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A Fitting Gesture With A Sprinkle Of Hope?

An article by posted on October 2, 2009 0 Comments

As we reported yesterday, the Mets have announced that no tickets will go up in price next season for Citi Field, and that they will reduce season-ticket prices by 10 to 20 percent. They will also be reducing the number of gold level ticket games which put a premium on desirable matchups. That’s a fitting gesture […]

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Mets VP Calls Madoff Claims Outrageous And Grossly Irresponsible

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Yesterday, Erin Arvedlund, author of the book “Too Good To Be True”, appeared on FOX Business News and faced off against Mets VP of Business Operations, Dave Howard. Howard vehemently denied some of the charges that Arvedlund made in her book which claims that the Wilpons lost $700 million in the Madoff Ponzi scheme, and […]

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The Proof Is In The Pudding… Or Lack Of It

An article by posted on August 31, 2009 0 Comments

The Mets have released a statement that the fall instructional league has not been canceled, but only shifted to the the Dominican Republic. Still, it’s a cost cutting maneuver no matter how they wish to present it. They can do all the damage control they want and deny every instance of their obvious cost cutting moves, […]

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Mets Minors Seem To Have Major Concerns

An article by posted on August 19, 2009 0 Comments

The Mets Minor League system has been the subject of debate all season long in 2009. The criticism is mostly justified in my opinion based on two things. 1. The Mets claim that they have a superior farm system loaded with talent that they consider untouchable. The overall standings of the Mets minor league affiliates tells a […]

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I Urge The Wilpons To Spare Us Anymore Frustration

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According to Matt Cerrone and Adam Rubin, Omar Minaya could be getting phased out in favor of John Ricco who is currently the Assistant GM of the Mets. They also speculate that there could be a swap of roles where Omar slips into a player development role, while Ricco becomes the front man. I’m no […]

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Dial M For Minaya

An article by posted on July 30, 2009 0 Comments

Where is Omar Minaya? After triggering a stunning turn of events at a press conference that was intended to announce the firing of Tony Bernazard, Minaya has been invisible from the public eye. Omar Minaya made the firing of Bernazard a mere footnote after levying a sharp and unexpected attack on Adam Rubin’s integrity. He came off like a vindictive […]

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Mets Dishing Out Apologies, Wilpon Not Happy

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Mets COO Jeff Wilpon met with reporters shortly before the start of last night’s game and offered his apologies for what transpired during Omar Minaya’s press conference on Monday. “After some reflection, I thought it was important to come out and talk to everybody. We’re very sorry about what happened. It was the wrong forum. The […]

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Omar, Any Respect I Had For You Is Gone!

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Before you read any further I just want to make it clear that I have never, I repeat never inquired about getting a job with Player Development for the New York Mets. Yesterday Omar Minaya after what I am sure was an exhausting investigation into the Tony Bernazard situation finally announced that the Mets fired […]

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K-Rod Was Also The Object Of Bernazard’s Ire

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According to a new entry on Bart Hubbuch’s Mets blog for the NY Post, Mets minor league players were not the only ones subjected to the mad ravings of Mets VP Tony Bernazard. Bart Hubbuch writes, It turns out that ripping his shirt off and challenging minor-league players to fight him isn’t even Tony Bernazard’s most recent […]

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More Of The Same Next Year!

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Yesterday on his twitter Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman posted the following: “minaya, manuel have been told by mets boss jeff wilpon they wont be fired over this painful season.” This organization continues to amaze me. The past 2 seasons have ended with the Mets missing the post season by 1 game, losing that important 1 […]

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