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Forget Bobby Valentine and Consider Ryne Sandberg

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There’s a lot of talk regarding change these days in Mets circles. There’s talk of change at both the general manager and the team manager position too. One name that continues to popup is former Mets manager Bobby Valentine, who is suddenly very available.  I know that there are still many Bobby Valentine fans out there, […]

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Can The Mets Return To Form In August?

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Every time an updated injury report is released, August appears to be the month circled for the majority of the disabled players to make their return to the Mets.  What will this mean for the players who have been thrust into everyday roles over the past few months?  Let’s start analyzing what August has in […]

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Pedro Feliciano Has Gone From Specialist To Special

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Here’s a quick question for you to consider.  Who is the longest tenured Mets player currently on the 25-man roster who has not played in the majors for any other franchise during his time with the team?  Although you might think the answer is Jose Reyes, he’s only been with the team since June 2003. […]

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Sheffield Becomes The Latest Guest At The DL Hotel

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According to our friend Adam Rubin in his Daily News blog, Gary Sheffield has become the latest Mets player to be placed on the disabled list.  He will be replaced on the Mets roster by tonight’s starting pitcher, Jonathon Niese. Sheffield hadn’t played since the July 18 game against the Braves, when he was taken […]

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Now Batting Sixth… First Baseman… Livan Hernandez

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From the archives of the strange, but true… The Mets may have found themselves a new utility infielder who can play first base, third base, pinch hit, and even pitch a complete game. And the best part is, we don’t have to give up any propsects to get him because he’s already on the team. Adam Rubin of […]

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Mets Literally Add Insult To Injury

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For the first time in six years, the Mets began the second half of the season with a loss, falling a season-low 7 1/2 games behind the division leading Phillies. As if that wasn’t enough, last night the Mets were handed their second straight loss after the break, their eighth shutout of the season, and […]

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Can Things Get Better? Maybe

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For as bad as the Mets have looked at times this season (and I have advocated blowing up the team or just not paying attention to them anymore), it’s almost miraculous that they are not worse than three games under .500 and 6 ½ games out of first place.  When you think about the lousy […]

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Three Strikes And Your Out? Great Idea!

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Michael Baron of MetsBlog had an interesting quote from Jerry Manuel in a post this morning regarding the starting rotation. The Mets have setup their rotation for after the break and it will go as follows beginning with the four games against the Atlanta Braves. Oliver Perez on Thursday (Braves) Mike Pelfrey on Friday (Braves) Johan Santana on […]

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Please Give Me 10 Minutes in the Dugout!

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JMAN’s post-game last night–not so good. Very Randolph-esque now. Lots of mumblin’, lots of hoping, lots of “it’s not so good; we have to try to turn it around” crap! Fans, I’m thinkin’ it’s high time for a little fire and brimstone. Whadda ya say? No one would seriously argue that a bit of the […]

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More Shame And Wrong Moves: Time To Fire Manuel

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What was the score tonight? A hundred to two, or some such. I checked out in the fourth inning to garden and get to know my children, who’ve known only a Mets fan psycho for the past month or so. Being true to my Mets OCD-self, however, I had to keep checking back. At the […]

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