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Mets Memories – Ron Swoboda

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Mets Memories – Ron Swoboda

To most younger Mets fans with a sense of history, Ron Swoboda will always be remembered for his great catch and clutch hits that helped the Mets win the 1969 World Series against Baltimore. But for those of us who remember when he first came up in spring training of 1964, Swoboda represented great hope. […]

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My Interview with Mets Prospect Josh Satin

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1st Inning – As a Cal alum, how proud were you to see the team advance to the College World Series after nearly being forced to fold? As a cal alum I was very proud of the team and their accomplishments this season. I’m still very close with the head coach there so I’m so […]

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Oh, Ollie

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Oh, Ollie (Sing to the tune of Oh, Mandy) I remember falling rain. Duaner Sanchez, hunger pains. Looking for a cab, and craving tamales. We never reailized, it’ll all lead to Ollie. Oh Ollie, well you came and destroyed our rotation. But we signed you anyway. Oh Ollie, never could find your speed and location. […]

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D-Backs Pummel Mets 14-1, In Worst Home Loss Of Season

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Mets still having trouble winning back-to-back games as they get killed by the Arizona Diamondbacks again, losing 14-1. The Mets were finally able to beat the D-Backs yesterday but the story was different today as the pitching, offense, and defense were all missing today. Once again the Mets make a pitcher they have never seen […]

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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Celebrating?

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On Saturday, after the the young first base Kendry Morales hit a game-ending grand slam in the 10th inning of the Angels’ 5-1 victory against Seattle, Morales had to be carted away from home plate and sent to the hospital. Morales broke his left leg after landing awkwardly at home plate. Followed by his team pummeling […]

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Pelfrey Should Try Re-Naming His Pitches

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Remember in the classic baseball movie Major League 2, when Charlie Sheen’s character, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, had the hilarious habit of naming and re-naming each of the pitches in his arsenal? Including the new pitch he was working on that spring? Maybe Mike Pelfrey should consider naming his pitches beginning with his sinker, which I now […]

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Is Kiko Calero A Better LOOGY Than Joe Beimel?

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You may have already read that even though the Mets just signed right-handed reliever Kiko Calero to a minor league contract, the Mets still remained interested in free agent reliever Joe Beimel. The Mets already have an offer on the table for the local southpaw, but Beimel is looking for something closer to $2 million […]

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Homeruns vs. Runs Scored – A Decade Worth Of Evidence

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I started writing this post about a week after the start of free agency. It ended up on the back burner as the Mets off season took on a life and a news cycle of its own. This morning, I came across an excellent blog post by Mike Silva of NYBD on this very subject which inspired me […]

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Jason Bay Passes Physical, Press Conference Tomorrow

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Despite the ridiculous warnings of impending injuries that would be revealed during his physical, Jason Bay passed his much anticipated physical with flying colors. The anti-Bay contingency must now find another tactic to cast aspersions on this signing after failing to prove that Bay is a defensive black hole or that he had several unreported broken […]

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Mets Considering Adam Kennedy For Second Base

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According to Ken Rosenthal via MLBTR, the Mets are showing heavy interest in second baseman Adam Kennedy, formerly of the A’s. The Diamondbacks are also interested in the 34 year old Kennedy and view him as a potential starter at second base.  Kennedy batted .289 with 11 homeruns and 63 RBIs for the Oakland A’s. He also scored 65 […]

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