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Greg Burke has signed a minor league deal with the Colorado Rockies according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New YorkThe righthanded side-armer posted a 5.68 ERA and 1.83 WHIP in 31.2 innings pitched with the Mets last season.I prayed for another team to sign him yesterday and it actually happened…  :-)

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Matt Eddy of Baseball America reports that 17 Mets minor leaguers are now free agents and can sign with any other organization. They are as follows:

Triple-A (11 Free Agents)

RHP Carlos Alvarado

RHP Greg Burke

RHP Matt Fox

RHP D.J. Mitchell

RHP Daryl Thompson

RHP Cory Wade

LHP Justin Hampson

Francisco Pena

SS Brian Bixler

SS Brandon Hicks

OF Jamie Hoffmann.

Double-A (6 Free Agents)

RHP Dylan Owen

RHP Armando Rodriguez

Jeyckol De Leon

SS Josh Rodriguez

1B Rhyne Hughes

3B Richard Lucas.

Almost all of these players were brought in from other organizations in the last two seasons when Sandy Alderson went on a minor league free agent spree to add some depth to the system.

The only players here that I could see coming back are 33-year old Justin Hampson, who has developed a good relationship with the team and is well liked. Hampson has been here twice before and was re-signed by the Mets both times.

It was already reported that the Mets may have some interest in bringing back reliever Greg Burke, but he has drawn interest from at least two other teams who may entice him with a major league deal rather than a minor league deal from the Mets.

Francisco Pena, who just turned 24 last month, could re-sign and return to the Mets. Given the scarcity of catching at the higher levels, the defensive-minded backstop is a good guy to have around as many of the Mets top pitching prospects make their way to Triple-A next season.

(Photo credit: Gordon Donovan)

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Mets Interested In Bringing Back Greg Burke Mon, 04 Nov 2013 03:54:37 +0000 greg burke

The New York Mets showed some slight improvement last season in the bullpen after having the worst bullpen in the major leagues in their two previous seasons.

The Mets ranked 27th with a .259 opposing batting average, 30th in strikeouts, 25th in WHIP and finished 22nd with a 3.99 ERA.

Among the 12 relievers to appear in 15 or more games for the Mets last season, righthander Greg Burke ranked last with a 1.83 WHIP and 5.68 ERA in an appalling 32 appearances. Opposing offenses torched the 31-year old for a .312 batting average, allowing 43 hits and 15 walks in 31.2 innings.

You would think that would spell the end for his short and disastrous Mets tenure, but in fact the Mets are interested in re-signing him to a minor league deal, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.

The question of course is why? I didn’t realize we were that hard up…

The fact is that once the Mets started to play their own younger and internal options, the bullpen started to perform infinitely better in the second half of last season.

In addition to solid options like rookies Scott Rice and Gonzalez Germen, the Mets have some more great internal options on the way in Jeff Walters and Jack Leathersich along with promising holdovers Vic Black, longman Carlos Torres and Josh Edgin.

The good news is that Burke is also drawing early interest from the Blue Jays and Rockies and could receive offers from both of those teams soon.

Thank God for small favors…

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The Fastest Path To The Post-Season Is Still Pitching Fri, 25 Oct 2013 13:02:02 +0000 When asked to describe the Mets’ biggest need to be addressed in the coming offseason, most of us would almost automatically talk about the team’s offense first.  To be sure, after coming in 23rd out of 30 MLB teams in runs scored, there can be no doubt that the myriad of offensive woes bandied about throughout this past season will need to be redressed if the Flushing squad is to have any realistic chance of competing in 2014. But an examination of league and MLB stats for 2013 is revealing when isolating what has separated the playoff-bound squads from the rest of the pack.

The top five teams in the NL in pitching all reached the postseason this year, and not coincidentally were the only teams in the league to reach or exceed the 90-win plateau. By contrast, two of the top five finishers in NL runs scored, Colorado and Arizona, finished well out of the running, finishing with 74 and 81 wins respectively. In the AL, the top pitching team was Kansas City, but the Royals fell short of the championship rounds by virtue of an anemic offense that wound up scoring more than 200 fewer runs than the league champion Red Sox. Outside of this exception, the remaining top six finishers in league ERA all made it to at least a Wild Card slot. On the offensive side, Baltimore was tied with Cleveland for 4th in the league in runs scored but failed to notch a playoff slot as their 10th-best rated pitching proved too big an obstacle to overcome. The Indians, a few notches better at 7th in the league, were able to get a brief taste of fall competition before being bounced by Tampa Bay in Wild Card play.

wheeler harvey

The takeaway? Pitching wins pennants, to repeat an old saw, although we should throw in the added condition of having at least a league-average offense. This being the case, how much would the Mets have to improve to achieve a top-five quality mound staff to go with at least a middle-of-the-pack group of batsmen? The answer is maybe not as far as you would think.

The Mets finished the season with a 3.77 team ERA, good for 8th in the NL. A more revealing set of stats are those for Quality Starts, where the team total of 94 was tied for 2nd in the league (with Cincinnati), and relief ERA where the team’s figure of 3.98 was good (or bad) for 12th in the circuit. Clearly the ongoing Achilles’ heel of the bullpen was to blame for much of what proved to be yet another go-round of mediocrity for the Orange and Blue.

While addressing the absence of Matt Harvey will be foremost in the minds of many when looking at the team’s mound-staff for next season, clearly finding someway to finally shed the albatross of an underperforming bullpen simply MUST be achieved for the team to have a real chance to compete.

On the offensive side, the Mets finished with a total of 619 runs scored, 30 below the league average and good for 11th in the NL. While this is decidedly uninspiring, it should be noted that the Pirates also finished below the league average in scoring with 634, but were boosted to their first postseason slot in decades by a pitching staff that finished 3rd in league ERA, due in no small part to their bullpen which led the league in saves and trailed only Atlanta in relief ERA.

So while looking to boost offensive production remains an important goal, it would seem that by putting even greater emphasis on pitching, particularly on the relief corps, Sandy Alderson and crew would be doing more to actually move the Mets closer to postseason play. Some solid pieces are in place or potentially available in players such as Bobby Parnell, Carlos Torres, Scott Rice, Vic Black, Jeurys Familia and (hopefully) LaTroy Hawkins. Improvement will be needed from those who play the role of workhorse middle men a la Scott Atchinson and David Aardsma, and abysmal showings along the lines of what was obtained from the inconsistent Greg Burke and the now-departed Robert Carson and Brandon Lyon will have to be eliminated as much as possible.

Building a solid relief corps has clearly been a challenge for this organization, but with the development of Parnell into an apparently solid closer and the improvement of the ‘pen over the second half of the 2013 season (3.68 ERA, down from a first half mark of 3.83), there will hopefully be enough of a foundation in place to make it less of a daunting task than usual.

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Xtreem Ideas: Mets Should Try Revolutionizing Free Agency This Winter Tue, 22 Oct 2013 00:56:06 +0000 Sounds so easy, don’t it? Just revolutionize a 40-year institution. Look, the bottom line is this: free agency is dying a slow death, anyway. Each year the class gets thinner and thinner because teams are locking up their young studs early and buying out their prime years so that the players that do eventually hit the market are all on the wrong side of 30 or middling, non-impact players, and usually both. The middling players are filler, and the occasional impact players on the wrong side of 30 are huge risks for most of the league to consider.

robinson-cano3-540x422Robinson Cano is a perfect example. He’s a top-three player in all of baseball and still in his prime, and his initial request of 10 years and $305 million will get his representatives laughed off the phone, but he’d likely end up signing something between teammates Mark Teixeira’s (8/180) and Alex Rodriguez’s (10/275) deals. I’d make a rough estimate at 8 years and $200 million dollars. Cano turns 31 next week and therefore would spend the bulk of the contract playing beyond age 34 than before it.

It’s apparent that the Mets hierarchy is adverse to such risks, and I applaud them for it. It’s clear that most of baseball is as well, which is why this conundrum exists to begin with. The biggest deals are going to the younger stars entering their prime, not the ones leaving it. But there are holes to fill and some supreme talent available.

According to Baseball Reference (who makes educated estimates on arbitration costs; Cot’s does not), the Mets will pay out $54.8 million to their players under guaranteed contracts and eligible for arbitration, as well as bought-out options and deferred payments. This of course includes arbitration players such as Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Greg Burke, Jordany Valdespin and other players whose return to the Mets is questionable. It’s safe to assume not everyone will return, so let’s round off committed payroll to $50 million for the sake of argument.

I don’t wish to get into a debate on just how much the Mets will spend over the winter. That’s not the point. The point is to come up with a way the Mets can sign free agents, but alleviate the overwhelming risks in doing so. Here’s the answer:

Overpay in money to keep the contract length shorter. Simple, right?

If Cano wants to have the highest AAV in baseball history, fine. Let him have it. Five years, $150 million. I’d even give him $175 million for five years. Is it that asinine? If he would get $25 million a year in a “normal” contract, wouldn’t you rather pay him an extra $5-$10 million a year to NOT have to pay him $25-$50 million over those final three least productive years? You could sell him on the idea that he’d get his $30 million a year and allay his issues with “pay cut” by pointing out he could still sign another contract at age 36. Signing Cano wouldn’t pigeon-hole the Mets into looking for a power bat from the left side in the outfield, because he would be their lefty power bat and allow them to simply find an outfielder, not necessarily an impact outfielder. He would also allow the Mets to shop Daniel Murphy in a package to bring back something to fill another hole.

Hiroki KurodaAnd they should do the same with Hiroki Kuroda, in my opinion the best free agent starting pitcher available. It’s been widely speculated that Kuroda will play for either the Yankees or the Dodgers, or go back to Japan. He made $15 million pitching in New York in 2013, so why not offer him $20 million to do the same in 2014. Kuroda might possibly be the best free agent fit for the Mets (with apologies to Cano and Shin-Soo Choo) because he would only sign for one year, which is exactly the length of time it would take Matt Harvey to return. He would also be the veteran presence the young pitching staff needs.

While that wouldn’t be a sacrifice at all for Kuroda, who wouldn’t have to move and get a handsome raise for not doing so, would Cano make that sacrifice? He has every right to look for every last cent he can get, and if he chooses not to leave $25-$50 million on the table and try for the longest, richest contract he can get, then good luck to him. But achieving his desire to have the highest AAV in MLB history and still signing another contract at age 36 to make up for the money he “lost” in the deal are inherent positives in taking that hypothetical deal from the Mets.

Suppose this all comes to fruition. That leaves the Mets with a manageable $100 million payroll. To put that in perspective, it would have ranked the Mets 15th in baseball if they sported that payroll in 2013 and would only be roughly $9 million more than their actual payroll. It’s likely Cano wouldn’t take that deal. It’s even less likely the Mets would spend $100 million in 2014. But it would get the Mets the best hitter and best pitcher available, fill a few holes, do it for a reasonable total payroll cost, and send one hell of a shockwave through Major League Baseball.

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Baxter Claimed By Dodgers, Carson To Angels, Henn and Burke Ourighted Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:19:52 +0000 Robert Carson

The Mets 40-Man roster is now at 36 after the Angels claimed lefthander Robert Carson on waivers, the Dodgers grabbed outfielder Mike Baxter, and the team outrighted LHP Sean Henn and RHP Greg Burke.

Expect more purging as the Mets must make room for Ike Davis, Josh Edgin, Matt Harvey, Jeremy Hefner, Jenrry Mejia, Bobby Parnell, Scott Rice and Johan Santana who must all be activated from 60-day disabled list and placed on the 40-man roster.

So technically, the Mets now have 44 players which means four more heads to roll.

With Halloween around the corner, this is perfect timing for some tricks or treats…

Original Post

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York reports on the impending 40-man roster crunch the Mets will soon face after the World Series.

The Mets’ 40-man roster actually will be full even before the club adds farmhands eligible for the Rule 5 draft or signs any free agents this winter to major league deals.

That’s because eight players finished the season on the 60-day disabled list, where they did not count against the 40-man roster: Ike DavisJosh EdginMatt HarveyJeremy HefnerJenrry MejiaBobby ParnellScott Rice and Johan Santana.

So the Mets, in essence, finished the season with 48 players on the 40-man roster.

Rubin adds that because the Mets only have eight free agents, the 40-man roster will be full once the players are activated from the 60-day DL no later than five days after the World Series.

David AardsmaTim ByrdakPedro FelicianoFrank FranciscoAaron HarangLaTroy HawkinsDaisuke Matsuzaka and Johan Santana will all become free agents after an exclusive, but short, negotiating window.

Who is the most likely to go?

You can be sure that Robert CarsonSean HennZach Lutz, and Mike Baxter may be the first to go. Guys on the bubble will include position players Kirk NieuwenhuisJordany Valdespin and Andrew Brown. and reliever Scott Atchison.

Prospects the Mets will have to protect from the Rule 5 draft include Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Darin Gorski, Jeff Walters and Cory Vaughn among others. They will need to be added to the 40-man by Nov. 20.

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Choo Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me… Mets Seeing Red After 3-2 Walkoff Loss Tue, 24 Sep 2013 03:40:49 +0000 shin-soo choo


Aaron Harang went six strong and Duda had a day, but it was not enough as the Reds edged the Amazin’s 3-2.

The Reds struck first when (future Met?????) Shin-Soo Choo hit a grounder right back up the middle to bring around Todd Frazier. Harang then issued consecutive walks, plating Ryan Hanigan and giving the Reds a 2-0 lead.

The Mets hit right back in the third when Lucas Duda plated Harang on a sac fly. Duda made himself known again in the sixth, when he smacked his fifteenth homer of the year over the right field fence.

Harang settled in after the second, allowing just one more hit through the next four frames. He was pulled after the sixth with a great line: 6 IP, 5H, 2ER, 6BB, 1K. He battled with his command, but pushed through and actually had a really solid day.

Gonzalez Germen relieved Harang and pitched two/thirds of the seventh, and Pedro Feliciano capped off the scoreless frame.

The Mets threatened in the eighth after getting the two leadoff men on, but to no avail. After David Wright K’d looking, Lucas Duda grounded into a double play and in the blink of an eye the threat was ended.

Then it was the Reds’ turn. After a two-out single by Hanigan, stolen-base machine Billy Hamilton worked his magic and was in scoring position just like that (how do you screw up a pitchout?). However, Frank Francisco got his strikeout and it was on to the ninth.

After Aroldis Chapman made quick work of the Amazins in the top, Tim Byrdak was on to shut down the Reds in the ninth. He didn’t last long. Shin-Soo Choo smacked a double to the gap, and Byrdak was done. Aardsma was on to relieve him, but on his first pitch Choo swiped third on after Travis d’Arnaud‘s questionable throw to second base.

After the bases quickly loaded up, Aardsma really bore down and the game was off to extra innings.

The Mets offered another quiet top half, and Greg Burke was on for the bottom of the tenth. After he allowed a few seeing-eye hits, his night was done as he left runners on the corners for Sean Henn.

Henn only lasted two pitches; Choo blasted a ball to left-center and the game was over. It was the Mets’ 72nd loss of the year.

The series continues tomorrow at 7:10, when Jon Niese faces off against Mike Leake.

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Mets Pitching Suffers, Gio Lights Out In 9-0 Blowout Tue, 10 Sep 2013 02:22:10 +0000 carlos torres

Spoiler Alert: This game was really, really ugly. Let’s get right to it…

The Nationals got off to a quick start off of Carlos Torres when Denard Span and Ryan Zimmerman hit back-to-back jacks to lead off the game. Torres would settle down, but just for a while.

After a quiet second, the Nats struck again in the third when Jayson Werth took the first pitch he saw to left center for a three run home run. It was Werth’s 22nd of year. The Nats went up 5-0, but that was just the beginning.

The fatal blow to Torres was a Tyler Moore solo bomb in the fourth. Torres final line was this: HORRIBLE.

Greg Burke relieved Torres, but fared about the same. Wilson Ramos smacked a dinger to left center, bringing in two other Nats and for the last time, expanding their lead to 9.

While this was a brutal game to watch, at least it was fun coming up with all these different names to call home runs.

Meanwhile, Gio Gonzalez tossed an absolute gem, allowing only three Met baserunners. Zach Lutz was the lone hero, leading off the seventh with a single ando, while this was a brutal game to watch, it was fun coming up with all these different names to call home runs.

The series continues tomorrow at 7:10, when Jordan Zimmermann and Dillon Gee will face off for game two of this four game series.

bark in park dog citi

The dogs were out in full force at Citi Field tonight…

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Mets Announce Aaron Harang Will Start Thursday Against The Nationals Mon, 09 Sep 2013 20:37:24 +0000 harang

The Mets announced that Aaron Harang will get the start on Thursday against the Washington Nationals.

Harang, 35, had his contract selected today from Las Vegas (AAA) of the Pacific Coast League and will wear uniform No. 44.

Recently, he pitched 6.0 innings, allowed six hits, three runs, earned, issued two walks and struck out six vs. Salt Lake in Game Four of the PCL semi-finals on September 7.

The veteran righthander was 5-11 with a 5.76 ERA in 22 starts this year for the Seattle Mariners. He was released last month and signed by the Mets to a minor-league deal last week.

Original Post

The Mets announced that they have called up outfielder Mike Baxter, starting pitcher Aaron Harang, and catcher Juan Centeno, following Sunday’s 2-1 win against the Indians. All three had been assigned to Triple-A Las Vegas before they were eliminated from the postseason play on Saturday night.

All three will be on hand for the start of a four game series against the Washington Nationals, tonight at Citi Field.

Baxter, has seen some time this season with the Mets and has a .208/.325/.277 in 120 plate appearances with the big league team.

Harang, signed a minor league deal with the Mets last week after he was released by the Seattle Mariners. In 22 starts, the 35-year-old posted a 5.76 ERA. He’s expected to make one or two September starts for the Mets.

Centeno, 23, is a highly regarded defensive catcher who batted .305 with a .345 on-base with Las Vegas.

No word on 23-year-old Ruben Tejada, but he is expected to join the team Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yesterday, the Mets also called up relievers Greg Burke and Frank Francisco.

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Satin Homers, Niese Shines, But Blown Call Hands Mets 4-1 Loss To Braves Thu, 22 Aug 2013 03:04:39 +0000 jon niese

The Mets dropped a heartbreaker to the Braves, 4-1, in 10 innings on Wednesday afternoon after a blown call at first base gave Atlanta an extra out and Chris Johnson blasted a go-ahead three-run homer off reliever Greg Burke. Ugh…

Jon Niese started and delivered another solid performance allowing one run in 7.0 innings and racking up nine strikeouts. He was cruising along until the top of the sixth, when Niese gave everyone a scare and let one get away from him striking Jason Heyward in the jaw with a 90-mph fastball.

jayson heyward

Heyward dropped to the ground and stayed down for a while until being walked off with help from his teammate and trainer. His jaw was fractured. Hate to see things like this…

The whole scene seemed to rattle Niese who followed that by allowing back to back singles to Atlanta who scored the tying run that would end up sending the game into extra innings.

The crucial moment in the game came in the bottom of the tenth. With a runner on first and two outs, Freddie Freeman hit a come-backer to reliever Scott Rice who picked up the ball and fired it to first base for what should have been the third out. However, Freeman was called safe by umpire Jerry Layne, prompting Collins to come out and argue to no avail. Collins was ejected from the game. Greg Burke then comes in to relieve Rice, and Chris Johnson greeted him with a three-run homer to give the Braves the 4-1 lead and that’s where this sad story ends.

josh satin


Josh Satin had another huge performance against a lefthander and keeps proving why Ike Davis belongs on the bench when a southpaw is starting. All Satin did was crush a solo home run and was on base three times to raise his average to .303 on the season. He has torched lefties to the tune of a 1.120 OPS this season, the best mark on the Mets.

That was all the offense for the Mets who continue to struggle to score runs. It seems like it’s always feast or famine. Daniel Murphy had a pair of hits batting second, and Wilmer Flores got on base twice while batting seventh; once on a walk and the other on a single.

It happened again… Juan Lagares with yet another outfield assist as he nailed Andrelton Simmons at second base after he tried stretching a single into a double. Yes, this is why I’ve loved this guy… This is why I’ve been calling him the best defender in the whole damn system… This is why he should be our everyday centerfielder in 2014 and beyond… A stud in the making who will win his first Gold Glove…  Lagares is no longer just a Mets sensation, his elite defense is now common knowledge throughout the league.

So the Mets end up splitting the two game series and get a well deserved day off tomorrow. On Friday, the Detroit Tigers roll into town for a three-game set and Jacob deGrom Carlos Torres (2-2, 3.00) will oppose Doug Fister (10-6, 3.63) at 7:10PM.

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Jake deGrom Will Start On Friday, But It Won’t Be For The Mets… Alderson Shoots Down Idea… Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:23:46 +0000 Well it looks like Sandy Alderson didn’t agree with my pleas to give Jake deGrom the start on Friday…

He unambiguously shot down the idea last night, and said that “DeGrom is not on the table.”

Instead, the Mets have decided to take Carlos Torres out of the bullpen where he has done a stellar job, and put him back into the rotation.

Torres has a 1.49 ERA in 19 relief appearances this season, and in three starts for the Mets he has a 6.54 ERA with 24 baserunners and ten earned runs in 14.0 innings pitched.

Here are the projected weekend matchups against the Tigers:

Friday: Carlos Torres vs. Doug Fister

Saturday: Matt Harvey vs. Max Scherzer

Sunday: Dillon Gee vs. Rick Porcello

Jake deGrom will still pitch on Friday, however it will be for Triple-A Las Vegas…

Original Post

Despite the loss of Jenrry Mejia from the rotation, the Mets till intend on giving Matt Harvey an extra day of rest, as originally planned, leaving Friday wide open for a yet to be determined starter.

Terry Collins told reporters that Carlos Torres could rejoin the rotation and make that Friday start, but other options include Jacob deGrom, Giancarlo AlvaradoChris Schwinden and Matt Fox.

I’ve been jockeying for a promotion for deGrom for two weeks now – ever since Jeremy Hefner became a casualty of war as well.

Matt Musico of and contributor here at MMO makes a good case for deGrom as well this morning:

If Jacob deGrom was auditioning for a MLB roster spot last night with Jenrry Mejia now on the disabled list, he did a good job against the Salt Lake Bees. The right-hander didn’t factor in the decision, but took a perfect game into the sixth inning for his third straight quality start. He ended up allowing two runs on two hits, two walks, and three strikeouts in six innings pitched for the 51s.

It will be interesting to see whether or not deGrom gets a start or two at the big league level sometime this season. He would need to be added to the 40-man to do so, and he’s likely nearing an innings limit.

After tossing 111.1 innings in his first season back from Tommy John surgery, the product of Stetson University has thrown 140.2 frames in 2013 between three levels of the minor leagues. The Mets normally have an organization-wide innings limit at around 30 innings more than the prior season, and deGrom is currently sitting at that limit.

To add to Matt’s points, deGrom needs to be added to the 40 Man Roster anyway as we first mentioned back in April. But here is my bigger point… I get the whole innings limit thing, believe me I do… But from what I’ve been told he is not being shutdown in from his next start on Friday for Las Vegas, so why can’t he be added to the 40 and make that start in Citi Field for the Mets?

Furthermore, I am fully on board with protecting the arms of our 19-23 year old pitching prospects, but deGrom is 25 and there’s no chance he approached anything close to to 180 innings this season if he maintains the same pace.

My point is that he should get the call, especially if he’s going to continue to pitch for Triple-A Vegas anyway. Lets see what he has and where he may fit in as we evaluate things for the 2014 season.

If deGrom only has three starts left in him, then let him make them in the big-leagues where we can better ascertain a future course of action for him.

Whether it’s this week or next month, he has to be added to the 40 man roster anyway. And with Cesar Puello and Jordany Valdespin on the Restricted List, we have two available spots on the 40 anyway… That’s right… The Mets have two open spots on their 40 Man anyway…

DeGrom is 4-2 with a 3.93 ERA in 12 starts for Las Vegas in the Pacific Coast League. Not mind-boggling, but they can’t all be like Rafael Montero who is definitely not an option and doesn’t have to be added to the 40 and protected from the Rule 5 Draft anyway.

This is a no-brainer…

(Photo Credit: Gordon Donovan)

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Mets vs Padres: Burke Recalled, Mejia To DL, Harvey Wraps Up Finale In San Diego Sun, 18 Aug 2013 17:34:21 +0000 matt harvey i got this

Mets at Padres • 4:10 PM • Petco Park

RHP Matt Harvey (9-4, 2.23) vs. LHP Eric Stults (8-10, 3.68)

gray bar spacer

Starting Lineup

  1. Eric Young, Jr. – LF
  2. Justin Turner – 2B
  3. Marlon Byrd – RF
  4. Josh Satin – 1B
  5. Wilmer Flores – 3B
  6. Juan Lagares – CF
  7. Travis d’Arnaud – C
  8. Omar Quintanilla – SS
  9. Matt Harvey – RHP

Game Notes:

Reporters are announcing that reliever Greg Burke has been recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas and that Jenrry Mejia is heading to the DL. Mejia confirmed he departed Saturday night’s game in the fourth inning because of a flare-up of discomfort related to the bone spur in his right elbow. Mejia also experienced the discomfort during a July 31 start in Miami, but said this time it was “a lot more” uncomfortable.

Wilmer Flores returned to the lineup after missing the last five games with a twisted right ankle and went 1-for-4 with a double last night. After the game, Terry Collins said Flores is still not 100% as far as his ankle, but he can now play. ”Certainly the issue is whether he can cut and stop and start. That’s the pressure it puts on your ankle. We had him run the bases and he showed he was fine — he’s not a blazer — so I’m not worried about him losing a lot of speed. It’s making sure he can stop and start.” Flores is hitting .281 with a homer and nine RBI in 34 plate appearances over nine games since being recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas.

Game Preview

Happy Harvey d’Arnaud day!

After dropping last night’s game 8-2, the Mets look to take the four game set and leave San Diego on a high note. The true story of the game is the battery pair for the Mets with Harvey on the mound and d’Arnaud behind the plate. As a bonus, this game will be on 4:00 local time so people like me who fall asleep hella early can finally watch a Mets game for the first time in a week. Anyway Harvey will face off against Eric Stults.

Matt Harvey is 9-4 this season with a 2.23 ERA over 24 starts and 165.2 innings and 181 strikeouts. His last outing was fairly human where he allowed 4 ER over 6 innings and three strikeouts against a good team. His first start of the season was against the Padres where he allowed no runs over 7 innings while striking out 10, kicking off Harvey Day as a weekly holiday. The Padres have the following numbers against Harvey:

Alonso 2-6, 2B, HR
Venable 1-5, 3B
Amarista 0-5
Headley 1-2, HR
Hundley 0-2

Eric Stults is 8-10 with a 3.68 ERA over 25 starts and 156.1 innings of work. In that stretch he has walked 33 batters and struck out 97. He has pitched 11.2 innings in the month of August and allowed 7 ER. His first start of the season was against the Mets where he shut the Amazin’s out for 5.0 innings, allowing 3 hits and struck out 7. The Mets have the following numbers against Eric:

Turner 3-3, 2 2B
Young 1-2
Buck 1-2
Byrd 0-2
Davis 0-2

Lets Go Mets!

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Mets Lose Mejia To A Sore Elbow In 8-2 Loss To Padres Sun, 18 Aug 2013 05:42:59 +0000 mejia d'arnaud

After taking the first two games of their four-game set against the Padres, the Mets got shelled in an 8-2 loss at Petco Park on Saturday night.

The Mets may have also lost starter Jenrry Mejia for the season after he was removed from the game after throwing two pitches in the fourth inning. Mejia experienced discomfort in his right elbow and we’ll know more in the morning. He allowed one run on four hits with five strikeouts and a walk in three-plus innings.

Mejia was relieved by David Aardsma and things quickly unraveled for the Mets as the Padres torched Aardsma for four runs to take a 5-2 lead. They would score three more runs off Carlos Torres in this three hour and forty minute snoozer.

Top catching prospect, Travis d’Arnaud, made his big-league debut and went 0-for-2 with two walks. He stranded a pair of runners in the fifth, was charged with a passed ball in the sixth, and the Padres swiped three bases against him as they put his arm to the test.

Offensively the Mets were flat and stranded nine runners in the game. Ike Davis had an RBI single in the fifth, his second of the month. Eric Young had a solid game with two hits, a walk and two runs scored, and Juan Lagares also had a pair of hits.

Wilmer Flores started for the first time since Monday, when he twisted his right ankle in a loss to the Dodgers and stroked a double.

After the game, Sandy Alderson said the Mets would make a roster move to bring in a fresh arm for Sunday’s matinee game, whether or not Mejia lands on the DL. Greg Burke, already on the 40-man roster, is expected to join the major league club. If Mejia ends up on the DL, Jacob deGrom could replace him in the rotation. We’ll see…

Matt Harvey (9-4, 2.23 ERA) opposes left-hander Eric Stults (8-10, 3.68) at 4:10 PM on Sunday to conclude the series.

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Duda’s Rehab Moves To St. Lucie, But Questions Remain About His Future Mon, 29 Jul 2013 23:17:10 +0000 Lucas Duda

Attempting to comeback from an intercostal strain, Lucas Duda played another nine innings for the GCL Mets yesterday as he continues to work his way back to the big league team. Duda went 0-for-4, making him hitless in 16 plate appearances with one walk.

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Mets left fielder is on the move:

Because Duda is on a major league rehab, the Mets will have to activate him within 20 days after beginning his rehab which puts his return at around August 12th. At that point the Mets must activate him and then either choose to demote someone from the 25 man roster to make room for him, or option Duda to the minors as the team did with Ruben Tejada.

Duda was batting .235 with a .353 on-base before he landed on the DL, and had 13 doubles, 11 home runs and 23 RBI in 226 at-bats this season with a .791 OPS.

There’s no disputing the fact that the Mets began playing better once Eric Young Jr. replaced him in left field. That begs the question of what to do with Lucas Duda? Is he still a part of the Mets future? What is to become of him and now at age 27 are we still going to wait out this presumed upside?

I posed this question to our crack staff and here is what some of them had to say:

Andre – At some point, the time to assess what you have is over and decisions have to be made. Lucas Duda has the talent to be a pretty good hitter at the major league level. However, at age 27 and thus in what you´d expect to be his prime seasons, he hasn´t been able to fully reach it. To make matters worse, he´s basically unplayable in LF defensively while being a below average defender at 1B. And since his offense probably won´t be good enough to compensate for these deficiencies, he´s pretty much a Quad-A player in my opinion and not a longterm fit for the Mets. The team has played mostly well in his absence. Sure, a lefty bat with power would be quite useful in this lineup. However, Duda has never struck opposing pitchers with fear due to a sometimes too passive approach and exploitable holes in his swing. He also doesn´t seem to thrive in clutch situations to put it mildly. So all in all, it´s time to cut bait and move on. Send him to Las Vegas to DH or find a trade partner who is willing to take a chance on him.

Jacob - Lucas Duda is a AAAA player. He has the body and the skills to crush AAA pitching, but can struggle mightily at the  Major League level. He is obviously not what the Mets had envisioned in left field originally but he ended up there with roadblocks at first base. I believe he suffers the same fate as Ruben Tejada. Due to the above average performance of Eric Young Jr., Duda  will have to earn his spot back, as Tejada must do with Omar Quintanilla in the way. But lets say Duda gets recalled to Queens. Who goes down?

Kirk – I don’t think the Mets will be in any rush to bring Duda back. I think they like their outfield configuration as it is and wouldn’t want to mess with it. They’re going to give Ike every chance to bust out, so Lucas doesn’t fit at first as a second LH first basemen. Most likely he’ll head to Vegas and try to hit his way back to Queens. Long term, I was never sold on Duda. He’s awful defensively no matter where you put him, and his offense hasn’t made up for it. Maybe he could be the left-handed side of a first base platoon, but if you’re platooning at first base you don’t have a very good team. I’m hoping that isn’t the case for the Mets going forward.

XtreemIcon – I’d send Andrew Brown down for Duda and play him on the bench as a pinch hitter. There’s no way Young or Byrd should come out of the lineup and CF should be manned every day by Lagares. That leaves Duda as the 4th or 5th outfielder and bat off the bench. I’m ok with that. That’s the role Duda is best suited for and I think he’s more of a help to the Mets on another team right now.

David – Where does he fit in now? Honestly I feel more comfortable with his bat in the lineup than Ike’s. I have no idea why Ike is given such a pass when his swing has looked horrible all season. Even having come back, he hasn’t done anything. I think Duda would be a better fit to come off the bench and platoon with Satin at 1B. I really don’t see anyone else on this roster that should be sent down other than Ike. Maybe Andrew Brown, but I prefer his bat over Ike’s any day. I really think Ike is the odd man out. My opinion is, if Ike will remain, that Duda is dangled in trades. But I would rather keep Duda and dangle Ike.

Tommy – Duda fits in the outfield, not at first base. It is too early to give up on Ike, especially after he showed his resilience in the 2nd half last year. If the Mets make the right move and trade Marlon Byrd, they can give Duda his spot in right. I am quite high on Lucas. the Mets are starved for power in the outfield and Duda fills that need. As for who gets sent down, can’t we always call up Greg Burke and send him back down, for old time’s sake?

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Turner Activated, Burke Optioned To Triple-A, Germen Stays On Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:58:24 +0000 Gonzalez Germen

As expected, Greg Burke was optioned to Triple-A to make room for Justin Turner who was activated from the DL.

Original Post 9:00 AM

With the Mets all but set to activate Justin Turner from the disabled list today before they begin their series with the Atlanta Braves, many believed that reliever Gonzalez Germen would get the heave-ho. No way…

Little was made of the rookie reliever when the Mets tabbed him to provide a fresh arm for worn-out bullpen and nobody expected his stay to last long. That is until he started pitching and doing so very effectively I might add.

In his last appearance, he limited Zack Wheeler‘s earned runs to just two, after taking over for him with the bases juiced and ending the threat and leaving all three baserunners stranded. He went on to pitch 1.2 scoreless innings of relief and picked up his first big league win in the process as the Mets beat the Phillies 5-4.

“The biggest thing I’ve seen is strikes,” Mets manager Terry Collins said. “He’s coming right after them. I’ll tell you what, he’s throwing all his pitches over the plate, which is impressive.”

It wasn’t the first time in his short time with the Mets that he brought in with bases loaded and left them stranded. Before the All Star break, he did the same thing on July 13 against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. That was when he first grabbed my attention, and for a change, even Collins has taken note and perhaps made the case for Germen to remain in the bullpen.

“He’s only been here a week and he’s been in three or four games already, but I tell you he’s been very, very impressive. When we look at the big picture, he’s got a great arm, he’s a young guy. We talked in spring that we needed to find some relief. It looks like he might be the guy that steps up and grabs one of those jobs.”

As Met fans, bringing in a reliever with the bases jammed usually has us covering our eyes and praying for the best. And in most cases we don’t come out of it unscathed. But at least for now, Germen has shown the wherewithal to survive in those instances and not have his cage rattled. For that he’ll be rewarded with more work as the Mets try and figure out if we have a viable piece for the future.

The 25-year old righty has a 1.17 WHIP, 8.3 K/9, and 4.64 K/BB rate in six minor league seasons since being signed as an International Free Agent in 2007 by Omar Minaya.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be using him a little bit more,” Collins said.

Agreed. Farewell Greg Burke.

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Hefner Rocked As Phillies Defeat The Mets In 13-8 Drubbing Sat, 20 Jul 2013 03:13:52 +0000 hefner

The Phillies torched Jeremy Hefner and racked up 11 runs in the first three innings on their way to a 13-8 win over the Mets tonight at Citi Field.

Hefner was rocked for eight runs in two-plus innings before being pulled in the third before registering an out. he allowed 10 hits including a home run to Domonic Brown. The Phillies have toasted Hefner throughout his career.

Greg Burke and Josh Edgin provided no relief and combined to allow another 5 Philly runs.

The Mets showed some fight and did score 8 runs, including home runs from Marlon Byrd and Davis Wright, but they never really had a chance in this one.

Defensively, the Mets were awful tonight Omar Quintanilla committed two errors, Byrd added a third, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis misplayed three fly balls that could have been outs rather than hits.

Considering how dominant Hefner has been with Anthony Recker behind the plate, I was shocked to see John Buck get the nod.

The Mets continue their three game series tomorrow at 1:10 PM, with Zack Wheeler (3-1, 3.54 ERA) opposing Cole Hamels (4-11, 4.05 ERA) for the Phillies.

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Solid Effort By Torres Wasted In Mets 4-2 Loss To Bucs Sun, 14 Jul 2013 11:46:03 +0000 carlos torres

The New York Mets lost their second straight game to the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of 4-2 tonight in front of a packed house at PNC Park.

The Mets actually got on the board first, scoring a run in the fourth inning on a walk by Marlon Byrd followed by an RBI-double by Kirk Nieuwenhuis. They came back in the fifth and scored their second and final run of the game when Byrd came through in the clutch again, this time with an RBI-single to drive home Daniel Murphy.

Despite scoring a run, that fifth inning proved critical for the Mets. Eric Young was tagged out at home for the first out, and an opportunity to blow the game wide open with runners on second and third and one out went by the wayside, largely due to a critical strike out by Ike Davis who went 0-for-4 to lower his average to .166 for the season. Meanwhile, Josh Satin continues to ride the pine…

Carlos Torres made his first start for the Mets and was in control through his first very sharp four innings until the Pirates finally broke through with a run in the fifth. Overall he allowed five hits and a run in five innings, while walking none and fanning five. Not a bad outing at all.

Andrew McCutchen tied the game at 2-2  with a solo homer in the sixth off David Aardsma who had relieved Torres. However it was Greg Burke who yielded the most damage, allowing two more Pirate runs to score in the seventh that sealed the 4-2 victory for the Pirates.

The Mets offense was woeful tonight and was just 1-for-11 with runners in scoring position while leaving ten men on base and striking out ten times.

Eric Young (16), Daniel Murphy (10) and David Wright (15) each stole a base in the game, but the captain saw his 12-game hitting streak come to an end.

Note: Immediately after the game, the Mets announced that Jordany Valdespin would be optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas and reliever Scott Atchison would be activated from the disabled list. Valdespin batted .189 with four home runs and 16 RBI in 143 plate appearances with the Mets this season.

The Mets will look to salvage the final game of their three-game series with the Pirates tomorrow with Dillon Gee opposing top pitching prospect Gerrit Cole at 1:35 pm.

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Hefner Shines But Bucs Prevail In Extra-Inning Heartbreaker Sat, 13 Jul 2013 03:07:25 +0000 wright alvarez

Pedro Alvarez Homers In Pirates 3-2 Win 

In front of a full house tonight at beautiful PNC Park, we were treated to a good, old fashioned (and quite frankly unexpected) pitcher’s duel between Jeremy Hefner and Charlie Morton, as the Mets battled the Pirates to open up their last set before the All-Star break.

The Bucs got off to a quick start in the bottom of the first when Pedro Alvarez (oh, the irony) hit the first pitch he saw to dead center for his 24th dinger of the year. Alvarez brought in Jose Tabata as well to make the score 2-0.

Both pitchers traded zeroes for the next four innings until the Mets finally got to Morton in the top of the sixth. With one out, Eric Young Jr. slapped a double down the left field line, barely edging out a strong throw from Starling Marte.

After Daniel Murphy moved Young over with a grounder to second base, El Capitán David Wright exacted his revenge on the Pittsburgh fans, bringing Young home with a single to right.

david wright

Unfortunately it was Ike Davis‘ spot in the order again, and to literally nobody’s surprise he struck out on- what else- an off-speed pitch in the dirt to end the inning. Davis is now 2 for his last 16 with zero home runs and five strikeouts. He seems to have picked up right where he left off prior to his demotion to Vegas.

Hefner had retired 14 straight when, in the bottom of the sixth, Marte drove a double down the left field line. Hefner worked out of that jam though, making a slick play on a comebacker to nab Marte in between second and third, and then inducing Andrew McCutchen to ground out to short to end the frame.

The Mets struck again in the top of the seventh when Kirk Nieuwenhuis smacked a fastball over the right field fence to even the score at 2-2, though that was all they could scratch across in what turned out to be Morton’s last inning. Morton’s final line was impressive: 7IP, 6 hits, 2ER, 4K, 1BB.

Hefner was pulled after seven as well. I’m not sure I agreed with pulling him, but nonetheless, his line was an impressive one: 7IP, 3 hits, 2ER, 3K, 0 BB. He allowed only one runner on base after Alvarez’ first inning moonshot.

jeremy hefner

Hefner has been absolutely dominant as of late; he hasn’t allowed more than 2 earned runs in a start since May 29th. His WHIP since then has been a ridiculous .98.

After both bullpens traded goose eggs in the eighth and Jason Grilli tossed a perfect top of the ninth for Pittsburgh, the Met bullpen came through maybe the biggest they have all year. Starling Marte led off with a double, and after Tabata bunted him over, the Mets faced the heart of the Pirates order, one of the most feared in baseball.

After an intentional walk to McCutchen by David Aardsma, Scott Rice entered and came up with a HUGE strikeout of Alvarez to secure the second out. And after Greg Burke walked Russell Martin to load the bases and give us all a minor cardiac episode, Josh Edgin entered and got Gaby Sánchez to ground out to end the threat.

For the 12th time this year, off we went to extra innings.

After a relatively quiet 10th on both sides, a win just wasn’t in the cards for the Amazin’s. They went 1-2-3 in the top of the 11th, and in the bottom, Gonzalez Germen issued a leadoff walk to McCutchen. As happens 40% of the time, the leadoff walk ended up scoring, this time coming from a single up the middle by Jordy Mercer.

Overall, not really a loss to be ashamed of. The Pirates are tied for the third most wins in the MLB, and to bring them to eleven innings is something this team wouldn’t have dreamed of even a month ago.

The Mets will try to bounce back tomorrow night, first pitch at 7:15.

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Mets To Release Brandon Lyon Tue, 09 Jul 2013 20:57:04 +0000 The New York Mets have requested to put right-handed reliever Brandon Lyon on unconditional release waivers.

The team recently made the announcement through their official Twitter page stating,

If Lyon accepts, he will become a free agent.

Lyon was designated for assignment after giving up a 14th inning run in the Mets loss to the Diamondbacks on the Fourth of July. He was taken off the roster to make room for fellow reliever, Greg Burke.

After signing a one year, $750,000 contract at the beginning of the season, Lyon has produced a 2-2 record with a 4.98 ERA and 1.63 WHIP in 34 1/3 innings over 37 games.

During his 12 years in the league, the 33 year old veteran has accumulated a .472 win percentage (42-47) with a 4.16 career ERA.


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Solid Bullpen And Tired Giants Defense Lead To Mets 4-3 Win Tue, 09 Jul 2013 08:10:03 +0000 eric young

The Night’s Still Young!

In what looked on paper to be a pitcher’s duel between Matt Harvey and Tim Lincecum, turned out to be an extra-inning duel between both bullpens.

Buster Posey struck first with a two-run home run in the first inning to give the Giants an early 2-0 lead. It took Harvey 50 pitches to get through the first two innings.

Lincecum took a no hitter into the fifth, but Marlon Byrd broke it up with a leadoff single. The Mets got on the board with a double by John Buck that drove in Byrd later that inning to cut the lead in half 2-1. The Mets looked to get more, but Omar Quintanilla struck out on a questionable call that had Terry Collins chirping from the dugout and Harvey grounded out to end the inning.

The Mets tacked on two more to take a 3-2 lead in the sixth after a Daniel Murphy single, a doubleplay groundout by Ike Davis that scored a run and some sub-par defense by the Giants’ outfield.

Harvey went out to pitch the seventh inning with 107 pitches under his belt and it cost the Mets. Harvey surrendered a leadoff triple to Hunter Pence on the first pitch and promptly gave up a single to Brandon Crawford to tie the game 3-3. With Harvey on pace to throw about 240 innings, it didn’t make a lot of sense to keep him out there. It would have been the perfect time to pull him and save him an inning pitched down the road.

The bullpen was stellar in this one. Carlos Torres came in to pitch a scoreless eighth and ninth. David Aardsma held the Giants scoreless again in the 10th and 11th. Greg Burke came on after that and held the Giants at bay in the 12th and 13th. Josh Edgin came in to pitch the 14th and 15th and surrendered no runs. After the Mets grabbed the lead in the 16th, Bobby Parnell shut the door to finally end the five-and-a-half hour marathon.


The Home (Team) Recker

The Mets had a chance in the 11th with two outs and runners in the corners. Byrd couldn’t leg out an infield single after Crawford made a great play to get him out and the game continued. They had another opportunity in the 12th after a leadoff single by Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Buck struck out and the inning was abruptly ended by a fine snag at third by Pablo Sandoval who doubled up Nieuwenhuis at first. The offense went ice cold till the 16th when Eric Young singled and eventually made it to third. After Wright was intentionally walked, Anthony Recker came in to pinch hit with runners in the corners and two outs. Recker grounded to Crawford who made an error that allowed Young to score, giving the Mets a 4-3 lead.

A move lost in the game was Collins’ decision to stick with Davis in the ninth to face left-handed Jeremy Affeldt instead of hot-hitting Josh Satin. Davis proceeded to pop out and Sergio Romo came on to get the last two outs. Seems like Collins is sticking to his guns when it comes to Davis.

All-in-all, good win for the Mets. It was worth the wait. Now, it’s my bedtime.

Stay tuned for the next two games against the Giants where I’ll be live tweeting from AT&T Park.

Note from Joe D.

This just in from Daniel, Collins said Jordany Valdespin would have pitched after Parnell if the game continued.

“Recker had hit,” Collins said. “I wasn’t going to bring in Dillon Gee with his issues with his arm.”

Also, Harvey has been pitching with a blister the last three weeks, but after the game, Harvey said he’s fine.

“It kind of started not the last start, but the start before,” Harvey said. “It’s no excuse for my poor pitching. And I feel fine with it. I just have to figure some things out and get back out there.”

Additionally, Collins said that Harvey might skip his next scheduled start against the Pirates. It would be the first time Harvey has ever skipped a start. Collins said it wouldn’t be because of the blister, but because of Harvey’s pending appearance in the All-Star Game. Collins said Harvey’s outing would either be shortened or he wouldn’t pitch at all in preparation for the All-Star Game.

Geez… What am I still doing up? I’m outta here… The Mets win!

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Mets Designate Brandon Lyon, Recall Greg Burke Fri, 05 Jul 2013 00:42:56 +0000 brandon lyonThe Mets have designated reliever Brandon Lyon for assignment.

Sidearm reliever Greg Burke is due to rejoin the Mets on Friday in Milwaukee to replace Lyon’s spot on the active roster.

Lyon had a 4.98 ERA in 34.1 innings pitched for the Mets this season and has allowed ten earned runs in his last eight appearances.

He allowed a 14th-inning RBI single to Martin Prado today in the Mets’ 5-4, 15-inning loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Mets signed Lyon in January to a one-year, $750,000 contract loaded with incentive bonuses. He had 37 appearances for the Mets and was due to start getting $100,000 bonuses for each five appearances beginning at 40.

Who’s ready for another bullpen revamp next offseason? Just kidding, this bullpen hasn’t been nearly as bad as the last two seasons. But if they flip LaTroy Hawkins and David Aardsma as I suspect. another bullpen revamp may be exactly what we’ll get in the Winter.

Enjoy your independence, Brandon…

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Niese Is Out With A Rotator Cuff Tear, Collins Is Just Out Of Touch Sat, 22 Jun 2013 13:40:58 +0000 jon nieseThe injury that forced Jonathon Niese out of Thursday’s game after only 3 1/3 innings of play has been revealed to be a partially torn left rotator cuff. No immediate surgery will be necessary, but two weeks rest and extreme caution has been advised.

Earlier, Mets manager Terry Collins recently announced to reporters that the cause of discomfort was “nothing severe,” but assistant general manager John Ricco recently corrected that statement declaring the true extent of the injury.

“Hopefully it will start healing itself and he won’t need surgery,” Ricco announced today. “It’s not ‘full thickness’ or a significant tear at this point.”

Niese has been placed on the 15-day disabled list and will put off surgery in the hopes that his shoulder will begin to heal on it’s own. In the meantime, the Mets have recalled submarine pitcher Greg Burke from Triple-A (AAA) Las Vegas to take his place.

Niese (3-6) has struggled throughout the season, obtaining an ERA of 4.32 throughout his 14 starts. Unfortunately for the 26 year old lefty, this is not the only problem he has faced recently. Throughout the season he has battled with neck and shoulder issues, an affliction the team labeled as tendenitis. And although these injury are reportedly unrelated, Niese’s recovery will still be closely monitored and reevaluated through an MRI in two weeks.

With Niese now sidelined the Mets will return to the tradition five-man rotation. They will start Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Dillon Gee, Jeremy Hefner and Shaun Marcum.

Thoughts from Joe D.

Back on June 3, Jon Niese had been scratched from his upcoming start that Saturday with what the Mets called left shoulder tendinitis.

Niese then revealed that he was unable to throw his typical bullpen session on Wednesday and had been feeling discomfort for his past few starts and was very sore after his most recent start.

He was examined Thursday morning at the Hospital for Special Surgery and an MRI revealed inflammation, but no structural damage.

At the time when I reported the news, it prompted me to write this:

“I’m no doctor, but if he was feeling sore after his last few starts, why were they still letting him pitch?”

So now we get this disappointing news that could ultimately wipeout the rest of Niese’s season. Some things never change…

Also, shame on manager Terry Collins who was downplaying the severity of this injury calling it “nothing severe” a few hours before the game to reporters.

His misinformation caused many of us to get the wrong news to our readers, after Collins had given us the “all’s good” sign on Niese and added that he would just rest for a few days and make a rehab start.

Terrible job by Terry Collins… Just awful…. Did he think the truth wouldn’t eventually come out?

Listen Terry… If you think a torn rotator cuff for a pitcher in not severe, then maybe you should consider stepping down as manager because you have no business overseeing the valuable arms in our rotation and bullpen.

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