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This Organization Is A Joke!

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Yesterday it came out that Johan Santana would miss his next start and go see a doctor for his ailing pitching elbow.  Another day and another Met injury no longer surprises me anymore with this Mickey Mouse organization but what does surprise me is that the Mets knew about this and did NOTHING!  Johan Santana […]

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F-Mart: Is It Too Soon To Judge?

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In July 2005 the New York Mets signed 16 year old Fernando Martinez.  F-Mart was given a signing bonus of $1.4 million and from that point on was labeled as the future of the New York Mets.  Omar Minaya said of F-Mart when he signed that: “What we saw in [Martinez] was a 16-year-old kid […]

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News On Reyes and Beltran

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David Lennon, the New York Mets beat writer for Newsday on his twitter account has some news on Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes and it’s not good, not at all.  On Reyes, Lennon says: “Reyes back in NYC. Got another cortisone shot. Shut down again for a few days. Not good.” On Beltran the news […]

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Midseason Recap: Does The Future Look Bright?

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Including today’s game with the Phillies, the Mets have now played 81 games.  They’ve reached the midway point of the season battered and bruised, but still breathing.  Their record stands at 39-42, leaving them four games behind first place Philadelphia.  Somehow, they’ve managed to stay competitive in the standings while occasionally looking pathetic on the […]

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Where Are The Mets Priorities At?

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These days the Mets are a bit of mess as an organization.  There is almost 70 million dollars sitting on the disabled list, the roster is made up of guys who should be in the minor leagues or at best they are back up guys, the farm system has suffered some blows this past week […]

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F-Mart It’s Your Time To Shine!

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For the last 4 years we have been hearing about Fernando “F-Mart” Martinez.  The 16 year old was praised as the future of the New York Mets.  F-Mart was the 5 tool player that the Mets were going to make into their next superstar.  There were growing pains of course, the last couple of seasons […]

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Phillies’ Raul Ibanez Placed on 15-Day DL

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The Philadelphia Phillies will be needing a new bat in the lineup for at least two weeks.  SI.com is reporting that Raul Ibanez has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained groin.  He is eligible to return from the DL on July 3, but Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is unsure […]

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Mets Fans Are Grumbling While The Team Is Stumbling

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As the injuries have been piling up for the Mets over the past few weeks and the losses to teams like the Pirates and Nationals continue, Mets fans have come out in droves complaining about the team and their chances to make any kind of noise in the National League East.  To those fans, I […]

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Morning Grind – Wright’s Streaks Are Killing Me, And Please Fire These Guys!

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The Morning Grind is the place for Mets fans to sound off on anything and everything! An open thread for ranting and raving about the Mets, completely raw and uncensored! Whats Bugging Me 1. David Wright – I’ve just realized that my freaking mood swings lately are directly related to David Wright’s cold and hot streaks at […]

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Why Are The Mets So Bad At Handling Injuries?

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This team when it comes to handling injuries is just horrible.  We saw it last year with Ryan Church’s concussion in Atlanta.  The Mets gave him a game off, flew him to Colorado and had him playing while suffering a concussion.  It was a major setback to the season as Church was not the same […]

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