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I Hate To Bring This Up, But…..

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This is one of those posts that may incite a riot, but I’ll knock wood, and cross my fingers and toes when I say what I have to say…..that the Mets have had no serious injuries yet this season to key players.  We won’t count Carlos Beltran, who had surgery back in January, or Jose […]

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MetsMerized Player Of The Week! (Week 11)

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The Mets looked strong once again last week but lost the last two games of their road trip to the Yankees, posting a 7-2 road trip overall. Santana got victimized by a Grand Slam (again!) and that made the start look a lot worse than it probably was. Beltran’s rehabbing, Mejia’s in AA, and Parnell […]

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First-Half and Second-Half Santana: Myth or Reality?

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I’m sure like most of you, I was tickled orange-and-blue when Johan Santana was traded to the New York Mets in the offseason leading to the 2008 season.  I have a few friends who were from Minnesota who did warn me, however, that Santana takes a while to “warm up” during the season.  Expect a […]

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Wright and Co. Run Wild As Mets Edge Indians 7-6

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After his 2nd straight outing allowing 4 runs, the Mets offense picked up Johan Santana and won their 4th straight on the road from the Indians, 7-6. Game Recap Johan Santana went out today, and although not dominant, he controlled his damage to primarily the 2nd inning. Johan allowed 4 runs on 7 hits with […]

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Why The Mets Are The Hottest Team In NL

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The Mets are picking up steam and most importantly, they are doing it on the road. Although they remained in second place, 1.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves after last nights win, they have won eight out of their last ten games and are currently the hottest team in the National League. Ironically, both losses […]

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Even I’m Starting To Believe

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Most of you who read my words on here each week know that I have a healthy dose of skepticism and cynicism when it comes to these Mets.  But while I’m not about to start sending “Ya gotta believe!” messages like one of my buddies does even when the Mets lose a bunch of games […]

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Johan Santana: He Coulda Been A Contender…

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  Everybody has a breaking point, and even though Johan Santana has not reached his, I’m thinking that a couple of more devastating losses like last night, and Johan will be singing a different tune. After the game, Santana may have revealed his frustration with the bullpen when he made this comment, “I can only […]

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MetsMerized Player Of The Week! (Week 8)

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I don’t get it. Jerry Manuel may be a bad manager, Oliver Perez may be an idiot, and Johan Santana may be really good, but nobody can explain to me why the Mets bite on the road and are dominant at home. The Mets had a wonderful shutout streak going that went to 35 IP, […]

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Halladay Throws A No-Hitter… Well That’s Just Perfect!

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Last night, Philadelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay threw the 20th perfect game in major league history, facing the minimum number of 27 Florida Marlins batters and retiring all of them in order in a 1-0 win. He struck out eleven of them. It was without a doubt, the best performance of his All-Star career. Halladay struck […]

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Bullpen-Gate: Mets Have Five Walk-Off Losses In May

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After the bitter taste of last nights walk-off loss against the Brewers wore off, I recalled it wasn’t that long ago that we lost in similar fashion against the Braves in Atlanta. I decided to look further and went to the best place for Mets research, Baseball Reference.  It took a while to go through every […]

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