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Jayson Stark of reports that the Phillies have agreed to a minor league contract with free-agent pitcher Joel Pineiro, according to a major league source. The deal includes an invitation to the Phillies’ big league spring training camp.

Pineiro, 33, went 7-7 with a 5.13 ERA while dealing with shoulder tightness last season which required some time on the disabled list. The Phillies were looking have been looking for some insurance for their starting rotation and Pineiro will give them some depth behind Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton and Vance Worley.

The Washington Nationals announced that they have signed newly-acquired left-hander Gio Gonzalez to a reported five-year, $42 million dollar contract extension. The deal buys out all of Gio’s arbitration years plus one year of free agency and also includes options for 2017 and 2018.

Gonzalez, 26, was acquired from Oakland for top prospects Tommy Milone, Brad Peacock, Derek Norris and A.J. Cole. It was a good move for the Nats considering what they gave up for the promising young lefty. Last season, Gonzalez posted a 3.12 ERA in 32 starts for the A’s, striking out 197 batters in 202 innings.

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Bobby V Could Be Next Mets Manager? Tue, 31 Aug 2010 22:07:47 +0000

Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog has posted that Peter Gammons told WFAN that he believes Bobby Valentine will be the next manager of the Mets.

“I think there are two things: 1) He has a history and a good working relationship with Omar Minaya and 2) he is one guy that, though Jeff Wilpon will not always like what he hears from Bobby, I think they can have a relationship where Bobby could say to Jeff, ‘No, we’re not doing this, that’s the wrong thing,’ and in the end they’ll win out together, because they have a mutual respect.  I just think now is the right time to bring Bobby back.”

Obviously Gammons is just speculating, but going back to last season much of his speculation regarding the Mets has been way, way off.

He had the Mets pegged as frontrunners for John Lackey, then Joel Pineiro, and also said Jason Bay would play for Beirut before he’d ever agree to play for the Mets.

That said, the subject of Bobby Valentine returning to the Mets is worthy of debate. I would be thrilled to see him take the reins of this team again.

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Boomer Esiason Calls Out Mets Basher, Ken Rosenthal Fri, 12 Feb 2010 16:35:36 +0000

Great job by WFAN’s Boomer Esiason who called out Ken Rosenthal on his morning show today for Rosenthal’s latest column in which he continues to perpetuate the allegation that the Mets are broke.

Boomer asks Rosenthal about his claim that “people in the industry” confirmed that the Mets are short on cash pointing to the team’s desire to hold down payroll for the 2010 season.

“The Yankees are doing the same thing, does this mean they are short on cash too?” Rosenthal concludes, “You’re right, the Mets are not the only team doing this and they will still have a top five payroll in 2010″.

Boomer really starts to tear apart Rosenthal’s column when he asks,

“Why do you use terms such as ”some in the industry” which I consider to be a throw-away line and it’s only purpose is to alarm readers into saying OMG the Mets are having some major financial problems. You use words like that and it drives Mets fans crazy, but seriously is using a phrase like “some in the industry” evidence that it’s from a valuable or legitimate source?” (nice job by Boomer)

Rosenthal completely skirts the question and says,

“What the phrase says, with regard to the catching situation, what I’ve been hearing from some in the industry, and that’s how we report in baseball and other sports, that hey, the Mets are not in a position to spend anymore money. Look at Jon Garland and Joel Pineiro and how they signed for less than what some expected and yet the Mets did not get involved. Obviously they don’t want to raise payroll anymore, that’s why I wrote what I did.”

Carton chimes in and says that “the Mets have made it well known that aside from Lackey who had no interest in coming to NY, none of the other pitchers out there were any better than the pitchers the Mets already have”. (Solid point)

Boomer says,

“I still don’t get you… You are aware that the Mets have the highest paid starter, highest paid left fielder, highest paid closer, highest paid centerfielder…”

Rosenthal counters,

“I go back to my original point, the Mets are going to have a top five payroll, and I guess they’re not really totally broke. But to have the rotation that they have and not to make one addition, that to me is a shocking development.” (shocking development?)

Boomer, “Isn’t this the same rotation that exactly one year ago was predicted to go all the way and win the World Series?”

Rosenthal, “The single most baffling news of the 2010 off season was that Joel Pineiro wanted to come to the Mets, it doesn’t happen, he and ends up going to the Angels for a deal that was lower than expected.”

Carton, “But didn’t the Mets make him an offer?”

Rosenthal, “Yeah… they made him an offer… but my original point was about their  decision making.” (umm, whatever dude)

Rosenthal goes into his Mets “paint by numbers” approach to the off season and is then cut off as Boomer completely hammers him and says,

“I don’t have a problem if you believe that Wilpon is too hands on and Omar isn’t a real general manager, that’s your opinion, but my problem with you is when you say “industry sources say the Mets are short on cash”. It could be someone with an ax to grind against the Mets for all I know, or maybe it’s even the Yankees saying it. I just think it’s a cheap shot Kenny.” (Go Boomer!)

Rosenthal goes into hyper-defense mode,

“You’re assuming my sources have an ax to grind, you have no idea who my sources are. I’m not buying this cheap shot stuff! Their payroll is going to be down this year”


“So is the Yankees!”

It’s hammer time… This is great listening if you happen to be a Mets fan who is sick and tired of how the media has portrayed the Mets all offseason. Awesome job by Boomer…

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The Three Scruffy Looking Ones In The Back Thu, 21 Jan 2010 16:11:04 +0000 What a strange and long off season it has been for the New York Mets. Pitchers and catchers report in less than a month, and as someone jested on Twitter, we have neither.

After being spurned by Bengie Molina after a five week courtship, Joel Pineiro flat out rejected us even before we could get something going.

We have had so many Plan A’s with regards to a starting pitcher that I’ve actually lost count. So many missed opportunities…

Anyone of these would have looked great.

I believe it all went down in this order:

1. Randy Wolf signs with Brewers.

2. John Lackey signs with Red Sox.

3. Jason Marquis signs with Nationals.

4. Aroldis Chapman signs with Reds.

5. Joel Pineiro signs with Angels.

As of now, there’s no telling who the Mets will target next, but obviously their “one target at a time” strategy has been a colossal failure. The Mets’ tactics were a major turn-off to most of the free agents who prefer to be serenaded these days.

The slow moving market that Omar Minaya kept referring to all off season, has screeched past the Mets and left them in the dust. All that remains now is one or two inning eaters and a handful of injury risks to choose from, some who may not even be ready by opening day.

Chien-Ming Wang, Ben Sheets and Jon Garland are the names you hear most often and what a motley crew they are.

Where have we seen this before?

Your sitting at the bar and it’s 2:00 AM and all the hot and attractive women are long gone. I’m stuck with the three scruffy looking ones at the back table. One more beer and they’ll be looking real good. Two more beers and I’ll be convinced that they were the ones I had my eyes on all along.

Ahh… such is the current Mets dillema…

The worst of it is this…

What happens when we awaken the next morning from our drunken stupor to find ourselves stuck with either Wang, Sheets or Garland?

Heck, even getting back together with my ex (Pedro Martinez) would have been a better option than going home with anyone of those three…

Somebody please pass me the Alka Seltzer… better yet, make that a Bloody Mary….

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Joel Pineiro To Angels Thu, 21 Jan 2010 03:24:50 +0000 Free Agent sinker-baller Joel Pineiro, one of the top free agent pitchers left on the market, is available no more. Pineiro has agreed in principle to a $16 million/2 year deal with the Los Angeles Angels.

Pineiro started his career with Seattle, as a starter, before shifting to a bullpen role with mixed results. He made his way to the Cardinals in 2007, and as many down-on-their-luck pitchers do when they come to a Dave Duncan team, they improve. Pineiro finished 15-12 with a .5 HR/9 innings ratio, and 3.49 ERA.

Pineiro drew interest from other teams, most notably the Brewers, Mets, and Dodgers. He recorded two dominating compelete game shutouts against the Mets, including a gem in the final week of the 2007 collapse, and a 2-hitter this season, that would have been a no-hitter had Luis Castillo not hit a single to CF, and Jeremy Reed not get a pinch-hit in the 9th. The 2009 gem only took 100 pitches.

With the impending signing of Pineiro, it appears that Ben Sheets, Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn and Jon Garland may be the best pitchers left.

Till Next Time

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We Need To Be Prepared Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:01:42 +0000 I know there are rumors flying around like crazy about pending free agent signings, and that the Mets are interested in the likes of Ben Sheets, Joel Pineiro and John Smoltz.  And while any of those guys are capable of stepping in and being, at the very least, our #4 starter, we should be prepared for the worst.  And that “worst” is the depth chart in our starting rotation as it stands today—Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Oliver Perez, and either Jon Niese or Fernando Nieve.

All six of those guys have battled injury recently, and Maine is on the DL once or twice every season.  Santana is coming back from elbow surgery, Pelfrey had a very inconsistent season as his role on the team became more prominent, and Perez absolutely flamed out once he signed that huge 3-year deal.  He came back stronger later in the season, but the guy has clearly lost something, either physically or mentally.  Niese and Nieve showed promise but that’s about it.

So here we are less than a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Florida, and we have basically the same starting staff as in 2009, the one that was a big reason for one of the worst seasons in quite some time—and one that can be considered a disaster based on the fact that this team went into 2009 as a playoff contender.  And based on this team’s injury history of late, adding a re-tread or two wouldn’t give me that much more hope.

Sure, we may be pleasantly surprised, but we certainly need to be prepared for the alternative.

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Is Pineiro or Garland Next On The Agenda? Mon, 04 Jan 2010 21:31:06 +0000 According to Mike Puma of the NY Post, the Mets may now be shifting gears and are turning their attention to obtaining a starting pitcher.

Minaya is still trying to strike a deal with free-agent catcher Bengie Molina and has turned attention in recent days to a starting pitching pool that includes Ben Sheets, Joel Pineiro and Jon Garland.

Based on many of the reports that are circulating, Pineiro is looking for a three-year deal worth between $30-$35 million dollars, while Garland could settle for something similar to the two-year deal that Jason Marquis got with the Nationals.

Ben Sheets, who is coming off Tommy John surgery, has refused to throw for any interested teams which seems kind of odd considering he is demanding a $12-15 million dollar deal. I could see this blowing up in some team’s face, and I hope it’s not us.

Although not mentioned in the Post article, Chien-Ming Wang who is ready to begin a throwing program in February, could be an option as well.

Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors, predicts that the Mets will sign Pineiro and writes,

Pineiro might be the best available starting pitcher, at least considering only those who were healthy in 2009.  Maybe given the lack of bidders the Mets could get him on a two-year deal.

Also, Mike Francesa announced today on WFAN, that he would be revealing yet another significant move by the Mets later in his show this evening.

Could this be for one of the aforementioned starters?

Anybody care to guess?

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The Market For Joel Pineiro Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:12:25 +0000 The Mets have been connected to free agent pitcher Joel Pineiro since the beginning of the off season. Pineiro is said to be Minaya’s top pitching target. It is believed that Pineiro is being pursued by the Dodgers and Angels as well.

Although Pineiro has at least three suitors, it remains to be seen if any of these teams will meet his contract demands. Pineiro is said to be looking for a three or four year contract at roughly 15 million a season. That is an insane asking price for a pitcher who has been up and down his entire career.

I strongly believe that Pineiro’s success in 2009 was due mostly to the work of Cardinals pitching coach, Dave Duncan. Duncan, one of the better pitching coachs in the game, is known for his reclamation projects. Pineiro will not put up numbers anyway near the numbers he put up in 2009.

The Mets are better off just letting Pineiro sign elsewhere, and turning their attention toward the trade market. Cubs ace, Carlos Zambrano, is said to be on the block. The Reds are also said to be shopping both Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang. Either of those three starters are more passable as a number two starter than Pineiro. If the Mets fail to pull off a trade, they can focus on Jon Garland, or they can take a risk on Ben Sheets or Eric Bedard.

It remains to be seen how Minaya intends to improve the starting rotation, but lets hope he doesn’t fall into the same mistake as last year and give a multi-year contract to a pitcher with a career full of up and downs.

Pineiro was 15-12 with a 3.49 ERA in 2009, and has a record of 87-79 with an ERA of 4.39 for his career.

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A Snapshot Of The Market For Starting Pitchers Mon, 28 Dec 2009 18:35:55 +0000 Here’s a snapshot of this years free agent market for starting pitchers.

I omitted some of the pitchers who quickly re-signed with their teams like Tim Hudson of the Braves, Carl Pavano of the Twins, and Scott Olsen of the Nationals.

Of the 29 remaining starters, more than half of them spent time on the disabled list in 2010, and 15 of them started 20 games or less. 

Latest Buzz

The Texas Rangers are considered to be the frontrunners for Jon Garland.

The New York Mets are interested in Joel Pineiro who is seeking a 3-4 year deal.

Ben Sheets is seeking a $12 million dollar deal, far more than what some other injury risks have signed for.

Tim Redding may be close to a deal with the Colorado Rockies.

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I’ve Still Got a Bad Feeling About This Offseason Thu, 03 Dec 2009 18:56:46 +0000 I wrote on this site a month or two ago that I had a bad feeling that Omar Minaya would not come away with any prize free agents or make any significant trades to improve the Mets heading into 2010.  I am closer to realizing that after reading this article on about Minaya moving at his own pace during the winter meetings next week.

Sure, the free agent pool is sort of thin this year, but anything less than an all-out effort to make this club better than the floundering one of 2009 will be flat-out unacceptable.  Yet, I’m pretty sure that’s how it will shake out.  This article mentioned that Matt Holliday or Jason Bay may not fit well in Citi Field’s outfield, but I sure as hell would rather one of them in the lineup than the other guy they mentioned—Mike Cameron.  But we’ll probably wind up with Cameron roaming our outfield again.

They go on to discuss some of the free agent pitchers like John Lackey, who apparently is asking for too much money.  Of course he is…. the man has put his time in with the Angels and he’s been a steadying force on that rotation for years.  I would have no problem overpaying for a guy like that, and the fact that the same guy who overpaid Ollie Perez last year is possibly balking at what Lackey is asking for is ludicrous.  This article goes on to mention other possibilities like Randy Wolf and Jason Marquis and Joel Pineiro.  One of those guys would be a decent #3 or #4 guy, but I wouldn’t even feel great if the Mets signed all three of them.

Folks, this is going to be a bad off-season for our team.  I’m not sure if Minaya is waiting for the stronger 2011 free agent class, or if he’s just a lousy GM.  Considering he may not last as our GM until 2011, I’m going with the latter.

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Mets Looking Closely At Former Cardinals Starter Wed, 18 Nov 2009 15:11:39 +0000 Yesterday, Adam Rubin of the Daily News reported that the Mets have some interest in free agent pitcher Joel Pineiro.

The Mets, in search of an innings-eater to stabilize their rotation, are particularly intrigued by free-agent righthander Joel Pineiro, according to a team insider.

Pineiro, 31, had 15 wins with the Cardinals in 2009, one shy of the career high he set with Seattle six years earlier. While tossing a career-high 214 innings, Pineiro produced a 3.49 ERA, struck out 105 and walked 27.

Pineiro’s walks-per-nine-innings rate (1.14) was the best in the majors in four years among pitchers who reached 200 innings, and was ahead of runner-up Roy Halladay’s 1.32 this season. That would distinguish Pineiro on a Mets staff that walked 616 batters last season, one off the franchise record set in 1999.

Pineiro also ranked first in the majors with a 2.73-to-1 ground ball-to-fly ball ratio last season. He had 21 quality starts and three complete games, with two shutouts.

Although I believe the Mets could use Pineiro and that he would be an upgrade over anyone else in the Mets rotation save Johan Santana, I am a little concerned about how long it’s been since he produce a similar type season in his career. 

You would have to go all the way back to 2002 to find the last time Pineiro finished the season with an ERA under 3.50. His career 4.39 ERA is almost a full run higher than his 2009 ERA. Pineiro also had the added benefit of pitching under the tutelage one of the game’s finest pitching coaches in Dave Duncan.

Back in August, our own Ed Leyro wrote a great read on Pineiro which I urge all of you to read here. He wrote,

Pitchers who keep the ball in the ballpark also keep their teams in ballgames.  Again, Joel Piñeiro fits that description to a tee.  So far this season, the sinkerball pitcher has only given up three home runs.  Of the Mets’ top four starters (Santana, Pelfrey, Hernandez, Perez), all of them have given up at least eight home runs.  Ollie is the one who has given up the fewest (8) and he missed two months of the season.

Joel Piñeiro does not walk hitters and does not give up the long ball.  He also keeps his pitch count low to allow him to pitch deeper into games, protecting the bullpen from being overused. 

It would be great if Pineiro showed up and shared all the knowledge he gleaned from Duncan and pass it all on to the Mets, obviously he must have had some impact and deserves some credit for Pineiro’s success in 2010.

In the end, it all comes down to the money.

If Pineiro is willing to sign a contract similar to the 2-year $13 million dollar contract he had with the Cardinals, I’m all ears. However, if the rumors are true that he is seeking a 3-year deal worth $30 million dollars, I avoid this situation like the plague. You can look if you want, but you can’t buy.

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Hot Stove Preview: Just For Starters Thu, 10 Sep 2009 12:15:57 +0000 Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, gets a head start on the hot stove season, and checks out some of the pitchers that will be headlining the rumor mills this offseason.

Obviously, some of these names could help the Mets who have 80% of their rotation coming back from surgery this spring including their ace, Johan Santana.

Rosenthal selects Angels right-hander John Lackey, as the pitcher on top of the food chain, but reminds us not to forget Tim Hudson who could be intriguing if he proves he’s healthy.

Other available pitchers will be Cubs right-hander Rich Harden, Dodgers lefty Randy Wolf, Tigers lefty Jarrod Washburn, Rockies righty Jason Marquis, Diamondbacks lefty Doug Davis and Dodgers righty Jon Garland.

Also, some of the same veterans you heard about last off season, will be available again this off season and they include; Phillies right-hander Pedro Martinez, Cardinals righty John Smoltz and Giants righty Brad Penny.

As for sleepers, consider Erik Bedard, Ben Sheets and Joel Pineiro to become more popular, especially once some of the healthier options are gone.

By the way, have you checked out Pedro’s stats since joining the Phillies?

It’s stuff like that which can really get me off to a bad day… Geez… I wasn’t that upset when he went to the Phillies, but mostly because I thought he was finished. Man was I wrong…

Should the Mets have any of the available pitchers on their radar?

Lackey will probably get an A.J. Burnett type deal from what I’m hearing, but what about some of the other options?

I would definitely take a shot on Joel Pineiro and offer a 3-year deal to him without hesitation. I always liked his stuff, and he really seems to have put it altogether this season with a 3.28 ERA in 183 innings pitched. What I love most is that he has only walked 20 batters all season long. I believe he would thrive in Citi Field.

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Should The Mets Sign Joel Piñeiro As A Free Agent? Tue, 04 Aug 2009 11:30:23 +0000 I’ll make this short and (hopefully) sweet, so please don’t shoot the blogger.  As you may already know, I am an optimist.  However, as much as I’d like to see the Mets have a miraculous finish to the 2009 season, every time they lose to second division teams like Arizona, the chances of them playing baseball deep into October at Citi Field seem to be as remote as Mo Vaughn being spotted eating a salad.  Therefore, I am temporarily turning my thoughts over to next season.  Please hear me out as I present to you my insane thought of the day.  When the Mets get together to discuss potential additions to their pitching staff for next season, I wouldn’t have a problem with Omar Minaya (or whoever the GM is in 2010) if he signed soon-to-be free agent Joel Piñeiro in the offseason.

Again, I ask you to please keep your tomatoes and other foreign objects to yourselves while I attempt to explain why making Joel Piñeiro a Met isn’t as bad an idea as you might think.

We’ve seen what happens when starting pitchers walk tons of hitters and register high pitch counts.  It stretches out the bullpen and forces the manager to bring in guys like Pat Misch and Tim Redding into pressure situations that they would normally not come into the game for.  If a pitcher can go deep into games, the bullpen can be used sparingly and in the proper situations.  Joel Piñeiro is a control pitcher who eats up innings.

Piñeiro has made 20 starts this season and has only walked 15 batters.  That’s less than one walk per start!  He has also pitched 136.1 innings in those 20 starts, or an average of nearly seven innings per start.  By comparison, Mike Pelfrey has made one more start than Piñeiro and has pitched 15 fewer innings.  Ace Johan Santana has also made one more start than Piñeiro and has only pitched two-thirds of an inning more.  Please remember that Piñeiro pitches for the St. Louis Cardinals, whose manager is known for going to his bullpen quite often.

Pitchers who keep the ball in the ballpark also keep their teams in ballgames.  Again, Joel Piñeiro fits that description to a tee.  So far this season, the sinkerball pitcher has only given up three home runs.  Of the Mets’ top four starters (Santana, Pelfrey, Hernandez, Perez), all of them have given up at least eight home runs.  Ollie is the one who has given up the fewest (8) and he missed two months of the season.

Joel Piñeiro does not walk hitters and does not give up the long ball.  He also keeps his pitch count low to allow him to pitch deeper into games, protecting the bullpen from being overused.  Because he has a 9-9 record in 2009, he is overlooked when it comes to potential free agent acquisitions.  However, his 2.84 ERA and 1.07 WHIP this season cannot be overlooked.  He is still relatively young (he’ll turn 31 in September) and can be signed for less money than it took to retain Oliver Perez’s services, as Piñeiro is finishing up a 2-year, $12.5 million contract.

Of course, die-hard Met fans know the damage he’s done to the Mets over the past few seasons.  He pitched eight shutout innings to defeat the Mets in a makeup game during the last week of the 2007 season.  This season he has defeated the Mets twice, giving up two runs in eight innings of work on April 22, followed by a two-hit shutout on June 23.  By the way, Piñeiro will be facing the Mets again tonight when the Cardinals come to Citi Field.

To quote noted philosopher Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that.”  I’ve got my Mets poncho on now, so feel free to hurl those tomatoes at me if you don’t think Piñeiro should be signed by the Mets.  But before you throw that first pitch, take a look at the list of potential free-agent pitchers.  When you do, you’ll see it’s a very weak class with few aces available.  I’ve already made my choice.  Joel Piñeiro in 2010!

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