Good Was Jon Niese?

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Things looked like they were about to get out of hand for young Jon Niese in the first inning of Saturday’s game against Marlins. He was quickly greeted with a leadoff single by Chris Coghlan and after a double by the always dangerous Hanley Ramirez, it was quickly runners on second and third with one […]

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Morning Grind: Why Is Gee Only Considered A Darkhorse For The Rotation?

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Hey everyone!  Here is the Morning Grind! While the back end of the rotation is somewhat up in the air the leading contenders appear to be newly acquired arms Chris Young and Chris Capuano. Chris Young seems to be a lock for the fourth spot but why is Capuano considered the leading man for the fifth? With a year  of […]

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Can Niese Be A 15 Game Winner For The Mets This Season?

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Dan Martin of the NY Post, had a nice column the other day in which he included comments from an interview with Mets starting pitcher Jon Niese. Niese made the decision to come to Spring Training early because he wanted to get a jump on the season and prepare his body for the rigors of an […]

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Five Mets That Need To Step Up This Season

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While basically every player on the 25-man roster will have to play well for the Mets to be competitive, five players in particular will hold major keys to the team’s success in 2011. In no particular order, Jose Reyes, Jon Niese, Jason Bay, Ike Davis and Frankie Rodriguez will need to bring their A-game to […]

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Mets Have Some Interesting Stories To Follow In 2011

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As we know the Mets don’t have much money to spend this off season.  Whether it’s only five million dollars or a little more Alderson is allowed to spend there will not be any top free agent signings this year.  No Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford next season. With signing 2nd or possibly 3rd tier […]

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Time Waits For No One. But Mets Fans Continue To Wait

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Gas was 89 cents per gallon. The average cost of a new car was $9,200. One could buy a new home for just over $89,000. Median household income was $22,400 and the Dow Jones was under 1900. A nuclear power plant blew up in Chernobyl and the Challenger blew up over Florida. The top grossing […]

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