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White Sox Nab Andruw Jones For $500K

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According to Bruce Levine of  ESPN the Chicago White Sox have signed outfielder Andruw Jones to a one year contract worth $500K with incentives that could bring the value up to $1.5 million dollars. Levine writes that the move was done to soften the blow of losing Scott Podsednik to free agency, but that they currently […]

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The Mets Do Need Home Run Hitters

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There is so much talk about what the Mets need next year.  Should we build a team to take advantage of the CitiField dimensions?  That means pitching, defense, and speed.  Maybe the answer is yes.  But you cannot ignore the need for power in the lineup.  Here are some interesting statistics.  The Mets had 93 homerless […]

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Mets Would Do Well To Get Joe Beimel

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As the Mets sort through their to-do list and figure out how much they have versus how many things they need, they may want to consider a low cost option to replace J.J. Putz as the setup man, a setup man they hardly got their money’s worth on in 2009. There is a very good […]

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Will Wright Ever Hit 30 Homeruns Again?

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I recently was emailed this question by one of our readers. I heard that the Mets will not alter the dimensions of Citi Field next season. Does this mean that David Wright is doomed to be a 10-12 homerun hitter instead of a 30 homerun hitter? I was a little surprised myself when I heard […]

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2004 Versus 2009 – Howe Bad Can It Get?

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I decided to take a look at our 2004 season this morning. That was the last time the Mets finished below .500 and pretty much spelled doom for manager Art Howe and Interim General Manager Dan Duquette. That season the Mets finished in fourth place with a record of 71-91. Currently, the Mets have a […]

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Here’s How Bob Murphy Would Have Called It

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So much for all that talk about Citi Field being the place where would-be homeruns go to die… Last night, baseballs were flying out of Citi Field like nobody’s business as the Phillies and Mets combined to hit seven homeruns to set a new single game record and smashing the previous high of five at […]

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Is Too Much Being Made Of The Lack Of Home-Runs?

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The last couple of weeks fans and writers have been talking about the lack of power the Mets have displayed so far this season.  The Mets this year have hit only 34 home-runs.  Obviously the absence of Carlos Delgado has affected the number of home-runs the Mets will hit this season.  Jose Reyes, who also […]

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Don’t Blame Citi Field For Mets Power Outage!

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Everyone is blaming Citi Field for the Mets power outage this season, but is that really the case? While researching for another post this morning, I took a look at some Mets team stats and came across some information that some of you may find surprising. I learned that the Mets have hit more homeruns […]

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If Church Goes On DL, It Screams For An F-Mart Callup

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I wrote extensively on promoting F-Mart last week, but now with news that Ryan Church could go on the DL, it’s worth revisiting. Adam Rubin of the Daily News writes, Ryan Church will be examined by team doctors in New York on Monday, and hopes to get a definitive idea of what’s ailing him and […]

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Fenway Will Be The Cure For Mets Power Outage

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Yes, I’ve heard all the gloomy numbers regarding the Mets homerun drought. They haven’t homered in 69 straight innings and 307 plate appearances. David Wright was asked about the recent power outage and this is what he said to reporters on Wednesday, “We’ve played in big parks,” third baseman David Wright said, fully aware that […]

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