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You know me, I love to post fan created art and graphics of our New York Mets. On Friday night I came across this really cool poster that was designed by imlookinatu who posted it in a Mets Reddit thread. Nice job…

As was reported on multiple occasions, both Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins don’t expect any innings limits this season for Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and the solitary left-hander in the rotation Steven Matz.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t be cautious and somewhat protective particularly in the first half of the season to ensure our young starters stay fresh and will be strong when it matters in the second half and beyond. So expect to see some spot starters, skipped starts, and even an occasional romp with a six-man rotation.

“Those are factors you have to keep in mind the next season,” Alderson told John Harper of the Daily News on Friday. “We won’t have innings limits but we’ll be a little protective. We may do some things to keep them healthy and strong with the possibility they’ll be going late into October again.”

In my opinion. this is the proper tack and course of action by the Mets, given how integral our starting pitching is to our expectations for a second consecutive year of postseason baseball. This is not a big deal and it’s the smart play.

That said, Mets broadcaster and SNY analyst Ron Darling has big issues with what Alderson and Collins are proposing. He disputes the notion that the Mets need to be protective in the first half to minimize a potential hangover effect late in the season.

“I think the Mets have done an amazing job of making sure these kids are taken care of,” Darling told the Daily News. “And even this year it’s fine to be judicious, give a guy an extra day here and there, but if I’m going to be judicious, I’m also going to make sure these guys are on the mound every turn.”

thor matz degrom syndergaard

Darling says the Mets are babying their pitchers to a fault. He argues that now is the time for the team to be getting the most out of their arms while they are young, strong and at their peak.

“For most pitchers there’s a 4-to-6 year window of excellence… and these guys are right in the middle of this 4-to-6 window, and to me that’s when you want to get the most out of them. Can they handle the workload? Absolutely. But it’s a mindset too.”

“If you’ve been treated with kid gloves, that becomes your expectation level; at some point you have to learn how to push through that. You saw it with Matt in the ninth inning of World Series Game 5. He’d never had the chance to learn how to finish. Maybe next time he’ll know how to get those last three outs.”

Thanks for reminding us of that Ronnie… Well while you guys ponder whether what Darling said has any merit, here’s something cool the Mets tweeted out on Saturday:

Last season, the Mets pitching staff set a franchise record for most double digit strikeout games in a season with 55. The previous record was 39 in 1990.

Honestly, I never would have guessed the 1990 team held that record. It’s hard to believe that the Seaver, Koosman, Matlack years or the Gooden, Darling, Fernandez years didn’t own that mark. But not for nothing, our pitchers crushed the old record last season.

Have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy the game tonight. Carolina Panthers 24, Denver Broncos 13.


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The Horsemen: Gooden Says Mets Young Starters Are “Crazy Good” Sat, 30 Jan 2016 14:27:59 +0000 horsemen

Here is the latest Mets graphic by MMO reader and graphic designer David Dolinsky who you can follow on Twitter at @david_dolinsky.

This stunning image is entitled “The Horsemen” and features young Mets starters Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz.

thor syndergaard

You may recall David shared some other great Mets graphics like this one entitled “THOR” last October. You can check out those other spectacular Mets graphics here. I love the way he depicts our young guns who are going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2016.

Incidentally, former Mets starting pitcher Dwight Gooden, couldn’t stop raving about the Amazins’ hard-throwing rotation in an interview with Kevin Kernan of the New York Post.


A four-time All Star and the 1985 NL Cy Young, Gooden believes the Mets are on the verge of a dynasty that will be fueled by the team’s young and dominating starting rotation.

“A staff like this comes together once in a generation,” Gooden told The Post. ”These guys are crazy good and no one wants to face them.”

Gooden said he sees a lot of himself in Thor. “I’d say Syndergaard is my favorite. I’m not saying Syndergaard is the best pitcher on that staff, but I like watching him. He has that bulldog mentality… His aggressiveness reminds me of me, although he is more vocal than I was. Throw inside, move the batter’s feet.’’

He offered some sage advice for Mets ownership and GM Sandy Alderson, ”If I were the owner of the Mets, I would try to lock these guys up now,” Gooden said. “Buy out the arbitration years and two or three years of free agency. They are that good.”

They certainly are! I can’t wait for this season to get underway already – this year is going to be epic.


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Sights and Images: Mets World Series Bound! Thu, 22 Oct 2015 05:35:58 +0000 david wright

Plenty of Mets Fans on hand for the joyous celebration at Wrigley Field!

mets sweep nl champs

Our friend Joe with one of two excellent graphics that say it all! 

mets win nlcs

Somewhere in that pile is Jeurys Familia!

curtis granderson

The Grandy Man Can and Did!

David  Wright

The Captain let it all out on the field!

world series here we come

Another great graphic from @GrafixJoker!

mets win nlcs

Okay let’s get together for a group shot!

jacob degrom

Jacob deGrom sparking one up for the celebration!

daniel murphy

And what a great looking NLCS MVP Award it is!

noah syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard gets drenched is suds!

mets fans

Fans Galore to celebrate the team at Wrigley!

daniel murphy terry collins

Terry and Murphy admire the NL Presidents Championship Award!


We Are The Champions! I love the sound of that!

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How Mets Playoffs Odds Evolved In Ten Day Span Mon, 03 Aug 2015 13:20:25 +0000 Cespedes Duda

What a home stand for the New York Mets and our friends at Number Fire did a nice job of chronicling how events not only changed the dynamics for the team, but also how it directly impacted their postseason odds over the course of ten days.


Ten days ago, John Mayberry was batting cleanup for the Mets, Yoenis Cespedes was on the Tigers. Today, Lucas Duda was ice cold, and more importantly the Mets were three games out of first place.


homer the dog

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Interview With Fan Behind Mets Billboard and #FREEMETSFANS Campaign Sat, 03 Jan 2015 16:31:50 +0000 Billboard_3064_x_6592_(10.64_x_22.89)

Here’s a Q&A I conducted with Gary Palumbo on Friday. Salty Gary, as he is better known in the MMO community, is the Mets fan behind the Twitter account @MetsBillboard and the #FREEMETSFANS KickStarter Campaign to erect two “Sell the Team” billboards on Roosevelt Ave. – a stone’s throw away from Citi Field.

What inspired you to pursue your #FREEMETSFANS KickStarter campaign?

I was really inspired by the “Fire John Idzik” Jets billboard campaign. In this current age of social media, and other communication technologies, the Jets campaign proved there is still value in traditional media. If you don’t want to see something on an application like Facebook or Twitter, there are tools to block and ignore those messages. If you have eyes and are driving or riding on a train, you cannot block the billboard image. Getting a collective message from a fan base that cannot be turned off is very powerful and compelling.

Why is it important to let ownership know how most Mets fans feel about them?

No matter how fans view the team, the one thing that connects all Mets fans is that the Wilpons are poor owners whose priorities are not to construct a winning franchise, but lie mostly in real estate development.

They told us to be patient as they navigated through the entire Bernie Madoff mess. They also said they were going to rebuild the team through the farm system and when that team was ready to compete, then efforts would be made to further support the team financially at the Major League level to fill in the missing pieces.

The only effort that I see from the Wilpons is putting all their last dollars into building a shopping mall and more condos. That is what they want more than anything. The Mets are just a means to that end. As they develop Willets Point, if the team does happen to be competitive, it’s purely incidental and not part of a master plan.

I also feel that they often blame the fans for their small market payroll level. “Payroll is a function of revenue”. So since fans choose not to spend significant money on meaningless games in August and September, then it must be our fault that they don’t have the resources to make any necessary improvements. This is just infuriating to me and many others. In what industry do companies force their consumers to invest in a bad product before they release an improved version? Apparently that’s what the Wilpons want fans to do.

Are you seeing any support from some of the bigger voices in the Mets fan base who have large followings of their own?

Radio personality Mike Silva has been really supportive, but honestly, aside from MMO, all other major voices and sites have been very silent and seem to prefer not bringing any added attention to this project. Most of them are choosing to act like this campaign is non-existent. They seem afraid of being connected to it even if it was just to say they don’t support it. Many of the bigger voices all have some financial or professional connection to the Wilpons or the Mets and perhaps are fearful of angering the powers that be, lest they lose any access to the team or the compensation they receive from them. I can understand why they choose not to get involved and respect their decisions.

There seemed to be quite a stir on Twitter last week, with some well known Mets fans strongly speaking out against your efforts. Why such heated opposition?

Honestly, I would say there was only one that was well known, who is Darren Meenan from The 7 Line, the rest were just a couple of people that regularly complain about complaining Mets fans, or are supportive of ownership, or simply feel that the best course of action is to smile and be positive no matter what is happening with the team. I never expected that particular fan segment to support this, and they are in the minority anyway. So their opposition against this really didn’t bother me. Most of the support on Twitter has been fantastic and over 30 percent of what we’ve raised so far has come from our Twitter link.

As for Darren, I was really disappointed that he chose to speak out against this fan driven effort and was hoping for his support. He personally called our efforts “dumb” and then re-tweeted others that used much harsher words to put down our campaign. This is a guy that used a grassroots effort to create a “Life Style” clothing business and one of the best selling t-shirts he designed read, “Sell The Mets”. I can appreciate why he’s changed his stance and respect his concerns about backing a “Sell the Team” campaign, now that he’s negotiated a business relationship with the Wilpons to sell his t-shirts at Citi Field. But to call the effort “dumb” is what really disappointed me the most, it came off as being very hypocritical.

sell the team 3.0


What do you say to those who would rather protest by not going to games?

I think those types of protests are extremely difficult to organize and implement successfully. There are 20 million people in our market that can possibly go, and you can’t reach all of them with that type of message or convince them to all stay at home. It’ll never happen.

As for me, I like going to games, I don’t want to boycott. I purchase the MLB channel to watch. I support the players and that is exactly why I want to do this.

To me it is the owners who are not supporting the players, not the fans. The fans love the team and the players. Everyone wants a competitive team and the owners are not doing anything to maximize that effort. When I see players like Zack Wheeler, Jacob deGrom, Jenrry Mejia, and Juan Lagares perform as they did, I become frustrated that ownership hasn’t supported them by surrounding them with the missing pieces to take this team to the next level. The team still lacks the financial resources to address the shortstop position going on four years now. This is unacceptable to me.

Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish?

The main push-back message I hear is “the Wilpons will never sell so this effort is a waste of money”. Well if this is a waste of money then we might as well stop going to fan sites like MMO or using social media altogether to voice our frustrations or discuss the changes we would like to see happen. If it’s a waste of time and money then why complain at all?

If time is money, then all the time we spend interacting on sites or social media to discuss the Mets is far more expensive than contributing a dollar toward a billboard that will deliver a much stronger message than anything we can compose on our smart phones or tablets.

If I actually thought I could remove a billionaire from Mets ownership with just a billboard I would of gladly paid for the whole thing out of my own pocket years ago. The notion that this will force the Wilpons to sell is just silly, and only a simpleton would believe that that’s what this is all about.

Right now the main goal is to convey a message that cannot be turned off. When the billboards go up, it will be picked up by the media (that has already started) and we can let everyone know that Mets fans have upheld their end of the bargain by being patient, and that now the Wilpons have to keep up their end of the bargain and invest in this team.


Do you think you’ll reach your $5,000 goal to erect these billboards?

I am positive we will reach the goal as long as we keep working hard to get the message out. We needed to raise $5,000 in 30 days and we are currently at $2,667 with two weeks to go. We need to stay positive, determined and focused and this will happen.

Is there anyone helping you to drive this promotion that you’d like to acknowledge?

There is a friend that frequents this site that has really done most of the legwork on the graphics. These graphics have really helped bring legitimacy to the effort. He will remain anonymous, but he knows he is appreciated.

I also wish to acknowledge you and the entire MMO community. Joe, you have given me a forum to promote this message and have given me some great advice all along the way. The MMO commenters here have also been extremely positive and supportive both in voice and money. I also appreciate the MMO commenters that do not support the effort because the dialog has always been civil, productive and respectful, which is more than I can say about some of the other venues. I now understand why you refer to MMO as a true Mets fan site – it truly is.

I want to thank the vast majority of Mets Twitter for helping me drive home this effort. For the most part they have been very supportive and all their RT’s and positive comments have helped popularize our Mets Billboard campaign to where it’s even been picked up and talked about on satellite radio and WFAN. As I mentioned, over 30 percent of what’s been pledged has come via Twitter. Thanks to all you tweeps.

What can other Mets fans do help to promote this besides pledging money?

Just help us spread the word. If you know any Mets fans in person, talk to them about the billboard. Let them know what we’re trying to do. Bring it up at the “water cooler” at work. The more eyes and ears that know about this campaign, the more successful it will be.

Anything else that you would like to say?

I know this campaign can be seen as a negative. I appreciate that concern and trust me I never in a million years thought that I would ever be creating something like this. I love the Mets. When they have given me joy, it just feels like magic. But right now I feel like I am being duped. I don’t like this feeling and I can’t stand giving in to apathy.

Now that the team really has something going for it and is on the verge of great things, I want the owners to know we expect them to fully support this team and to provide the flexibility for the front office to do what’s necessary to bring home another championship.

I feel that this is the right moment to speak up. When these billboards are erected our message will be seen and heard far and wide, and the Wilpons will know we are a great and passionate fan base who loves their team and demands more from them.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We wish Gary good luck with his campaign and thank him for taking some time to respond to my questions. If you would like to learn more or find out how you can help, go to the official #FREEMETSFANS Kick Starter page or follow @MetsBillboard on Twitter.

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Video Game Fans: MLB 14 The Show Is Now The Only MLB Licensed Video Game Tue, 07 Jan 2014 17:44:52 +0000 It looks like baseball video game fans will have one major reason to go out and buy a PS4.

MLB 14 The Show has been the premiere baseball video game franchise since 2006, when it’s first installment was released for the Playstation 2. It’s main competitor has been the MLB 2K franchise, which started in 2004, and has been the only officially licensed baseball games available to XBOX owners.

Well, as of December 31 (when their contract expired), 2K Sports officially pulled the plug on the MLB 2k franchise. That’s right, if you own an XBOX 360 or an XBOX One, you will not have an officially licensed baseball game to play for the first time since 2004.

If that news wasn’t enough to run out and get a PS4, take a look at this tweet from MLB The Show:

Look at the difference in the graphics from the PS3 version to the PS4—gave me goosebumps (I know, I’m a nerd). The MLB The Show franchise has been one of the main reasons why I had a PS3, and also got a PS4 back in November. I’m really excited to see what the MLB The Show franchise will offer on the PS4.

Another great feature of the 2014 version will be the ability to carry over saves to future versions of the game—the first time this has ever been available. You can view the official teaser at the bottom of this post.

I will definitely have a copy of MLB 14 The Show on it’s release date. If you are looking for a friendly game, be sure to shoot me a friend request. My gamer tag is Petnick78.

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Ike Davis’ Struggles Extend Beyond the Ks Fri, 03 May 2013 16:00:42 +0000 Ike DavisI could dedicate an entire post to Ike Davis‘ miserable .169 batting average, or maybe his .315 slugging percentage. The fact that he has hit just four homers and driven in eight runs through 25 games is alarming too, but those are things we’re all made well aware of each day. He’s recorded 15 hits, and we’ve now entered the month of May.

Even the 195-strikeout pace Davis is on wouldn’t be as excruciating if the 26-year-old would demonstrate a hint of humility after getting punched out time after time.

But that’s the issue. He hasn’t. Through his four MLB campaigns, Davis seems to believe he’s entitled to borderline calls at the plate, which—for better or worse—are not given to players in their early 20s all that often. Although there is a way to eradicate that unwritten rule: to get on the umpiring crew’s good side. MLB Etiquette 101.

Either Ike isn’t aware of that, or believes he can complain his way to the benefit of the doubt. Four seasons, 364 games, and nearly 1,500 plate appearances into his Major League career, and Davis still can’t grasp the very simple concept of taking his lumps and sitting down quietly. This, unfortunately, is what deserves an entire post.

Davis has been prone to strikeouts over his career—that cat was let out the bag years ago. But it’s never been more apparent than in 2013. His strikeout percentage is up around 30 percent (chart via Fangraphs), which is more than five percent higher than in any prior season.

Through April 28, eight of Of Davis’ 26 Ks in 2013 have been punchouts. That equates to 31 percent of his strikeouts coming with the bat on his shoulder, which is a five percent increase from 2012 and seven percent higher than the league average.

I broke down the tape of those eight backwards-Ks, and found that Ike did his very best to show up the home plate ump on six of the eight strike-three calls. That comes out to a 75 percent Ike-Davis-Being-Immature rating—yeah, you can call me a sabermagician.

Note: One GIF from 4/10 vs. PHI was lost in the heat of battle :(. Davis has also struck out looking twice since 4/28 that I haven’t been able to retrieve video from. With or without the missing clips, the point still stands. Ike won’t be getting the close ones any time soon.

Included are strikezone plots for corresponding at-bats from Brooks Baseball.

Example 1: April 4, Inning 1


Example 2: April 4, Inning 8


Example 3: April 7, Inning 8


Example 4: April 16, Inning 1


Example 5: April 20, Inning 2


I hate to exert this much energy ranting against Ike, because I’ve been on his side of the Keep-Davis-or-Keep-Duda argument all along. His second-half numbers from 2012 are downright scary, and I didn’t think it was outrageous to expect the ball to continue rolling in that direction in 2013. Perhaps I was wrong.

The point here is that sometimes Davis has a legit gripe with the home plate ump. But acting out like a spoiled child leaving the toy store empty handed isn’t exactly the way to present an argument to an umpire (a grown man).

It’s an issue that Davis was approached about as early as 2010 as a rookie. Nearly three years later, it’s still an issue.

Ike’s struggles during his ABs are one issue—and don’t be mistaken, they’re plentiful—but its the lack of judgement after them that are especially concerning as he transitions from a precocious neophyte to a whiny veteran.

Follow me on Twitter at @JSDorn6.

Stats and graphics obtained from Baseball-Reference, FanGraphs, and Brooks Baseball.

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Thanks For A Wonderful Year! Sat, 31 Dec 2011 18:12:06 +0000

I can’t believe we are at the end of yet another year at Mets Merized Online. 2011 was a wonderful year for our site as we continued to grow far beyond my wildest expectations. I only wish that our beloved Mets was experiencing the same success as we are currently enjoying, but I assure you better days lie ahead for our Amazins’.

In 2010, we ended a great year with an average of just over 9,000 unique readers per day and over 185,000 daily page views. In 2011, we set new highs with over 11,750 unique readers per day and an average of 290,000 daily page views. That’s over a 30% increase in readership! December will end up being the best month we’ve ever had averaging nearly 12,600 unique daily readers per day.

I have no idea when we will finally plateau, but this has been one heck of a joyride – thanks so much!

Our Twitter readership in now up to nearly 3,500 users after gaining over 1,000 new followers in 2011. You can follow us on Twitter at @metsmerized. After ignoring Facebook for the last 4-5 years, we decided to become more proactive. Since adding a a new Facebook administrator  a couple of months ago, we’ve grown to over 1,000 friends in a very short amount of time. You can Like us on Facebook by clicking here.

Of course all of this traffic led to incredibly high bandwidth usage and steep charges that necessitated some drastic changes to our site and a call for help to keep the site going. But thanks to the aid of many of our loyal and longtime readers, we were able to get through a very rough third quarter.

Specifically I want to thank and recognize the following readers: Desmond Loughman (Des), Bayonne Met Fan, Met Maniac, Eileen Curiel, Peter Shapiro, Joseph Fiumara, Donal Murphy, Alex Urena (Alex68), Kathleen Eltman (Kay), Mike Ollila, Mike O’Leary (Metsie), Raymond Arendt, Gary Borofsky, Paul Nassau, Michael Branda and XtreemIcon for their generous donations. There are countless more who gave all they could in smaller amounts of as little as $5.00 and I was as humbled and grateful for them as well.

It was an incredible feeling to experience the tremendous response and show of support we got after I posted my plea for help back in September. Those donations kept the site going for the rest of the year and well into the new one that begins in less than 12 hours. Some sites like to boast about how loyal their readership is, but here on MMO our readers proved that in the most amazing, profound and heartfelt way. Thank you all for that.

We have a brand new design that we rolled out in mid-September, thanks to my longtime partner and best friend, Kelly Horn. While they pay Kelly incredibly well as a production manager and head of the graphic design team at her day job, I am fortunate enough to have her amazing talents here on MMO for absolutely no cost at all. She works her magic day in and day out on our site and is responsible for keeping the site running as smooth as it does. She’s an awesome person to know and I just want to thank her for everything she does as our designer as well as her other duties as site administrator and one of it’s senior editors. The new design is faster, sleeker, cleaner and optimized.

* Those of you who access our site with your mobile and smart phones, welcome to our brand new mobile version of the site. :-)

That has been our logo ever since we began this journey seven years ago. And while a lot has changed since then, we have never strayed from our goals or felt the need to re-invent ourselves. We have remained exactly as what we started out to be all those years ago, and that is to become a Mets fan site where all opinions can be shared regardless of your point of view. There are more than enough Mets niche sites that are centered around one mindset, aspect or philosophy – we wanted to be more than that.

Mets fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, etc. and we wanted to create a site that reflected that more than anything else. Our goal has always been to create a vibrant and thriving community for honest and passionate baseball and Mets debate and I believe we have achieved that. Does it get a little “too passionate” sometimes? Yes, no doubt about that, but I wouldn’t really want it any other way.

A blog is only as strong as it’s readership and we fully understand that our readers are our lifeblood. Me and the rest of the bloggers here on MMO feed off of your interaction and together we create one of the most diversified Mets communities on the web. What we have is very special to me and I’m reminded of that every time I get an email from someone who loves the site.

While our readers are our lifeblood, the heart and pulse of MMO has always been our bloggers. When we first launched MMO we began with what I called the Magnificent Seven. We started out with a Mets reporter, MLB reporter, Mets minor league guy, and four very passionate and very opinionated Mets bloggers. Since then we’ve had over 100 different Mets bloggers who have shared their opinions on MMO. Currently we have 31 active bloggers and that doesn’t include the dozen or so readers who frequently submit Fan Shots. That’s a lot of content!

From the very start, we always made one thing clear on MMO and that is that each post would be a substantial one and worthy of debate. We don’t just post links or quotes as stand-alones. We don’t post photos and then hit the publish button, but we do create our own Mets art and graphics and share them freely with all of our readers and even the players who we send many of our graphics to.

We don’t have any posting quotas on MMO and that’s why on some days you’ll see five posts and on other days you’ll see a dozen. We write only when we have something to say. We believe that content is a huge part of our success, but that most of it must be original, insightful and opinionated. We have a couple of writers who cover all the Mets news for us so don’t worry about missing anything important, I promise you that you won’t.

We have assembled such a great team of personalities and all of them bring so much to the table. Most of our writers are middle-aged and go back to those seventies Mets teams, but we also have a few youngsters and senior citizens to round out the group and give our readers some rare and unique perspective.

We hardly ever agree on anything, but that only adds to our character and our brand. I can’t thank our writers enough for all of their contributions. They are the most amazing group of Mets fans I know and words alone are insufficient to say how proud I am to have them as part of our team. I will toast to all of them tonight at midnight and wish them all the best in 2012.

And finally, that brings us to the Mets. It was another rough year for the Orange and Blue, but lets not forget the many positive developments that came along with the not so positive ones. We’ve seen some players emerge and we can all agree that there is some great talent in the minors yet to come. It’s sometimes difficult to ignore the pink elephant in the corner when we talk about the Mets, but we have always been an inherently optimistic and hopeful bunch. No matter how bad things get, we still watch every game and wonder if this will be the first no-hitter. We still tune in and root hard for our players who give it their all day in and day out. We are as amazin as the team we love, and I can promise you that things will get better… They always do.

I want to thank Sandy Alderson, Paul DePodesta, Dave Howard, John Ricco, Jay Horwitz, Danielle Parillo, Shannon Forde and Ethan Wilson of the New York Mets for making MMO feel important and like we belong.

I also want to thank all the Mets players from Kingsport and Savannah to Binghamton and Buffalo and all the way up to the big league team in Flushing, who took the time to talk to us this past year and gave a richness of insights to our readers. We’ve interviewed over two dozen players in 2011 ranging from an original Met, Eddie Kranepool, all they way down to the newest Mets like Brandon Nimmo and Michael Fulmer. Thanks for everything guys!

So, here’s to a great 2012 for all of us and especially for our beloved New York Mets.

Here’s to a year full of great Mets memories and thrilling victories.

Happy New Year everybody and Let’s Go Mets!

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Happy Haunting Mets Fans! Mon, 31 Oct 2011 04:38:45 +0000 I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween from all of us at Mets Merized Online!

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Mets 2011 Opening Day GFX: Ike, Ike, Baby! Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:52:28 +0000 The Ike-Man Cometh, Baby!

After a solid debut last season that saw Ike finish second on the Mets in both home runs and RBI’s the sky’s the limit for Ike Davis. Put away any fears about a sophomore slump for this slugger, Ike’s already primed for a big season and leads the Mets in homers this spring with 13 RBI in 19 games played!


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2011 Mets Medals of Honor! Fri, 11 Feb 2011 14:20:03 +0000 For my first edition of MMO graphics of 2011 I bring you, Mets Medals!

You can also find them on our Flickr stream or Facebook.

It’s that time of the year again where we shed the remnants of the previous season, and look forward to the hope and promise of another Amazin’ Mets season!

Feel free to share or use these emblems of you Mets Pride on your social sites, web pages, etc.

Let everyone know you believe in this team and lets throw all of our support behind the players who go out there and give it their best whenever they take the field.

Lets Go Mets!!!!

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Looking Towards 2011, I Like What I See! Wed, 22 Sep 2010 16:23:19 +0000 So the Mets got mathematically eliminated last night, big deal. I did get to see many positive things to build upon for next season, and I’m choosing to focus on that.

In this new series of graphics, I want to highlight some of the players that I believe will have more prominent roles in 2011 and could help pave the way to a better future.

Jon Niese, Josh Thole, Bobby Parnell, Lucas Duda, Dillon Gee, Ruben Tejada, Angel Pagan and even R.A. Dickey all figure to be back next season and take on added responsibility.

Will Dickey become the defacto ace until Johan Santana returns, and will Dillon Gee win the number five spot?

Does Tejada take over at second base, while Thole takes over behind the dish?

Can Duda give the Mets a potent bat off the bench while Pagan builds on another solid season?

These are just a few questions that will be answered in the coming months. Until then, lets give these players some MetsMerized love!

Click the  thumbnail to enlarge individual graphic in a new window.

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Beware of Met Fan Wed, 25 Aug 2010 18:51:44 +0000 I think this graphic speaks for itself….

And for the few positive Met fans like myself, here’s hoping…

UPDATED: And for the in between….

]]> 0 Wright and Reyes Are 2010 All Stars! Sun, 04 Jul 2010 17:03:18 +0000

After trailing the Phillies’ Placido Polanco for most of the All Star balloting period, David Wright has been voted to the 2010 All Star Game as the National League starting third baseman. The NL’s RBI leader will be heading to his fifth straight All Star Game, his fourth as starter. Wright is currently batting .314 with 14 home runs and 64 RBI.

“That’s what it’s all about. There’s no greater feeling of a kid wearing your jersey, seeing a fan wearing your jersey, to know that you have fans out there and people who genuinely care about trying to get you to the All-Star Game and do good things for you. That’s great. I’m beyond appreciative. You want to try to go out there and put on a good show for the fans and to know that they have your back, and know that you have people out there who are trying to do nice things for you.”

Congratulations to David Wright, the NL’s best third baseman!

In a surprising move, Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel selected Jose Reyes as one of the National League reserves. Reyes has come on strong lately and is now batting .277 with 51 runs scored and 19 stolen bases. He batted .314 in June.

Congratulations to Jose Reyes!

Thanks to Kelly for whipping me up two spectacular graphics on the fly…

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Mets Ye Olde Candy Shoppe Thu, 10 Jun 2010 21:10:40 +0000 I had a little fun while watching my Mets this afternoon and came up with some yummy confectionery goodies. So feel free to stock up and indulge your Mets sweet tooth! 

This was the first one I designed and the one that got me on a creative roll. How awesome have our two former first rounders been this season!

This one is dedicated to all the David Wright lovers out there like our friends Bayonne and Golden Boy. Ha ha ha… Just teasing guys! ;-)

Showing Mr. Met some love for being such an amazing mascot who never stops believing!

Oh Henry Blanco! I hereby dub you the best backup catcher in baseball!

 Vote Rod Barajas onto the 2010 All Star team for his outstanding performance!

I hope you enjoy these, and let me know if you come up with anymore cool ideas for Mets graphics…

Lets Go Mets!

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New Graphics: The Ike Man Cometh Tue, 20 Apr 2010 00:19:31 +0000 Welcome to the big league Mr. Davis… First at bat = base hit!

We have high hopes for you my friend…

We’ve been waiting for you for a long time. First base is back in good hands!

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New Graphics: The Unusual Suspects Sun, 18 Apr 2010 23:47:35 +0000 Sunday afternoon is usually a day of rest for me and most Americans but after sleeping in, a movie and some television I suddenly felt the need to create some orange and blue graphics. Maybe it was the seven hours spent watching them yesterday or the fact they will be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, but it was on my mind and I wanted to act on it before I lost the creativity so I present to you, The Unusual Suspects.

Rod Barajas is new to the Mets and to me for that matter. So far he as many ribbies as Wright and two homers, not a bad start to his first and probably last Mets season. Does he remind anyone else a little bit of Paul Lo Duca?

Jason Bay, our new star left fielder has yet to impress in New York. But as baseball goes he will get hot, its just a matter of time. Maybe this graphic could be the good luck charm he needs to get things rolling. That and a day off tonight…

Jeff Francoeur, oh oh Jeff Francoeur. You are stealing our hearts and making all the naysayers eat their words. Knock another one out of the park, we always love to see The French Connection!

Ryota Igarashi has come straight out of Japan and into our own field of dreams. He started out the season hoping to become the regular setup man in a field of many, and it looks like he may have convinced Jerry that he’s the man for the job. You have us wanting more, Iggy!

Enjoy and Lets Go Mets!!!

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We Are Ready For Some Baseball! Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:45:30 +0000 I think we can all agree April 5th can’t come soon enough!

Santana + CitiField = Mets Fan Bliss

Find this graphic here. It’s yours for the taking – save it, upload it, show it off!

Its finally time for baseball season kids!


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New Graphics: We Don’t Go Anywhere Without These Guys Fri, 26 Mar 2010 16:09:53 +0000 I think that we can all agree that the key to the Mets success this season is our starting pitchers; Oliver Perez, John Maine and Mike Pelfrey.

And while I do recognize the importance of those three, the bottom line is that we don’t go anywhere unless our core players deliver.

Johan Santana must dazzle us with a Cy Young caliber season!

David Wright needs to find his power and deliver a tremendous season!

Jose Reyes must become the dynamic impact player he once was!

Carlos Beltran must regain his MVP form and carry us to victory!

Jeff Francoeur must build on the success of last year!

We need all of our big guns to produce, otherwise Pelf, Maine and Ollie don’t matter…

Enjoy these new graphics and root hard for our core players!

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New Graphics: NYM Picture Day Tue, 02 Mar 2010 14:09:30 +0000 One sign that its time for baseball once again is the annual photo day for the players who have shown up to camp down in Florida. Its also a great opportunity to create some new graphics for our collection.

Mets Merized Graphics

There are many new faces and some familiar as well. Unfortunately a couple of my personal favorite players were missing from the photo shoot. Hopefully they will report soon and get into the swing of things. ;)

As baseball goes some of these players may not even make it past Spring Training.

Nevertheless, you can check out the 25 new current player graphics here.

Coming soon: Backgrounds – for your desktop wallpaper, twitter page, myspace layout, etc.

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Mets Merized 2010 – Something Wicked This Way Comes Tue, 16 Feb 2010 21:18:49 +0000 Hi MetsMerizers!

This is the first in a series of posts detailing what we have in store for you this season, our fifth since we went online, and our sixth overall.  

To begin, our incredible graphics designer and senior editor Kelly Horn, just finished a major re-design of our MMO Graphics. And what an Amazin’ job she did!

As soon as we start getting in some new spring training pics from our photo services company, we’ll be loading each graphics section with dozens of new images featuring all the new players!

We should be getting in a ton of new photos in the next two days, as many players have already arrived in St. Lucie.

This year, we will also be introducing an all new Backgrounds section which you can use for your computer desktops, personal sites and social pages like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.. Stay on the lookout as we expect to launch those backgrounds by next weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy these cool Mets Buttons!


In addition to our photo services company, we now have our very own staff photographer. Tom Gitto, who has his own press credentials, will now provide us with many of our own original photos as he will be covering many exclusive off the field events including the celebrity and charity dinners, golf and bowling tournaments, and awards dinners.

Here are just a couple of shots from the BBWAA Dinner he attended last month, unfortunately Carlos Beltran didn’t make it though. The first one is Joe Mauer posing with his MVP Award, followed by Zach Grienke signing an autograph, and the last one which was taken from the farthest dinner table in the room, is Tim Lincecum accepting his Cy Young. Luckily there were plenty of huge plasma screens for those in the nose bleeds. Later this week I’ll post some pics from the Thurman Munson Dinner as well as the BAT Dinner.


We also re-designed the Mets Merized Online Chat Room last week, and gave it more of home-field advantage. Here is a screen shot of our new digs, the home of one of the best and liveliest Mets game chats. A great big hat tip to Kelly for all her hard work

In 2009, our chat room averaged 321 comments per day, and during the period between April 1st and September 30th, the chat room averaged over 700 comments per day! The purpose of our flash chat was to reduce the load and bandwidth on our server that our original game threads were creating, and in that regard it has been a huge success. I am indebted to the good people at Shoutmix for helping us get everything running so smoothly and allowing us the ability to customize and recode their standard design.

Our Chat Room now has 402 registered members. That’s up from 49 at the end of 2007 and 218 at the end of 2008. Since we went live with our Chat Room in 2007, we have banned 22 different IP’s. (What do you think, should I give them another chance?)

That’s all for this post, I hope you enjoy the new look, and please feel free to email me with any problems, questions, and suggestions. Thanks for your support.

Our next 2010 site update will reveal some very cool stuff that was suggested by some of our writers and regular readers last season. We plan to introduce some great new features for the first time ever, and I know you’re going to love them.

Thanks again everybody, you guys are the best!

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