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Injury Update: Wheeler To Rejoin Las Vegas Rotation Next Wednesday

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Injury Update: Wheeler To Rejoin Las Vegas Rotation Next Wednesday

Updated by Mitch Petanick on May 17, 2013 Adam Rubin has reported that Zack Wheeler is scheduled to start throwing again today, and is back with the team in Las Vegas. He was placed on the seven day DL, retroactive to his last start. He will rejoin the rotation next Wednesday when the team is […]

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Should Mets Sign John Smoltz?

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Please don’t hold my pessimism against me. Usually I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of guy, but the 2010 Mets are essentially relying on the same starting rotation they had last year as it’s been painfully told and shown to us all winter long. Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Oliver Perez and perhaps either […]

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The Best Of What’s Left

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As we get closer to going into full gear for Spring Training, every Met fan has to wonder what will become of our quest for 2010. I am under the belief that we will be competitive despite how things look outwardly with on the field personnel and the much bandied about organizational stuff. Multiple media […]

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Rejected! Smoltz Would Rather Play Golf Than Play For Mets

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Adam Rubin of the Daily News, reports that according to an inside source, John Smoltz could choose not pitching over pitching for the Mets. An insider tells the Daily News he believes the 42-year-old Smoltz could follow the route Pedro Martinez went last season — wait and sign mid-season. That could give Smoltz a better […]

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Mets Step Up Efforts To Land John Smoltz?

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Update 1/26 3:00 pm Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports the obvious via Twitter, Mets’ next target, after losing Sheets, looks to be Smoltz. They have not been aggressive on Garland, according to a source. Adam Rubin also reported that the Mets were engaged in aggressive dialogue this morning even before the Sheets signing went down. […]

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We Need To Be Prepared

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I know there are rumors flying around like crazy about pending free agent signings, and that the Mets are interested in the likes of Ben Sheets, Joel Pineiro and John Smoltz.  And while any of those guys are capable of stepping in and being, at the very least, our #4 starter, we should be prepared […]

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Mets Interested In Smoltz… Yes That Smoltz…

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On Wednesday, the venerable Marty Noble posted his usual weekly mailbag, and in a question regarding the potential availability of John Smoltz he replied, Few personnel moves the Mets could make would please me, personally, as much as the addition of Smoltz. He’s a class act and a joy to cover. I’d like watching his […]

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Mets Should Consider Dealing For Brad Penny

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With the news that John Maine has been placed on the disabled list with what Omar Minaya calls “weakness and fatigue”, can we now seriously consider the need for another starting pitcher? Who knows when John Maine will come back. If we were to go by what he said last night it would leave us once […]

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