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Mets Need To Realize Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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They’re gone!  Yes, Omar Minaya is thankfully no longer the General Manager of the New York Mets.  Even better news is that Jerry “The Gangsta” Manuel has finally been fired and will no longer be managing the Mets and laughing after a loss. I know the beat writers will miss him but we’re finally free […]

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Aftermath: Mets Fire Jerry Manuel And Omar Minaya

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Updated 11:30 AM According to the latest 20/20 news update on WFAN, Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel have been relieved of their duties. A press conference has been scheduled at Citi Field for 1:30. Mets CEO Jeff Wilpon released a brief statement that reads, “We need to hire a new General Manager with fresh perspective who will […]

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And The Award For The 2010 Mets Whipping Boy Goes To…

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He’s a terrible manager. He burns out the bullpen. He hooks the starters too quickly. The players don’t respond to him. There’s dissension in the clubhouse. He’s lost control of the team. He needs to go. Once we get rid of him things will improve. No, I’m not talking about Jerry Manuel. I heard these […]

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Like The 2010 Mets, Jerry Manuel Fades Into Obscurity

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It was interesting to hear Jerry Manuel evaluate his performance a couple of nights ago on SNY, admitting he pushed the envelope in bringing back Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, and the experiment with Reyes at third. Much of the self-evaluation had been written by posters at the time, but it must be remembered Manuel […]

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Thoughts On Minaya, Manuel and Manic Monday

An article by posted on September 30, 2010 47 Comments

The earth shook this afternoon in New York when a source told 7 Train To Shea that Omar Minaya will be fired as the Mets GM on Monday and will not be reassigned. And if that revelation wasn’t shocking enough, that same source also reported that Jerry Manuel will not be asked to stay on as the manager of […]

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In Praise Of Jerry Manuel

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I write this morning to bring attention to the Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel, a man who has been with the team for only a short time, comparatively speaking, and has always maintained his own persona and has kept the Mets on an even keel under his guidance.   Just remember, Jerry doesn’t play the game, he […]

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Joe Torre Apologizes, Officially Closes Door On Mets

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Updated 10:30 PM From ESPN NY, more comments from Joe Torre. “I apologize. He is right that I shouldn’t have said that, and I don’t think I did. Somebody asked me if I would take a call from Fred Wilpon. I have known Fred Wilpon forever. I won’t be managing the Mets, and I thought I […]

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Hello I’m Jeff Wilpon And I’m A Habitual Meddler

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“They have a problem they don’t understand: This is not a desirable location. New York is desirable, but this is the wrong borough. I don’t think it has sunk in with Jeff yet that he is running a team that the best people might not want to work for.”  ~  An NL Executive I think […]

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Something Is Definitely Up

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Some weird happenings are taking place in Metsville in the last few days. First, Jeff Wilpon and John Ricco make an unexpected stop in Atlanta on Monday to watch the Mets lose to the Bravos. It prompts Anthony DiComo of MLB.com, to suggest a potential shakeup was in the works. “With just over a month remaining in the […]

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Jerry Manuel Just Doesn’t Get It

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Jerry Manuel told the New York Post that he’d love to know his job status for next season. “Jerry Manuel admitted yesterday that he would ‘love to know’ if the organization plans to bring him back next season, but he also isn’t about to seek out GM Omar Minaya or Jeff Wilpon for an answer.  Manuel, whose […]

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Pain Management: Finding A Successor For Jerry Manuel

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As we await the inevitable firing of Mets manager Jerry Manuel, there’s no shortage of names in the Mets blogosphere for potential candidates. But much of what I’m hearing seems more like reliving the “good old days” rather than assuring we get the best person for the job. Ask most Mets fans and read most […]

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