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Murphy’s Gaffe Leads To Mets 7-3 Loss

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Game Summary A Mike Pelfrey-esque start, a bullpen hold, a bad pitch by Izzy, poor offense against a 4+ ERA starter, and plenty of mental mistakes. A game Duda tied late, was lost in extras. Another one of those games. Mets lose 7-3. Game Notes Mike Pelfrey. What else can we say about him that hasn’t […]

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Mets Offense Still Exists Post-Beltran With 8-2 Win

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Game Summary On a night where everyone seemed to be besides themselves after Beltran collected his belongings and was shipped to San Fran, the Mets cheered us up a little. Mike Pelfrey got a nice complete game win, a rarity for the Mets. Bullpen got a nice rest. And the Mets offense was lead by […]

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Mets Get Back To .500 With A 4-2 Win Over Reds

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Game Summary RA Dickey had a great start going into the seventh with only two runs given up. Bullpen was stable and Izzy inches closer to 300 saves. Offense got plenty of hits and enough runs thanks to Murphy and company. Mets win 4-2 after a jam filled ninth. Mets are back at .500. Game […]

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Holy Thole, Beltran Bomb, And Pa-GONE In Mets 6-5 Walkoff Win

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Game Summary With the return of Beltran and Reyes, the Mets continue undefeated. Dickey pitched through a rough three run inning, bullpen was great, and some select few offensive players led the team to victory with a walk-off homerun from Pagan in extras. Mets in 6-5 in 10 innings. Game Notes Dickey must be thanking […]

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Mets Bats Drown In The Rain Against Marlins, Lose 4-1

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Game Summary Chris Capuano is becoming a no-luck winner. Another good start but no back up from the offense. Cap only gave up three runs on five hits entering the eighth inning then started to fall apart and had to be pulled. Bullpen held up and bats were non existent. Mets lose 4-1. Game Notes […]

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Detroit Rock City: Mets Pummel Tigers 16-9

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Game Summary True NL vs AL fashion here tonight. Sixteen runs scored for the Mets on twenty hits…and no homeruns. Tigers smashed in five over the fence. Totally different styles of scoring. Cap gets hit hard to end his good start streak. Bullpen is embarrassing, but offense can win ball games alone it seems like. […]

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Mets Two-Hit Braves In 4-0 Win And Get Back To .500

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Mets Two-Hit Braves In 4-0 Win And Get Back To .500

GEE FORCE Game Summary Despite two rain delays, Mets pitching combined for a two-hit shutout against the Braves. Gee gets robbed of his eighth win because of the rain, bullpen was perfect, and Pagan hits a homerun to lead the offense. But the best news is that the Mets are finally back at .500 for […]

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Gee, Reyes Fuel Mets 5-0 Win Over Braves

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Game Summary On the day after, “Don’t Trade Jose Reyes Day” the Mets get a shutout win against the Braves. Dillon Gee pitches a gem with seven innings with no runs and four hits. Bullpen finally keeps it together. Jose Reyes fuels a five run seventh inning to get the Mets a 5-0 win against […]

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Late Inning Blow Up Cost Mets A Win; Mets Lose 9-3

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Game Summary Chris Capuano pitches a great first six inning but the pitching and defense fell apart in the seventh. Bullpen continues to struggle. Offense didn’t provide much, but at least the homerless draught is over thanks to Big Red. Also, Reyes returns tomorrow. Mets lose game two to the Pirates 9-3 Game Notes Chris […]

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Starless Mets Pound Pirates With 7-3 Win

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Game Summary Dillon Gee, Ruben Tejada, Daniel Murphy all set personal records as despite the Mets missing four of their star players, rack up 15 hits and seven runs in a 7-3 win over the Pirates. Game Recap Dillon Gee pitched his second straight good outing tonight. Went 7 innings against the Cubs in his […]

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